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Bigfoot Gun Belt Warranty Info

Every Bigfoot Gun Belt is built to last. We’ve got an equally solid warranty to match. Our materials, craftsmanship, and manufacturing process produces a product that we are proud to stand by (or wear around our own waist if we happen to be wearing pants). This promise is as genuine as the English Bridle Leather that we’ve used to make each quality gun belt.

Our promise to you includes a 7-Day Test Drive. So once your beast of a belt comes in the mail, try it out for a week.

Here’s how our 7-Day Test Drive breaks down:

1.) Return or exchange your belt if you’re not fully satisfied with the size, shape, weight, color, smell, taste or texture of your Bigfoot Gun Belt within the first seven days and exchange it for something more appealing to your rugged sense of style. We just ask that you pay the shipping back to us for all exchanges and returns. If you’re sending us a gun belt to exchange, we’ll cover the cost of shipping your new choice back to your neck of the woods.

2.) You may also upgrade or downgrade to a different belt within the 7-Day Test Drive. If you happen to upgrade to one of our thicker belts, simply pay the difference. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returned belts due to sizing issues, beyond the first seven days. So basically, that means that you’ll have to watch your Bigfoot figure in the meantime.

3.) When exchanging your like-new belt, please be aware that we will send you back a belt in the same like-new condition as the belt you sent us.

So we’ve also got this little thing called a LEGENDARY WARRANTY.

It’s kind of a big deal, and it means that we’ve totally got your back (or waist) for 1 year starting from the day you receive your Bigfoot Gun Belt.

Before you start going ape (for lack of a better term), let’s go over the details to this outrageously good guarantee:

If anything that affects the usability or functionality of the belt, it will be covered within the first year. This could include tears, rips or damage to your belt's steel core. However, please note, any modifications to your belt are not recommended and unfortunately, is not covered by our warranty.

If you have any questions about our 7-Day Test Drive or Legendary Warranty, feel free to chin wag with one of our friendly customer service representatives by calling (208) 209-7321 or