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Gun Belt FAQ | Bigfoot Gun Belts

Q: What makes a Bigfoot Gun Belt better than a regular belt?

This is no ordinary belt. Our belts are built to last longer than the standard belt, while providing more strength and support to your gun and holster than anything on the market. We have designed this belt with the everyday open and concealed carrier in mind. No longer will you ever have to worry about a sagging belt. You’ll look and feel the part with any one of our high quality gun belts. Capture yourself a Bigfoot Gun Belt, and see what the legend is all about.


Q: What's is a Bigfoot Gun Belt made of?

We make our belts with genuine English Bridle leather. This type of leather is durable, easy to maintain, and exceptionally strong. English Bridle also ages well over time. To match the quality of our drum dyed leather, we have used a thick and incredibly strong thread. This will keep your belt’s edges together through decade of everyday use. Lastly, we have incorporated a stylish and first-rate chrome plated roller buckle. This buckle can easily be swapped out by unbuttoning two belt snaps.


Q: Is the belt water resistant?

Water shouldn’t be an issue with bridle leather. Just avoid the rain as much as you can. Our nickel-plated snaps and buckles are also corrosion resistant, thanks to their nickel-plated exterior.


Q: What is the difference between the belts?

Double Layered: Both sides are smooth and uniform. Double Layered belts are thicker and more rigid than the standard belt. This thicker material adds more support to the belt and carries heavier full-sized guns with ease.

Double Layered with Core: This is our strongest belt within our Untamed Series. It provides carriers with unsurpassed rigidity and support. Your gun, including full-sized pistols, will love it.


Q: Why use stainless spring steel?

Nobody wants a belt that sags under the weight of his or her gun. The steel core will provide your double-layered gun belt with superior support and the optimal amount of rigidity to the leather. This will prevent the belt from sagging under the weight of a full-sized sidearm.


Q: What size belt should I order?

Take a look at our gun belt sizing guide to help choose your correct gun belt size.


Q: How wide is our belt?

All Bigfoot Gun Belts are 1.5” wide.


Q: How thick are the leather gun belts?

Our skilled craftsmen stitch two straps of leather together in order to provide you with more support than an ordinary belt.

Our 14-ounce gun belts (both the core and non-core) are roughly .22" thick. The 18-ounce belts with core are approximately .28" thick.


Q: Can I change out the buckle?

You bet! Just unbutton the two snaps and easily switch out your buckle for another in seconds.


Q: What belt hardware colors do you offer?

Choose between our standard silver or flat black color options. The flat black upgrade is available for an additional $2.

Both gun belt buckles are made of steel, but we’ve used a black oxide finish on one and a nickel-plated finish on the other. All materials used in this process are highly durable and corrosion resistant.


Q: Is the roller buckle swappable?

You can easily swap out the standard roller buckle for a buckle of your choice. Simply pull the two directional snaps apart, then swap out the roller buckle with something new!

Please keep in mind that not all buckles are compatible with our leather gun belts, although most will fit within the 1.5” wide binding.


Q: How do exchanges and the warranty work?

All of our return and exchange along with warranty information can be found at the links to answer your questions in depth.


Q: What does the warranty cover? What do I do if there is a problem?

For extensive warranty information, including our 7-Day Test Drive and Legendary Warranty, visit our gun belt warranty page.


Q: How do I care for it?

To clean off everyday dirt and grime, simply wipe off this belt with a clean cloth. We also recommend that you use leather cleaner and conditioner every six months.


Q: How much does a Bigfoot Gun Belt cost?

• 14 oz. Double Layer Leather, $54.88
• 14 oz. Double Layer Leather with Core, $59.88
• 18 oz. Double Layer Leather with Core, $64.88