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Gun Belt Reviews | Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 423 Reviews

Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews 2020

Bigfoot Gun Belts are built tougher than any other belt you've ever come across. They're designed to hold up any pistol from subcompacts to full-size, and will do so looking as good as any fashion belt available. Don't want to take our word for it? See what our customers are saying about their Bigfoot gun belts in the following gun belt reviews!

Exceptional quality by RB on 03/15/2016

Made in USA at its finest. So impressed with the quality of materials and workmanship. Indeed a belt intended for a lifetime of wear. Well done!

Awesome product. by Mike on 03/14/2016

When you take this belt out of the packaging you will definetly be impressed with the quality of the product.You won't find a belt of this quality in the stores.This belt is easily worth twice what you charge for it. I am impressed.

18oz. Steel Core; Best belt period: carry or not. by CDJ on 03/13/2016

I bought the 18oz. Steel Core because I carry and I want made in the USA whenever I can get it. Whether you carry or not this is the best belt you can own - period. Follow websites measuring guides lines - they are spot on.

Way worth the price. by Travis on 03/12/2016

When I ordered my belt I was scared that it would be cheap and that when I measured to get my size it seemed way to big. Buy when I got it in today I was blown away the quality is top shelf and the size was spot on. Not only does it do want it's designed to do by holding my subcompact xd with no sweat(when I got have it paired with my alien gear cloke & tuck 3.0 my gun on its on no sag no nothing ). It also makes a great standalone belt. I'm definitely give this belt a 5 star rating. I'm a very happy customer.

Love my belt by Rick on 03/12/2016

I received my new gun belt 2 weeks prior to going to Front Sight in NV. This is a fairly rigorous test of 5 days of shooting in the desert, and the belt far exceeded my expectations. I couldn't be more satisfied with the belt or the customer service. Thanks BigFoot

Excellent Product! by Dave on 03/12/2016

I received my 14 oz. steel-core belt today and was immediately impressed with the look, feel, finish and apparent care of construction of it. Having worn it for the remainder of the day (have it on now) I found it to be comfortable, well fitting and it supports my Kimber Crimson Carry Pro (IWB Holster) and two extra magazines rock-steady. I will definitely be re-ordering in the future and recommending it to family and friends that carry or just need a nice sturdy belt!

Great belt for holstering by Donald on 03/08/2016

I have some other "thick" belts but they sag when I carry, these do not. I'll be ordering another as soon as I finish this review. I did find they run a bit small so I'll add an inch to the new one.

how good can it be by Roger on 03/07/2016

to good to be true but it is

best gun belt for any use by Doug on 03/01/2016

This is a excellant well made belt use it everyday holds up my double stack 10 mm better than any belt Ive tried . The belt as said before looks good as just a pant belt but it is truly a true gun belt . Would recommend it to any one wanted great quality belt . Thanz for great product and service

Love the belts by Joe on 03/01/2016

Best belts I've ever used, so I can't wait to own my first one. I look forward to getting many belts as you come up with mire colors like red, blue, yellow, & turquoise, as I would get all of them so they would match my wardrobe.

big foot gun belts by dont have one on 02/29/2016

5 stars

Surdy, yet pliable. by Tracy on 02/27/2016

Just received my belt today and put it on with my OWB kydex holster for my fullsize Glock 41, and matching kydex double mag pouch. This thing sits rock solid on my hips. I'm a pretty good size boy, and at 6'0" and 255 lbs it makes carrying this weapon combo a breeze. At first I was skeptical about the 1.5" width, and wanted something along the lines of a 1.75" belt. THIS belt could probably do everything it's doing now, at 1.25" width, which would be REALLY nice while wearing some dress slacks. Thanks a lot for the speedy turn-around. It arrived to me here in Dallas Texas almost 3 weeks before the end of their anticipated delivery window. I think I'm going to get another one in brown this time. Thanks again BIGFOOT Belts!

What a great belt by Progoodguy on 02/27/2016

I received the 18oz belt as birthday gift from my wife. I think it's a great belt. I want to say thank you to Bigfoot Gunbelts for making a quality product. I will spread the word about your company to all my friends.

cool by Yogi on 02/26/2016

Love this belt. Well worth the money. THANK YOU, BIGFOOT GUNBELTS!

Awesome belt. by Lonewolf on 02/25/2016

Purchased the 14 oz steel gun belt very impressed with it. I use the paddle holster for a glock and the paddle holster handcuff case and the paddle holster magazine holder. The belt holds my gear way better than the regular western belt, I wore. Hands down best belt ever purchased will keep buying this belts from now on.

14oz leather belt by Jim on 02/23/2016

This belt is now my everyday go to belt if I carrying a firearm or not. The fit, finish and comfort is better than any belt I have previously owned. I am going to get another to use in shotgun sports. Great quality.

You will be a believer. by Travis on 02/22/2016

I ordered the 18 oz. steel core belt to replace a tactical webbing belt from another vendor. The comfort is amazing, my carry gun and spare mags seem to vanish. It is so supportive that just today, I accidentally picked up a nearly full spray bottle of Windex (that was sitting close to the toilet) on the belt after answering the call of nature. I did not even notice the additional weight until I felt the bottle resting against my leg! I was seriously impressed by the way this belt distributes weight. My wife thought it was impressive too, after she stopped laughing. The sizing guide allowed me to choose the perfect size as well. Extremely pleased, and I recommend it to everyone. Thank you Bigfoot Gun Belts.

A True Gun Belt by Scott on 02/22/2016

I purchased both a black and a brown belt. They both look great with jeans. I have used them both with a side holster containing a large frame revolver and with a small-of-the-back holster containing a Glock 30S with an extended magazine. When the weapons were drawn from the holsters, the holster did not move even a bit. The holstered were locked to my hip. The result was a secure efficient draw and easy, secure replacing the weapons to their holsters. I have worn a gun most days since March of 1984. No belt in all of those years worked well enough to be mentioned in the same category as my Bigfoot Gun Belts. To repeat, even without a gun the belts look great with jeans.

Awesome Belt by Rev on 02/21/2016

After searching for some time for a good quality gun belt, I found Bigfoot gun belts, did my research, read the reviews, and then made the decision to buy. I received my belt and was very impressed with the overall quality and durability of the belt. It is an awesome belt that provides great support for my gun.

What do I do now !!! by Andrew on 02/20/2016

Finally after 65 years on this planet with 32 of them in the USMC and Law Enforcement I have finally found a belt that will hold up my trousers and carry my sidearm, my magazines and my knife. It's great quality is the problem. The belts gonna out last me. Who am I gonna leave it to ? Seriously though this is the greatest quality belt I have ever owned. I have paid more for belts that aren't close to this quality. So, Thank you BigFoot.

What are you waiting for? by Taylor on 02/20/2016

I am very pleased with this belt. Well made and performs as advertised. Love the idea of the steel core, and so far it's held my Zlogonje IWB-5 and my P938 very comfortably. I am excited to get my P226 holster in so I can really put the belt to the test.

Perfect gun belt by Geezerglide on 02/20/2016

When you wear a weapon every day you quickly learn a normal or reinforced belt is useless for CCW, unless you want to give yourself away that you are carrying by fidgeting and readjusting your pants every few steps. This belt is strong enough that you can unbuckle it and it will still support a full size handgun, yet comfortable enough for all day wear. My wife and brother are ordering their own belts ASAP! I will say, that due to the thickness of the belt I think on my next order I will order a belt an inch longer for inside the waist band carry.

Best gun belt by DelavanJim on 02/20/2016

I purchased the 14 oz steel gun belt and have been nothing but happy with it. I CC a Glock 19 and this belt holds up like no other.

A great belt by amyisaverb on 02/20/2016

I bought this belt looking for a sturdy belt for everyday casual use. I don't carry a firearm at work but carry a knife. Outside of work, I carry a pistol. As a female, it's hard to find a comfortable holster and belt combo, but I've found the Bigfoot steel core belt to be really reliable and sturdy. I normally carry IWB at 3-5 O'clock. I admit, I had my doubts in the beginning because the belt was thicker than I anticipated. But after 4 months, I've found the belt does a great job supporting the weight I've put on it and maintains its shape well. My only complaint-the inside of the belt gets scuffed and crinkled easily, The adjustment is great but not nearly as nice as some of the high priced premium nylon belts (such as Ares Gear). I find the comfort of the belt varies depending on what cut of pants I wear (ladies- avoid low rise unless you have adequate padding, the belt squeezes the bony contours of your pelvis over the day and becomes uncomfortable, I don't have padding, so the belt will hurt after 4 hrs unless I have a medium or high waistline) Overall, the belt does a superb job of doing what you need it to do- hold your holster and accessories while looking good. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase!

Quality/Value/Function by Ralph on 02/19/2016

These belts have all 3 (quality, value, and serve the function for which they were intended). I initially ordered the wrong size, as I was between a 38 and 40" measurement on the belt I used to use for EDC. I ordered a 38", and it measured exactly to my old belt. But the 38" didn't fit me. The extra thickness of the belt had me on the last hole of the belt (no room for expansion if needed). The very nice lady from Bigfoot told me what to do to return the belt, I did, and I had my new belt about a week later. The bigger size fits great, the quality seems to be excellent (just got the belt the day I wrote this review), and price/customer service is also top notch. This is the most comfortable I have been since starting EDC. I got the 14oz. with steel core, and recommend everyone do the same if you have any compact to full size handgun. You won't be making a mistake buying a Bigfoot belt.

Even better than anticipated! by John on 02/19/2016

Ordered this after experiencing sag with my current belt - which was not cheap either. The belt sizing guide was right on ! The quality of materials is excellent and the craftsmanship and pride of workmanship is quite evident! After wearing it a day or so ( steel liner) and taking it off, it retained a bit of a curve which made finding the right hole a piece of cake. I wore this with an M&P Shield in a Serpa Paddle Holster - hip carry) and later with a Bladetech appendix holster and especially with the latter the concealment is just about perfect. Because of the support you forget you have your firearm on as there is no sagging or digging and the belt seems to spread the weight around. I find this belt extremely comfortable even with no firearm - it has replaced all my other belts and I will be ordering another in brown . Definitely worth the few extra dollars as you'll never need another (barring of course changes in waist size LOL).

Very good product by Butch on 02/19/2016

Your belt did just what it was advertised to do. It holds my holster firm against my side. It makes wearing a gun very comfortable. The cost and quality of your belts are expensive but your belts are the same price of your competitors that offer belts that don't compare to your belts. The steel core makes all the difference. I would certainly recommend your belts to my friends.

Old Beltmaker by Redhawk on 02/19/2016

I've been making belts for 50 years and these belts have the quality and durability that is second to none!

Old Beltmaker by Redhawk on 02/19/2016

Ive been making belts for 50 years and these belts have the quality and durability to last a lifetime.

Holster fit by Ollie on 02/19/2016

This is a great quality belt and very rigid just as described. The only issue I had with the belt is its thickness (not its width of 1.5" that is spot on). However, it is so thick, that it wouldn't fit through the 1.5" holster loops on my full size FN 5.7 kydex OWB holster. It wasn't just the belt but also the curvature of the holster to fit the contour of the wearer's body (as most do). I had to order some different, larger holster loops, drill a couple of holes in them to line up with the mounting holes on the holster and install them. Like I said it is a great belt but be aware the that it might be a tight fit or require some adjustments to your holster set up, depending on the design of your holster.

owner by Roger on 02/19/2016

is the best i have founed

My First - And Last - Gun Belt by Fred on 02/19/2016

When I first decided to carry, my veteran gun owners advised me to get a quality gun belt. Without one, no matter what pants, holster or other gear I had would stand up to the weight and stress. I did a lot of online research before I found Bigfoot Gun Belts. After reading the details, I decided to buy, and boy am I glad I did! This is a terrific belt, and the customer service is also exemplary. I contacted Bigfoot Gun Belts about an issue with a snap that had come undone, and they offered to repair or replace it. I did not need to go that far, as using two hands and a lot of pressure, I was able to re-snap it. That's one tough belt! Everything about this belt scream quality. It's tough, good-looking, and never sags or gives. I'm glad I found Bigfoot Gun Belts, and now I need look no further. Bigfoot Gun Belts has my business now and always!

My First - And Last - Gun Belt! by Fred on 02/19/2016

When I first considered concealed carry, I was advised by veterans that I should get a good quality, durable gun belt; that without one, all pants, holsters, cover gear, etc. would be at the mercy of a flimsy belt that wouldn't be able to stand the weight and stress. I did a lot of online research and then came across Bigfoot Gun Belts. I read the details of their build process, and on a leap of faith, decided to buy one. It was one of the best decisions I've made since I decided to carry! Customer service is exemplary! I had some questions about the belt, and once, when I mentioned an issue I had with a snap, BFGB offered to assist me if I sent a photo, or to accept it back for repair or replacement. As it turns out, I fixed the issue myself (by the way, the issue was that the belt is so tough that re-fastening the snap required two hands and a lot of pressure!). There is an online "torture test" of a BFGB. They cut it, burn it, and take all sorts of measure to try to destroy it. I'll never take it to that extreme, but it's nice knowing it can withstand more than I'll throw at it. And it's nice to know that I won't have to go anywhere else for my gun belt needs. Bigfoot Gun Belts has my business. First and always!

Solid Investment by Thomas on 02/19/2016

This is a fantastic belt. It is low profile yet has the sturdiness needed for CCW. I would highly recommend this belt.

Good and stiff ! by Cooter on 02/19/2016

This belt is tha' shit. I can carry my big n frames all day in a pancake holster with out any sag when out in the field. I have already recommended these gun belts to my clients,friends and family. For anyone that is on the fence... Just order it and try em out... You'll be glad you did.

Solid belt by Mr on 02/19/2016

This is my first "gun belt" and am now a believer that there is no comparison between its performance compared to a standard belt. Thanks Bigfoot!!

Great Belt! by Jenkins on 02/19/2016

I expected a lot from this belt based on the reviews I saw and I got it! Beautiful belt and strong enough to carry any gun you want. Had to send my first order back due to my own size mistake but the customer service was excellent and prompt. 5 stars all the way.

Awesome belt! by Chris on 02/19/2016

The 14 oz steel core belt is awesome. I wish I had one years ago. It works well with my work uniform pants (Dickies style). I think the 18 oz belt would be too thick to feed through the loops. However, I plan on purchasing the 18 oz belt for my casual pants/jeans since they offer enough belt loop to allow the thicker belt.

Good belt by Tom on 02/18/2016

Holds the iwb holster with a 1911. lm completely satisfied.

Fantastic Belt by Thomas on 02/18/2016

I am very happy with the quality of this belt. It is very low profile, yet still offers the sturdiness needed for CCW. I would highly recomend this belt if you are looking for a quality leather CCW belt.

Bigfoot Gun Belt by Vern on 02/18/2016

I ordered the 18oz. belt in black and I am very happy with it. I couldn't ask for any better. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none. I rotate pistols occasionally, and the belt performs great every time. It never sags or gets uncomfortable to wear. I cannot say enough good thing's about the belt and it was money very well spent. I am considering purchasing another one in case I ever need a spare. It is the BEST belt that I have ever owned. Thank you Bigfoot Gun Belts.

Great Belt by Art on 02/18/2016

I have gone through so many belts over the years and finally the perfect belt. Love my Bigfoot belt it is tough, durable, and comfortable. Love that it's made in the USA! Great product might be buying a second one.

Shouldn't carry without this by Jjcfl on 02/18/2016

If you everyday carry you must have a great gun belt, something that will not sag under the weight of your gun, giving away that you are packing. The right belt is the cure, these are the right belt, not only do they look like a standard dress belt, the Steel core will prevent any sag, so you can carry your 2 pound gun and not have to pickup your pants, your gun will be where you want it to be. The quality is great, the belt is well made, very impressive, I've had mine for a few months now and the wear is great. Only piece of advice is they appear to be made a little large do make sure your measurements are accurate.

More than expected! by 9UC on 02/18/2016

This was my first "gun belt" as I have previously tried to get away with using western style belts to carry either a 9mm compact or 380. I purchased Bigfoot's 18 oz Black Steel Core and found that for the first time in buying accessories for concealed carry I got far more product than for what I paid. I've never seen a belt of this quality previously. Customer service went far beyond the norm. For reasons stated below I opted to use a western style buckle and as I proceed to remove the buckle, I dropped the small belt loop on the floor and one of my dogs found it before I did and what I recovered looked more like a wad of well chewed black licorice colored chewing gum. I emailed big foot with an explanation that ":my dog ate it" and a request for a new loop and what would be the cost. I was pleased to see a replacement in the mail a couple of days later and was not charged for the replacement. The buckle included went beyond being heavy duty. Best buckle I've ever seen and I really liked the roller feature and would have used it over the western buckle mentioned above had it been an anodized matte black instead of the heavy duty nickel plate. I'm just no into shiney guns and/or accessories. I have plans on ordering the 14 oz in brown next time as my primary carry is now a 380 using an owb pancake holster. . Continue reading at:

Quality Gun Belt by Crusher on 02/18/2016

Nice heavy belt .Sized just rite .Seams to be good leather quality and nice looking.

Best belts I have ever owned! by Scutt on 02/18/2016

I carry everyday. I bought the first belt.... Being a big boy, finally a belt that will stay in place with my stealthgear iwb holster. I liked it so much I ordered another in brown. Both are the 18 oz steel core. Even if you don't carry, I would recommend these belts for normal usage. Saw them on Facebook and tried them! You won't be disappointed! Thanks Bigfoot!!!

Perfection by Matthew on 02/18/2016

This belt is perfect in every way. Bigfoot Belts are honestly telling the truth about their belts!!!!!!!! There are none better than these!!!!!!!!

Great belt by Grayman on 02/18/2016

Got my belt 4 1/2 months ago. The leather and steel core works well together. Bullet proof belt. Great price Great belt Great customer service. Home run from BIGFOOT GUNBELTS.

Great Value, High Quality by Mike on 02/18/2016

I purchased the belt on recommendation from a friend, and have not been disappointed. The materials are flawless, the workmanship superb, and the performance outstanding. I usually carry an all steel Commander sized 1911 .45 ACP inside the waistband or outside the waistband with magholder for two spare magazines. This is the only belt I have purchased to date that does it day in and day out in complete comfort. There is no sagging or shifting, and with proper holsters (Milt Sparks, Safariland or Mitch Rosen), the overall weight becomes a non-factor. Pay attention to what size you need to accomodate IWB & OWB. I think I need one in Brown.

TOP SHELF by Ron on 02/18/2016

Have my belt for close to 2 months now and I carry every day, but Took the 7 day test ride like they advertise, and after 7 days I had no intentions of sending it back. Don't really know what to say except Buy One, the belt will speak for itself. Pay attention to the sizing like they explain ,I couldn't ask for a better fit. Like I said the belt is Definitely Top Shelf.

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Bigfoot Gun Belts is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 423 user reviews.