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Gun Belt Reviews | Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews

Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 502 Reviews

Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews 2023

Bigfoot Gun Belts are built tougher than any other belt you've ever come across. They're designed to hold up any pistol from subcompacts to full-size, and will do so looking as good as any fashion belt available. Don't want to take our word for it? See what our customers are saying about their Bigfoot gun belts in the following gun belt reviews!

great belt by karl on 02/11/2017

I like the belt and i would recommend to everyone who needs a gun belt . I have not found any problems with the belt .

Great belt! by Ddavos5w on 02/10/2017

The best I have ever owned... no exceptions!

Purchased as last resort by 101 on 02/06/2017

Wow! I'm glad I exhausted all other sources. Needed for belt carry for an SP101, 3 inch barrell.This is exactly as advertised! Love it. Got the black buckle which turned out the best look. I had to send it back for a bigger size. Customer service like none I have experienced. I would recommend this belt over any I have tried.

OUTSTANDING ! by MEL on 02/06/2017

This is my first gun belt. From using a regular belt, then going to the bigfoot .. Its like a whole new world that has open the door. SUPER FANTASTIC BELT. I will be buying the 14oz belt too.

Excellent Belt by Eagle0527 on 02/06/2017

My belt arrived Today 2/6/17 and was ordered on 2/3/17 Well worth the price and fast shipping what more could you ask for

Amazing belt, amazing value by Boomstick on 02/05/2017

I had been using another brand of belt that was polymer reinforced. It served the purpose I suppose, but my EDC isn't light. I carry a full size M&P 9mm with a total of 18 rounds in it, a spare 17 round magazine, and a Leatherman Rebar, all hooked to my belt. It also had 1" spacing in the holes. After hearing/reading good things about Bigfoot, I ordered the 14oz steel reinforced belt. There is no comparison. The Bigfoot is vastly superior in every possible way. It is incredibly supportive, but not stiff. It holds my gun more snugly, it is infinitely more comfortable, and my holster goes absolutely NOWHERE. No adjustments needed, and I carry my pistol IWB at about 2 o'clock in a N8 Squared Pro. The craftsmanship is absolutely top notch. You cannot beat the quality of this belt for what you pay. If you are looking for a gun belt for EDC, BUY THIS BELT. You will not regret it.

Best belt by Nothing printable on 02/03/2017

I have tried a few other belts and this one is the absolute best. One of my holsters is a cross draw and it does not twist outward with the Bigfoot belt. Of course I have an array of holsters and this belt does the best job with all of them.

I love this belt! by Kevin on 02/03/2017

The belt shipped and arrived quickly, and fit perfectly. The belt is sturdy, strong, and looks and feels great! I had been having issues carrying my full-size 1911 and extra mags because the weight was too much for my old leather belt to handle. I have been wearing my Bigfoot 14-oz steel-core belt for a week now and it is holding up very well and cuts out almost all movement during my draw. Keep it up, guys! Great product! I would definitely recommend to everyone!

Excellent Belt by James on 02/02/2017

This day and time not many companies offer much in the way of customer service. I just received a replacement belt (because I measured my first one wrong). Not only did this company correct (MY MISTAKE) they did it at a speed I could not believe, and at no extra cost. Strong and attractive belt. I could not be more impressed !! My business and views to others will belong to this company for a long time to come!! Thanks

Best one yet by OUTSTANDING on 02/01/2017

Best belt I have ever had. Good enough to wear ever day, carrying or not.

Simply awesome by jlangri on 01/28/2017

I had been looking and planning to buy a new belt. Really liked the steel reinforcement idea and planned on getting one. My wife got it for me for Christmas. Depending on circumstances I carry either a Glock 33 w/ +1 or a Sig SP2340. No sag and no adjustments necessary.... ever. My Bigfoot gun belt has made my weapons carry feel more secure than ever. Never feel the need to adjust or check. It's the only belt I wear. Guess I'm going to get a second on in brown. LOL

Damn good belt by Wvwoodsman on 01/27/2017

I carry a full size handgun and now it stays right by my side ! Also their customer service is outstanding ! Thanks Bigfoot Gun Belts !!!

Buy one now! by Larry on 01/23/2017

Great belt, fits good, comfortable, looks good, holds gun great. When I need a new belt definitely buying another.

Ecxellent by Fingers on 01/19/2017

Excellent belt. Waiting to see how good it is.

First impressions by Adam on 01/17/2017

Got the belt out of the box and the first thing I noticed was the thickness of the belt and how it just felt like quality in my hands. Put the belt on with my new OSB holster from Alien Gear. This belt is so strong that I couldn't even tell that there was a Sig 229 there. Extremely comfortable. Only wore it for a couple of minutes. Definitely exceeds my expectations so far! Can't wait to wear it for a whole day.

WOW! by Composerbill on 01/16/2017

I am very happy and impressed with my belt! I have FINALLY found what I needed. I have a valid CCW in California and work in a hospital. This works great with scrubs and a MTR Custom Leather Dual carry IWB holster. You Need One of these. Bill Robinson Chico CA

Great belt by paul on 01/15/2017

I had heard good things about BifFoot from several forums and it seemed it would help with my problem(wearing a regular belt with my M&P Shield, I had to cinch my belt so it was uncomfortable or it would sag and feel like my pants were coming down). Got your belt without the steel insert and my problem is no more. Beautiful workmanship and superb customer service.

Pull the trigger on this belt by Dan on 01/13/2017

I don't usually leave reviews, however, my satisfaction with the belt was so great that I would be remiss if I didn't give a good review. I'm going to go over sizing, appearance, and function: Sizing: Go with the size they recommend. I wear a 36. It recommended a 40. I was hesitant to go with it, but I sure am glad I did. There is enough range for me to wear IWB, OWB, or to just wear as a regular belt. Trust their recommendation. Appearance: This is a genuinely beautiful belt. The leather is top quality and the stitching is strong. I wear the belt even when I'm not packing. It looks great. It's also cool just to have a belt that doesn't sag. You don't realize how annoying your old saggy belts are until you try one of these. Function: Perfect. Supports IWB and OWB. The gun sits right up and it seems like the weight is distributed throughout the belt. By the way, I thought the steel band might be uncomfortable or too stiff; not the case. Overall, I couldn't be happier. The belt is worth the price. Seems like a great company too.

Goldilocks Belt by Bob on 01/11/2017

I needed a new belt for a 3" 686 Plus I was planning on getting; my only other belt was a Crossbreed that was sagging a bit from using with my Ruger LCR. I got one of the 18oz BF belts as a birthday present and knew it would do. It handled the 686's weight just fine but the thickness of the belt made it a bit tedious to put my holster on as well as the Jox loader pouches I wear for reloads. I could attach the pouches but they were too tight to adjust for positioning. I had gotten my dad one of the 14 oz steel core belts and after examining it decided to get one for me. Long story short, it is more than rigid enough to handle my 686 Plus while being thin enough that attaching my holster (Texas Heritage by Tucker Gun Leather) and Jox pouches isn't much of a problem.

Best gun belt by Aloft15 on 01/10/2017

I have had my Bigfoot belt for six months, it is extremely rugged and holds a holster with any firearm right where it should be. My only problem is that I purchased the .281 belt and will not fit many holster loops! I intend to by another one but thinner!

Excellent belt by Bookworm on 01/08/2017

Received this belt in November as a birthday gift from wife and sister. Waited till now to review it because I wanted to put it to use. And must say that after sixty days of use it does the job well. Holds weapon tight against body when used with iwb or owb. Holes do not stretch and looks great. Advise you pay close attention to sizing to get proper fit and wear it for awhile to let it get broken in. Believe it will become like my favorite pair of boots. Will want to wear it everyday (as I do now).

Great Company! by Rick on 01/07/2017

I ordered wrong size , exchanged for different size . Fits great , very comfortable . Customer service was excellent . I would recommend to everyone .

My first, but not my last by Larry on 01/07/2017

I bought the 18 oz belt and I have had my belt about a week now. I couldn't be happier with it. I was a little surprised by the thickness of the 18 oz belt, I might should have gone with the 14 oz, but all in all everything is good. The sizing recommended by the company was a little off too, but I think that if I had ordered the next size smaller, it would not have fit me. This is my first belt specifically purchased for carrying a firearm. At first I thought the price was a bit excessive, but after receiving and wearing the belt, I guess I'm okay with the price. You see, I am not used to paying more than about $20 for a decent everyday belt, so stepping up and paying their price for this belt was a BIG step for me. As for how it handles my firearms, it works GREAT! There is no sag on my belt, or pants for that matter, when I carry. I would, and probably will in the future, purchase another belt from Bigfoot Gun Belts. GREAT QUALITY!!

Bigfoot 14 oz, outstanding by Pap on 01/04/2017

I received my Bigfoot 14 oz today and became a believer in your web sight. This is by far the best belt I ever owned and probably will be the last belt I will have to buy. Outstanding product and outstanding company, Jess

Big Foot Gun Belt. I believe the Legend by Dee on 01/02/2017

From August till the first week of December I had an "Ultimate CCW Gun belt" It was 14 oz but did not have a steel core. I carry a heavy 32 oz Beretta 92 Compact, Alien gear tuck 3.0 iwb and cloak moad owb. My setup was SAGGING. I just toughed it for the past 4 months. Until 2 weeks ago. I was reading reviews online about my alien gear holster and saw that there was a review of a BIG FOOT gun belt. So I took a look, ordered 18 0z steel core belt. FINALLY a good gun belt that can hold up a heavy 32 oz pistol WITH NO SAG!!!!. I enjoyed it so much, that I ordered a 14 oz steel core belt a week later. After my 7 day test drive. The 14 oz steel core belt is FANTASTIC!!! I bought the 14 oz steel core, because it has a thinner thickness than the 18 oz steel core, which is perfect for dress pants. The 18 oz steel core was too thick for my dress pants. Stop reading reviews, believe the legend. I bought mine with the black subdued belt buckle for my 14 oz steel core belt. *NOTE* Before ordering make sure to follow the Gun Belt Size Chart.

Best Gun Belt on the Market by James on 12/31/2016

Received the belt yesterday,wearing it today and it is worth every dollar. The craftsmanship is outstanding! My only problem is I didn't order it sooner. To get your correct size follow the instructions regarding measuring the belt. It will provide you the correct size. I am very satisfied. Highly recommend Bigfoot Belts.

Should have bought one sooner! by Brian on 12/30/2016

After much debating and indecisiveness, and researching other gun belt makers online, I ended up buying a bigfoot 18oz with the steel core. This was my first real gun belt and my only regret is not making the purchase sooner. Until now, I've always just bought the thickest leather "work" belts I could find from the local department stores and have always had problems with my EDC sagging my pants. I would sometimes cinch the belt up so tightly trying to prevent sag that it would cause back pain by the end of the day. When it came time to buy a new belt, I decided to go ahead and spend the extra money and try an actual gun belt. Wow, what a difference! I can carry my EDC rig (Beretta PX4 Storm S/C) and don't even feel it. For the past several days I've actually been comfortably carrying my all steel, full size Springfield 1911 in a pancake holster, which I would have never attempted with the cheaper department store belts. If you're considering one of these belts, go ahead and buy it. They are definitely worth the money.

New Bigfoot belt by Dana on 12/30/2016

I just got my new 14 oz steel core belt yesterday. I truly did look for some negatives with this thing, but I have to say...this is a beautiful belt. The workmanship is pristine, very stout, very well built. I put two handguns and a double mag holder on it, and there wasnt a trace of sag. I think you could hang a Buick on this beast and it would handle it without a whimper. I will undoubtedly turn to Bigfoot for my next gunbelt.

awesome! by KB on 12/29/2016

I am a big guy with no b**t. I had been using a 5 stitch web belt. There is no comparison. The Bigfoot 14 oz w/steel keeps my S/W shield high, tight and comfy both IWB and OWB. No more pants sliding down, and no more OWB holster flopping outward. Just buy one!....My next purchase will be the 18 oz for my big ol' beretta.

Great Belt and Customer service by Keith on 12/28/2016

I received the belt size I ordered then realized if I gain any weight I should have gone up a size, contacted Bigfoot, shipped belt back and had new belt in less than a week all during the holiday season. Very happy with belt and customer service.

best in the business! by Eric on 12/25/2016

Wow! wish I would have found belts like this long ago! Been in law enforcement/military over 30 years. Tried all kinds of different belts from leading manufacturers and big name companies. Even had custom belts BUT, nothing to date wears or feels like the big foot belt! I carry full size handguns and i hardly know it's there, Belt is very comfortable and holds weapon close to body. No sagging, slipping or sliding around. Hardly know i have it on. One thing about belt is measurement! I made the mistake of looking at old belt and going from that. Belts runs large so, measure and get correct waist size. My mistake not the company. Awesome customer service and quick shipping. Both times! This will be the last belt you need to buy

Last Belt - except for my 2nd one! by Jim on 12/24/2016

I've been wearing this belt for about 3 weeks. For the first time, my 1911 doesn't sag in my holster. Quality is excellent - so much so that I'm buying a second one in brown. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with my old belts, maybe I can use them to sharpen knives???

Daily Carry or Just Daily Wear by roperdan on 12/24/2016

I am retired and raise a few head of cattle. For some reason, I run across coyotes or their pups a few times a year within 30-40 yd shooting distance. Usually this is a surprise to all parties. I need to carry my S&W 686 revolver to have a chance of hitting something at that distance. A rifle is just too difficult to carry and maneuver when feeding. So I need a good gun belt for the farm and I found one in Bigfoot. Most importantly, I love wearing this belt everyday on the farm or going to town. It has great support and works really well with most jeans and khakis. I don't carry on the belt everyday and usually not when off the farm. But I do wear this belt everyday.

works perfect by Perry on 12/23/2016

quality product preforms well fast shipping 5 stars

buying a second belt! by Brian V on 12/22/2016

best belt I have ever owned I am getting another in black today!

Great belt wrong size by Bartman on 12/21/2016

I recently purchased the belt and it's great, when I originally was going to get it I did the measurement but waited 2 months to order, well lost weight and the belt is too big but no problem, I gave as a Christmas gift and just ordered another one!!! Keep making great quality belts at great prices!!!!!

Super belt by Steve on 12/21/2016

I have had the 14oz steel core belt for a month now. It has been the best thing that I have ever worn to carry ISWB.And it is a very good belt just to hold pants up also.I like it so well I will be getting one for my brother in law and his boy.As we all carry and believe that only the best will do when you are try to protect yourself and family

Very Impressed by Brbam on 12/21/2016

Received this belt as a gift recently. I've had my eye on one for a while now. First impressions of this belt were very good. Felt very sturdy in hand,very robust. I took it for a spin yesterday and damn......I was blown away. Even with a lighter carry pistol (Shield) my old belt would sag and I would constantly be hiking my pants back up. With these belts everything stays put and feels very secure. The appearance of it is perfect, it is subdued and just looks like a regular belt and doesn't scream "tacticool" or "hey I've got a gun on me" I never knew I needed one of these types of belts until I wore one. Bigfoot did an amazing job with the construction, quality, and value of this belt. I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about concealed carry to consider this belt. It will increase your confidence when carrying knowing that your pistol and holster are secure and will stay put when moving around. If you are considering a gun belto, don't even hesitate with this one. You will love it after the first trip out of the house!

Top Shelf Quality by Cliff on 12/18/2016

I have both a 14oz and 18oz steel core belt. They are very comfortable and look good as well. I use them for daily wear and I'm extremely pleased with these belts. It's truly a good value product.

Made in the USA Belt! Outstanding Quality! by PJ on 12/15/2016

Great price, friendly customer service. Have worn this IWB belt since March 29, 2016 nearly every day and still looks Brand NEW! Will buy again for my son.

UNBELIEVABLE by Daniel on 12/13/2016

What an amazing product. Craftmanship second to none. Fit and finish is superb and I've never had another belt so well suited for it's intended use. I carry a Sig P320 mid size and a Glock 27. Keeps my holster snug to my buddy and allows for very fast and effective draw times. No more sagging pants or wiggly holsters. Thank you so much BFGB!

Fantastic belt by Fred on 12/12/2016

I bought the 14 oz. steel core and I'm very happy with my purchase. The quality, workmanship and comfort are fantastic. I can tell you that with Bigfoot Belts and my Alien holster I am one very happy man. I highly recommend these belts to everyone that carries or doesn't carry. You will love the comfort either way. The only negative that I can see with this belt is that I will need more of them :-). I will be back for more.

Worth every penny by Robert on 12/12/2016

I bought this as a gun belt to ware on my days off, I work in maintenance and started waring it to work to break it in and couldn't stop. I've now worn it everyday for almost a year and can't believe how well it's holding up with very little signs of ware. If this was an ordinary belt I'd be looking to buy another one by now! I can see now where I will be using this belt for many years to come.

No better belt in the world! by BushcraftCyclist on 12/12/2016

The first belt I bought was a black 18oz belt. Loved it so much I ordered a brown one in 18oz. I everyday carry a S&W 500 Magnum 5" revolver in a belt slide holster, two speed loaders in a separate belt slide carrier and a fixed blade knife on my weak side. No sag in these belts under this load! The shipping after my order was really quick. The stitching is wonderful and the buckles are bullet proof. I just can't say enough about the quality of these belts. You won't be disappointed in this product. Buy one of their belts today, keep moving, be fast & accurate and stay safe. Best Regards, "Ta Tai" - Mermentau River Basin SW Louisiana USA

Rob by Rob on 12/11/2016

After ordering my 18 oz belt arrived quicker then I was expecting. I opened the package and was immediately impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. The belt fit perfectly and is very comfortable carrying my XD. Anyone contemplating buying one of these belts just do it, you won't be disappointed.

14 oz./steel core by junebug on 12/10/2016

What a great fit,this belt is now my every day belt with jeans,& fits perfect with my IWB & OWB holsters carrying a s&w 9mm shield.As a veteran I like that it was made in the USA.Thinking about purchasing a 14 oz. brown belt for a Christmas gift.

Very Impressed by Johnny B on 12/09/2016

After looking at your products and the reviews on your website, I decided to call and talk live as not everybody was getting it right on the belt sizing. Rachel in Customer Service helped me thru the process , and I ordered the 18 oz model The belt arrived yesterday and to say I'm impressed is an understatement. The leather, stitching, detail, is impressive Rachel had it dead on, 4th hole in the belt, perfect with my holster, plenty of room with the other six holes for expansion and less likely contraction. Nothing like the smell and feel of quality leather Only problem is my name brand jeans made in ***** decided to get cheap with the size of the belt loops, and the belt tail won't go thru Spoke with Cheryl in Customer Service and she is handling getting me another one of the leather retainers / keepers I can slide on the belt Great product, great people I wish your company and employees much success Joe Mistletoe, AKA , Snoopy, reminds to remember Rachel and Cheryl with their X-MAS Stockings Thanks Johnny B

WOW!!! by JAMES on 12/08/2016

No comparison to other gun belt from different vendor, yours is top quality and at a low price cant wait to show it off to my carry buddies, Thanks for a great product.

I Like Um! by 7thGenKalifornian on 12/06/2016

Bought two 14 oz. belts, without steel core, in black and brown. Black buckles on each with an extra Standard Steel. Size 42 belt for size 38 pant waist size fit great for IWB carry of a single stack SHIELD. Quality product, quality workmanship, excellent value. Watch their website for periodic specials on shipping and price discounts. Overall, very satisfied with Bigfoot Gunbelts.

Fantastic Belt by Lionel on 12/05/2016

I'm almost 70 years old, and I have had a lot of belts in my life, this is the finest belt I have ever had. Doesn't sag when I carry my Glock 22, feels great just by itself. Great looking and durable. Love it!!

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Bigfoot Gun Belts is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 502 user reviews.