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Gun Belt Reviews | Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 423 Reviews

Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews 2020

Bigfoot Gun Belts are built tougher than any other belt you've ever come across. They're designed to hold up any pistol from subcompacts to full-size, and will do so looking as good as any fashion belt available. Don't want to take our word for it? See what our customers are saying about their Bigfoot gun belts in the following gun belt reviews!

Best All Around Belt by Timbo on 05/30/2016

I can never find a good belt that wears out at buckle hole. They wear out and then you add your gun and it's even worse. However, I will give credit where it's due. I bought the 180z with the steel core. This will be the best belt you ever own. They are well worth the money. You will spend more money on other belts buy replacing them fairly often. You will not be disappointed.

OUTSTANDING VALUE!!!! by Guns&Coffee on 05/29/2016

I am overjoyed with these belts. Bought two. One brown and one black. True craftsmanship by folks who clearly take pride in their work. Have put them to the test for 8 months now. I can assure you, these belts perform as advertised. I carry 7 days a week, even in my home. Durable, flexible and comfortable yet the steel core supports both my P226 & P938 Sigs with confidence!

Great belt by joesrich on 05/27/2016

This is without a doubt the best belt I have found to hold my pants up and to carry my full size pistols. I have an oversize belly. The belt actually holds the thing in. Great belt. Plan on getting one more. I found these belts in the American Rifleman.

Stop looking and buy this already! by Bokininy on 05/22/2016

I recently acquired the 18oz reinforced gun belt for carrying my service size pistol. I am a small frame guy with a 29 inch waist. This belt makes my holster and gun's weight spread evenly around my waist and the weight seems to just go away. It is very well assembled with burnished edges and a buckle you can remove for you to put on your favorite. It looks traditional and classy and makes for better overall confidence when wearing and carrying. Great job Bigfoot!

Best belt I ever owned by carl on 05/20/2016

I got my belt and I just can't believe how good it is. I have never paid that much for a belt but I'M glad I did. I have had police belts that were not a good as this belt. The only problem I have is it don't fit some of my dress pants belt loops. I can live with that. Great Belt Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Belt. No more sag! by Carry Daily on 05/19/2016

I Got my Bigfoot gun belt a little over a week ago and love it. I carry daily I used to have to lift my gun and belt up all the time. Since I got my Bigfoot belt I don't have a sag or have to lift my gun in place. It's as if I'm not carrying. Don't hesitate get one I used the belt calculator on this sight my belt is a perfect fit.

Love it by Jace on 05/18/2016

I found Bigfoot belts on Facebook. I have been looking for a heavy duty belt for my concealed carry weapon(s). The 18oz belt is a awesome belt. I have tried my Sig XO 1911 full size, 2 extra 8 round mags, hunting knife, and everything else I carry on a regular basis and there is no movement. The belt holds it where I want it. I no longer have to adjust my pants after driving, sitting, or any kind of movement. I showed my father the link and he had me order him one as well. We love it!!! I just ordered the 14oz belt as well.

Finally by Tommy on 05/17/2016

This is a must wearing a glock 17, wearing a flimsy belt causes problems with the weight of the gun letting your pants slide down...

Great Carry Belt by Harbor Guns on 05/15/2016

The quality of this belt. It is unbelievable. I could not believe the difference between it and the other 'gun belts' including my last one, "5.11 Tactical", this one puts it to shame. Concealed carry of a firearm is now comfortable, without having the belt to tight to support you firearm, even a full size 1911. Get this belt if you carry a firearm, and I think you will be happy with your purchase too.

WOW! by FRISteve on 05/13/2016

I'm a firearms instructor and I've carried a gun daily since 1987 and I've gone through a LOT of belts and holsters. Once you find something that works well, you stick with it. I was fortunate to meet these guys at SHOT this year and see their products. I ordered the 14oz steel when I got home and it is perfect in every way - the craftsmanship is great and the belt holds the gun well; no sagging and no shifting. I'm ordering more and can't see a need to have any other belts.

What a excellent Belt by Ed on 05/13/2016

I just received my 18oz. gun belt. All I can say is WOW, this belt us everything it is advertised to be and more. Follow the sizing guidelines and you will get the correct size. Shipping was fast and on time like promised. Do not be afraid to order one of these. Thank You Big Foot gun belts for a quality product.

Best I have found! by Doug on 05/13/2016

I carry, depending on situation, either a Springfield XDs45 or a full size Kimber 1911. I am extremely satisfied with the brown 18oz steel core I purchased a few months ago and just placed an order for the black 14oz steel core. I have paid much more for a great deal less with other manufacturers. This is an excellent belt and an excellent value. It does everything you say it will. If anything you have understated the quality of this belt.

Great product, Great Customer Service! by DocS on 05/13/2016

I'm a Disabled Veteran with back and leg injuries. My previous belt "bit" into my side, when I carried (IWO or OWB), because in order to get it to hold my firearm properly, It had to be tight. It caused pain that radiated down my leg. My VA Doctor suggested I find another method of carrying, because this method was causing nerve damage. I ordered my belt with a metal core. When it arrived, I immediately tried it on and strapped on a full size 1911. I know I was smiling, because my face hurt, but my back and leg didn't... The belt was stiff, but wasn't as stiff as I expected. I called customer service because I wanted to know how I could be sure there was a metal core. The rep suggested I get a magnet and try it. I tried my rare earth magnet and it wouldn't stick. She said that it was not a problem and would get one with the metal core out ASAP. In a couple days, I had the belt with a metal core. It is AWESOME!. Definitely love it and have passed on my experience to friends. Thanks and God Bless, Doc S

Great for owb by Danny on 05/13/2016

This belt is great. Well made, really sturdy high quality construction. It is great for owb. I don't really notice a huge difference though for iwb over just a normal leather belt. Either way, it is now my go to belt. My only complaint is that the front, where the buckle attaches ends up being really thick when worn. I'm talking like feels like three layers of belt thick. Other than that small issue, I love the belt. If you feel like you need more support, I think you will find it here.

Very Satisfied by Rick on 05/13/2016

I purchased 2 belts, one for me and one for my wife. Outstanding product and the customer service was amazing. I love the quality and comfort... I use my belt for everyday carry for everything from a subcompact to a full size, as well as IDPA competition. The only thing I would change in my order, I wish I would have ordered the 14oz instead of the 18oz for me. I really don't need THAT much support, and some of my gear has a difficult time fitting the belt. But that was MY choice. Highly recommended!

Best belt ever by Chuckwagon524 on 05/13/2016

My Big Foot Belt has benn the most comfortable belt I have ever worn. I wear it even when I can't carry. From a 1911 to a subcompact XD, It keep everything thing in place all the time. Before all I could find was cheaply made JC Penney belts, and the weight of the 1911 would keep bringing my pants down. This Big Foot belt keeps it and 2 8 round mags of 45 in place all day.

14 oz no core. by Bernie on 05/12/2016

Very nice belt. It's a lot more stiffer and feels better than my last gun belt i bought. I plan on getting another one in brown when funds get recharged. I was very happy with the customer service when i was trying to figure out what size to order. Fits a little snug but the support feels fine when i carry. Great belt and nice quality.

Excellent product by Red on 05/11/2016

I upgraded my old gun belt to a 14 oz. steel core and immediately noticed a huge difference. The belt is very high quality and the finish is superb. Before I purchased it, I emailed to verify the correct size. I recieved a personal email within a couple of hours. I ordered the suggested size, but when I got the belt, it was still slightly large on me, even with an IWB holster on. I again contacted customer service and recieved another email in a couple of hours again. I exchanged the belt and had the correct one in just a few days. I highly recommend Bigfoot Gun belts both for their product as well as their customer service.

The 18 oz. steel core gun belts by Dave on 05/09/2016

To whom it may concern, These belts are so well made that gun sag is something of a glimpse into a faded memory! Absolutely no sag while carrying a full sized 45 acp. Unfortunately, I had to return the 2 belts that I had received as they were way too big for me - totally my fault with my measurements and I had no problem exchanging them for the right size. A big thank you to Bigfoot Gun Belts for being very understanding and quick to resolve my situation. Again, thank you for not only your understanding but also for your quick reprocessing of my order. You guys are great! :) Sincerely, David J. Hilton 81 Rosewood Drive Avon Lake, Ohio 44012 E-mail - Cell - 440-653-3780

Terrific! by Gorilla on 05/04/2016

I recently ordered the 14 oz steel core belt on the recommendation of a friend. I made a mistake in sizing and was forced to return the belt the day after, for a small belt. Bigfoot produced and sent me the correct size, with NO extra shipping cost, within 4 days. Let me reiterate, the sizing error was MINE, and Bigfoot had a new, correctly-sized belt in my hands four days after they received my previous one, at no extra charge. And the quality of both appears to be terrific. I almost want to order another one in a different color, just for the value and quality.

Maryland LEO by Hiram38 on 04/25/2016

What can I say, I am beyond satisfied at the receipt of my 14oz-steel core belts. I've spent plenty over the last 20y years as a LEO w/ cheap garrison belts. At first glance I was pleased with the presentation of craftsmanship. I tried both w/ each holster and I'm am elated at the weight dispersed along the hip and sheer comfort while wearing jeans & slacks. Bravo!

Great Product by dmacker on 04/25/2016

First let me say that the customer service is outstanding. I've only been wearing this belt for a couple of weeks. As a retired plain clothes officer with over 30 years of wearing many different popular brands of both leather and reinforced nylon belts this is by far the most comfortable. On and off duty I wore full sized to compact firearms along with a couple of sets of cuffs and the appropriate number of magazines all on belts which were often strained and frequently sagged under the weight. Had I had this belt I'm certain it would have held up to the task. Now retired I'm a certified NRA firearms instructor and frequently teach carry concealed classes in NE Ohio. As an instructor I frequently carry multiple firearms both inside and outside the belt as well as multiple magazines of ammo. So far this belt has been great. As a retired law enforcement officer I carry concealled daily and rotate between inside and outside the belt holsters and between compact and full sized pistols. I only wish this belt had been available earlier in my career. It would have save me thousands of dollars in belts that simply didn't hold up. Thank you Big Foot.

Awesome by Jkm966 on 04/25/2016

Belt is phenomenal! I have wore it for about a month and it is by far the best belt I have ever owned.offers great support for a inside the waistband holster.

Supreme craftsmanship by Wooddude on 04/23/2016

I recently received my first belt in brown and with standard finish hardware first thing I had noticed was the perfect packaging along with detailed information regarding the belt. The craftsmanship was flawless I know because I am a stair builder-trim carpenter my job is to produce highly detailed woodwork I must say I will buy another one for a back up. But first I miss understood the ordering process I followed method #1 for ordering the the length of my belt not my pant size so my first order was 4" to big I think I was in hurry to get my new belt! I would highly recommend Big Foot Gun Belts!

Size limitations by seabat on 04/22/2016

I bought this belt in size 38. My waist size is 36 so I thought this belt would accommodate both IWB and OWB. With my IWB Aliengear holster this belt being 38 in size is too small. What I really need is a seven hole belt ranging from 36-42. At present they don't offer a 7 hole gunbelt. Even though their gunbelts are really nice they are not as user friendly as they could be.

Size limitations by seabat on 04/22/2016

I bought this belt in size 38. My waist size is 36 so I thought this belt would accommodate both IWB and OWB. With my IWB Aliengear holster this belt being 38 in size is too small. What I really need is a seven hole belt ranging from 36-42. At present they don't offer a 7 hole gunbelt. Even though their gunbelts are really nice they are not as user friendly as they could be.

My first Bigfoot gunbelt. (Skeptical ) by Corkscrew on 04/22/2016

Received my Bigfoot gunbelt today,first thing I noticed was how thick, and well made the belt was.Then I saw how beautiful the leather is,smooth and soft.In the past I have owned several different gunbelts by different makers,but I never owned one that I really liked.I carry a full size Kimber 1911 Gold combat and two extra mags every where I go, that is a lot of weight on a belt, But this belt handles it like a dream. Friends I really think I have found a winner.!!!! Many thanks Bigfoot Gunbelts,

Self by Ken on 04/21/2016

Looks excellent and can't wait to try it. A good gun belt is hard to find and all say they are the best, but none I have ever heard of has stainless steel In between two pieces of quality leather and excellent stitching.

Awesome product/Customer service by Jellybean on 04/20/2016

Received my belt and I ordered size too large, customer service was excellent. The new belt arrived and fits perfectly. The craftsmanship is far beyond my expectations. Recommend this belt to anyone that carries a full size weapon. No sag, droop, perfect belt.

Will not disappoint.... by Springfield on 04/19/2016

I bought the black 18oz Stainless Steel insert belt. Very pleased with the fit, utility, value, and craftsmanship of this belt. I recommended this belt to my son who bought one also. Very pleased with this purchase. I will be back soon to buy a second belt in brown.

18oz by Sgt airborne on 04/17/2016

This belt looks great. I am ordering it right now. This belt is for my colt 1911

AWESOME BELT!! by Robert on 04/16/2016


Great Belt--Great Customer Service! by Larry on 04/16/2016

The 14oz. Leather Belt with steel core is everything they say it is. It's a very sturdy belt that keeps my SA XDS nicely in place--and looks great too. I ordered both the black and brown belts on a Friday and they were in my mailbox on Monday--which was amazing! I ordered the wrong size (my error!) and had to return them for the right size. I coordinated with Brianna a couple of days later who let me know she'd received the belts back and was in the process of switching the belts out for the correct size. I received the new belts a few days later and I couldn't be more happy with them. What a great product...and what great customer service...thanks!!

Excellent belt! by Mikewriter on 04/15/2016

Unlike many of the reviews here, I wanted a better, stronger belt for carrying my big bore revolvers - Ruger SuperBlackhawks and SuperRehawk - in the woods when hunting. In the past I have relied on various shoulder or chest carry holsters, and still use them, but the Bigfoot belt gives me the option to choose belt carry with a big gun, or to carry my .22 LR pistol on the belt and a larger hand gun slung from the shoulder. The strength and quality of this belt are far above any other I have tried!

WOW! by Niko on 04/11/2016

I am a disabled Veteran and I wear prosthetic devices. It is hard to find a belt that can support my IMB carry system. I thought I had ordered the belt a little larger than I needed. Got it a few days ago. Holy S***T! This is the best damn belt I have ever owned. Wish you guys were around during my time in Afghanistan. I have been showing it off to all my prepper pal and fellow vets. And the best thing about it. It works very well with all my carry systems. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Thank you. You have made a quality American made product, that I as a Veteran am proud to wear.

great product by Peacefrog on 04/08/2016

My belt just arrived, could not be happier! great materials and craftsmanship! I'm going to order another one in brown. My G19 is a proud addition on this belt

14 oz no core by Old Rooster on 04/02/2016

All I can say is kudos to you all..... I ordered the 14 oz in a size 34 and I was wrong. I needed a 36 , customer service was outstanding and I had the right size belt with in the week. As to the quality of your products, WoW is all I can say. The workmen ship is beyond outstanding.Fit, finish and quality are superb. Not only am I recommending your belts to all my friends and family I will be soon ordering another one with a core.

First Bigfoot Gun Belt by RC on 04/01/2016

Wish I had discovered the secret of this belt a long time ago. I use it as a duty under belt and well as my primary off duty belt. Makes carry my Glock 30 with spare mag a dream, I'm not continuosly having to adjust it. I plan on ordering another one tonight.

gun belts by Dick on 03/31/2016

I purchased both a black and a brown one at the same time as I just knew I would love them. Sure enough they are both very unbelievable in quality and workmanship. Good job Bigfoot Gunbelts!

Best Belt EVER by GWOTVet on 03/30/2016

I can't believe the quality of this belt. It is unbelievable. By far the best gun belt I have ever owned. This is the answer to the gun belt question. The support is perfect. It looks great. Does not sag whatsoever. I carry my Glock 19 OWB with a Desantis Scabbard along with an extra magazine in the Glock mag carrier and a Surefire flashlight. It supports all of this easily. Bottom line - GET THIS BELT IF YOU CARRY A FIREARM!

No more suspenders by Dad on 03/28/2016

I found Bigfoot belts on Facebook. I have been looking for a GOOD heavy duty belt for my concealed carry weapon(s). Up till now it has been a complete disappointment. I just got my Bigfoot Belt and I could not believe the difference between it and the other 'gun belts' I have tried. The 18oz belt is a awesome belt. I have tried my Sig Scorpion 1911 full size, 3 extra 10 rd mags, multi tool & Surefire light, and there is no movement, slippage or bouncing. The belt holds it firmly and exactly where I want it. My Glock 17, 31, 32, you can't even tell you have them on. I have always been told that concealed carry of a firearm is to be comforting, not comfortable. WELL, try one of the Bigfoot 18oz steel insert and you will find that concealed carry can be VERY comfortable & comforting.

Best Belt by Skip on 03/25/2016

This is best belt you will ever own. Make sure you follow ordering guide. This belt is thick and well made. I ordered my waist size. Because of belt thickness you may want to order larger. If you carry definitely order by their guide. Good news is you can return belt within one week and they will send you correct size.

customer svc by swampfox on 03/25/2016

I needed a smaller belt size after i tried it on. Turn around was quick and easy. Great customer service.

18oz leather belt by Angel on 03/23/2016

This is my first gun belt ever,this is a great product.After messing up my original order because i measured wrong i contacted them and 5 minutes later got a response,i explained that i messed up,no questions asked i was told to return it for a new one.great customer service.i know were to go for another one.thanks guys for the product and service.

14 oz + Core belt by BankerBiker on 03/19/2016

I recently purchased the 14 oz. steel gun belt from you guys a few days ago, and I must say that it is the best quality and most comfortable gun belt for the price that I have ever owned. I carry a Glock 30 with an extended mag IWB every day all day long, and have found that this belt is everything you said it is....quality construction, attractive, supports and distributes the weight evenly, and required no break-in time. You have just won over another satisfied customer, and I can guarantee you that I will buying another one in a different color in the near future.

18 oz black belt by kennethturner on 03/18/2016

This belt is awesome I carry Glock 17 9mm and extra mag loaded this belt stands up to the claim. I intend to get a 14 oz belt as well great belts

Gun belt by Charlie on 03/18/2016

Great belt

Great Product & Service by William on 03/18/2016

I did quite a bit of research on belts and selected this belt. The staff was great in answering my questions on sizing with prompt response to emails. I opted to purchase two belts at once in different colors. I ordered on 3/12 and received on 3/16. I had expected to wait for weeks. The belts are PERFECT in length and finish. Thanks to their sizing assistance I now have belts that are comfortable both when carrying my Glock 26 with IWB holster and without. If you want a quality belt you will not be sorry ordering from BIGFOOT belts!

Unbelievable quality and comfort by Michael on 03/18/2016

I ordered the wrong sized based on what I thought my current belt was so when I received my belt it fit but in the first hole. After wearing it a day thinking I'll return and exchange it, I decided NO WAY!!! I wasn't going to go one day without this belt, wrong size or not, I ordered another in the right size. This belt is unbelievable is the quality and workmanship. The way it distributes the weight make carrying IWB AG holster with a compact P320, full size slide on a 14oz. steel core belt unnoticeable through a full day. I am going to make this belt a recommendation to our security team.

Best Functioning Belt Ever by Area512 on 03/16/2016

Just like the title of my review, this is the best functioning belt that I have used in years. Doesn't even break a sweat holding full size 92FS and 4 mags at the range. My gripe is that: 1. Width of 18 oz belt suppose to be 0.381 inch; however, its more like 0.25 inch (around 6mm). So, order up to be safe. 2. Exotic trim such as caiman, shark, or elephant would be nice. Perhaps in the future they will offer it.

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Bigfoot Gun Belts is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 423 user reviews.