Trigger Snap Suspender Clips

Quantity: x4 Clips

Trigger clips for Bigfoot Gun Belts Suspenders allow you to change the suspender hardware as well as how it attaches to your clothing. If you aren't a fan of traditional clips, then these are one of the best alternatives. If you want something a little different, get yours today!

Trigger clips, also known as trigger snaps, are metal loops operated by a lever. The rings are split lengthwise and open with the lever. This design makes trigger clips strong, so they can hold up a decent amount of weight, but fast-disconnecting as well.

When used as suspender clips, trigger snaps let you attach the straps to your belt loops instead of clamps that fit over the waistband. This way, you don't have to worry about the suspender clips fraying the material. Many users find it also makes putting your suspenders on a bit quicker.

Our trigger clips are strong, so they'll hold all day without issue. However, you don't want to put too much of a load on your belt loops, so we recommend the standard large metal clips for working applications.

Get ready for legendary comfort and support, with these trigger clips for your Bigfoot Gun Belt Suspenders.

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