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Gun Belts

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Gun Belt Lineup by BigFoot Gun Belts

Bigfoot leather gun belts are made by hand, by American craftsmen who take pride in making the perfect gun belt. They know that the people who appreciate Bigfoot belts appreciate craftsmanship but also function, since these belts are designed and built to provide a secure carry for a handgun by maximizing horizontal and vertical hold. Once fastened, these sturdy gun belts don’t let go, and they sit comfortably on the wearer like a good gun belt should. With proper care, these belts will provide a lifetime of use.

Our 14-ounce leather belts are best suited for use in a compact or subcompact carry system, and our 18-ounce belt is best suited for carrying full-size firearms. Inside or outside the waistband, concealed or open carry does not matter; Bigfoot gun belts excel for both.

How Bigfoot gun belts are made starts with two layers of drum-dyed English bridle leather, which are stitched together around a core of spring steel using military-grade Tex 270 nylon thread. Once stitched together, the edges are beveled, burnished and finally hand-painted for a uniform edge.

We attach a durable steel roller buckle, available in flat black or standard steel, to each legendary leather gun belt. Our craftsmen then add a pair of corrosion resistant directional snaps to this leather belt.

The end result is a belt that secures the pistol or revolver to the bearer, doesn’t move once in place and looks darn good doing it.

Bigfoot offers a 7-day test drive and our Legendary Guarantee for every belt purchased. You can return it for a full refund within 7 days of purchase. If you keep it, we fully guarantee the belt for the first year of wear.

Want to know more about Bigfoot gun belts, our 7-day test drive or our Legendary Guarantee? Feel free to contact one of our Bigfoot service reps, by calling (208) 209-7321 or send an email to