Tactical Belts

  1. Tactical Rigger's Belt
    Tactical Rigger's Belt
    89 % of 100
    • Available in 1 ¾” belt width.
    • Dual steel core inserts to prevent belt sag from a holstered firearm.
    • Includes authentic Cobra® buckle and 3 color choices.
    • Tactical “V ring” included for hanging accessories.

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  2. Tactical EDC Belt
    Tactical EDC Belt
    100 % of 100
    • Available in 1 ½” belt width.
    • Single steel core insert to support the weight of your firearm.
    • Choice of authentic Cobra® Quick Detach or Slim Buckle.
    • Simple, lightweight design.

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Tactical Belts by Bigfoot Gun Belts have all the strength that you have come to expect from our leather belts while offering a lightweight and sleek alternative. Try one on, and you'll see what makes our belts legendary.

Our line of belts for EDC are the only tactical belts on the market, featuring a steel core insert to reduce sag under the weight of your holstered firearm. Many people who carry daily, prefer the strong, slim profile of nylon webbing and if you want a belt that's just as strong but lower profile than traditional leather, we have the belt for you.

Sizing couldn't be simpler, with six available size ranges. Every belt has five inches of adjustability, so you can get the perfect fit. Please consult our sizing chart to find the correct size for you.

Multiple models are available, so you can get the best tactical belt for your intended purpose, sensibilities and budget. Two models of 1.5-inch width are available, and one of 1.75-inch width. All three belts are available in Wolf Grey, Coyote Tan, or Tactical Black.

Think they look like military-grade tactical belts? They are. We use only military-grade, Berry-compliant materials in making these belts.

Every tactical gun belt made by Bigfoot Gun Belts is made of dual-layer ultra-strong nylon web and our 1.75” Rigger’s Belt actually includes two strips of steel core support!

Every model of belt features hook and loop fastening fabric. This tucks the tail to the belt, so it stays low-profile while carrying.

Our belts use authentic AustriaAlpin buckles and adjustable frames. We don't deal in knock-offs, so you're getting exactly the buckle style you want. Our 1.5-inch and 1.75-inch belts come with full buckles, and we have a side-fastening minimalist 1.5-inch belt with adjustable frame ring, whichever style of tactical belt you prefer.

Our tactical belts come backed by the Bigfoot Gun Belts Legendary Guarantee, including a 7-Day Test Drive trial period after purchase, and our 1-Year Warranty against defects or damages.

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