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Gun Belt Reviews | Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 423 Reviews

Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews 2020

Bigfoot Gun Belts are built tougher than any other belt you've ever come across. They're designed to hold up any pistol from subcompacts to full-size, and will do so looking as good as any fashion belt available. Don't want to take our word for it? See what our customers are saying about their Bigfoot gun belts in the following gun belt reviews!

Super fast delivery by Aletta on 06/01/2017

This is the second belt I have ordered and it is an amazing belt. And the service is also amazing. I even ordered something else fro Amazon through Prime the same day and the belt arrived FIRST!!! Exceptional service!!!

Almost perfect by Ronnie on 05/14/2017

Let me start by saying this is a great belt. Sturdy, well made and comfortable. Easily supports my Glock 43 with no sagging. I have only two complaints. First I would surprised to learn when I got ready to check out that they do not accept PayPal. Not a deal breaker by no means, but a little inconvenient for me. Secondly, while the buckle that ships with the belt is OK it is a very casual buckle, and not very suitable when paired with a suit and tie. I would like to see Bigfoot offer a couple different styles of a more dressier buckle as an option when ordering. Overall a great gun belt that you will be happy with for a long time.

AWESOME! by Johnny on 05/13/2017

Just like a quality made gun, you definitely get what you pay for. I have an in between size waist line. I ordered a size up but wasn't satisfied. Within a week I had sent my original order back and had my new PERFECTLY fit carry belt back in hand. I have never had a snug fit up against my waist like this. Practice conceal draws has never felt better. I was always having to readjust my holster during my practice sessions with my old leather belt. NO MORE! LOVE THE FEEL AND FIT! THANKS!

Core Belief by krunchnik on 05/08/2017

I have both 14 oz with the steel core and the 18 oz with core.I have both types for a couple of applications.I found the lighter belt works great for carrying my Micro and same type weight handguns-where as the heavier works for carrying an Ultra size 1911 and on up.I have nothing but praise for your company and belt selection.The prices are very fair and the products quality is second to none.

Well Done!!! by Dave on 05/08/2017

This is the best gun belt I have ever owned hands down. Have one in brown and now shopping one in black. Can't beat the quality and value. Well done Sasquatch!!!

Best belt I have ever worn! by Bill on 05/07/2017

Let me just say that I'm glad you guys didn't make belts when I was younger. If my Dad owned one of these I think I might still be sore! Built like a tank. This is hands down the best belt I ever owned. I barley notice my Sig Legion on my side. Would love to see a holster from Bigfoot!

Outstanding Belt!! by napolifred on 05/07/2017

Outstanding belt that will not let you down. Craftsmanship and quality is the best I've seen. I wear my belt every day for the last five months and it hasn't sagged one bit. I have bought other belts for a whole lot more and they haven't last as long. I will be buying more very soon.

An Experts Belt! by KWOOD23 on 05/06/2017

I can tell you that it is one of the best gun belts I have seen. As a concealed carry and NRA pistol instructor I can tell you how important a belt that does not sag is. This belt is rock solid and I am comfortable carrying full size guns like the HK VP9 and Canik TP9SF Elite. Overall, I could not be more impressed.

Best investment yet! by Nhjeepfun on 05/05/2017

I purchased my Bigfoot gun belt about 6 months ago and it has been my best investment in EDC equipment yet. No more sagging whether I am carrying a compact or full handgun. The belt is great looking and great quality. I highly recommend Bigfoot gunbelts!

Absolute best by Mickey D on 05/05/2017

I've used gun belts from several makers that worked good. After a few years they get limp no matter how thick of leather used. I bought an 18oz steel core Big Foot belt and it's absolutely the best gun belt. I've cost 30+ pounds and ordering a new belt today. Worth every penny!

Favorite Belt Ever by Dr Z on 05/04/2017

I've gone through many gun belts and some were pretty expensive. I carry IWB and OWB, compact and full size and this belt is absolutely the best. I tried one of these a while back and it's all I wear now. Since buying this belt I've lost 35 pounds and I had to get a new belt that fits so of course, I just ordered another Bigfoot. Great job guys! Ya'll make a fantastic product at a great price.

Great belt by bfmtrader on 04/29/2017

Very well constructed belt. Good customer support. I will buy this belt again.

Exactly Right by Ross on 04/26/2017

Best belt I have ever owned. A must have for concealed carry.

Rhino's AAR by Rhino on 04/26/2017

Battle ready...

18oz steel Core by NavyDoc on 04/23/2017

Five stars for this best. Top quality. Highly recommend.

Customer service by Retired on 04/22/2017

I ordered the wrong size and was replaced no questions asked. The quality and finish is excellent. Great people to deal with. What else could you ask for?

Well worth the money by Sean on 04/19/2017

First, I have to mention the absolutely superb customer service. Had some USPS issues with delivery and BGB made it right quickly and w/o question. Initially, the belt is a wee bit stiff, but that suits its purpose in being able to hold up whatever pistol you use. I carry a Glock 30 most days and when I'm feeling squirrely, I'll carry my Para-USA P14.45, which is a double stack (14 round) model 1911 and that sucker is heavy. The belt doesn't complain about either pistol and I don't have to constantly adjust the belt upwards. So, pay attention to their belt sizing guide carefully and be prepared for a thicker belt than the standard belts you've probably worn in the civilian market because small belt loops on your pants might not fare so well. Other than that, stop reading reviews and just buy one or five.

18 oz by . on 04/18/2017

Awesome belt. You wont be disappointed if you go with one of these. I have the 18 oz black with black hardware it doesnt sag with a full size 45acp mag holder and a knife at all. Excellent quality getting ready to get me a brown one also.

Awesome 14oz Steel Core Belt by Art on 04/18/2017

This is one top notch gun belt. Quality and price can't be beat. Ordered it on Saturday and was delivered on Monday. I wouldn't hesitate on purchasing this belt with the great customer service and workmanship this company offers!

Great belt by Robbie on 04/18/2017

This is by far the best belt I've ever had what a great investment amazing belt built to last I love it

Believe all of the hype! by Trebor on 04/16/2017

I think I heard about Bigfoot surfing gun forums while reviewing handguns. There was nothing but good things said about this product...and it's all true. Since I don't normally wear a belt, sizing was a bit of a chore as I didn't yet possess the custom holster for my handgun. Here's my measurements and what I ended up with. First off I wear size 32 jeans. Now, that doesn't mean I (or you) have a 32 waist. The jeans companies want you to feel good so they make the jeans a bit larger and mark them smaller...go ahead and check yourself. My waist measures 34, with my jeans on measures 36. I ended up getting a 38 belt and it was spot on (BF chart recommended 40). With my iwb dual loop leather holster and gun with jeans I measure exactly 38, which is the center hole on the belt. I can and do cinch it up one hole for security. This belt is beefy! It's top notch quality and well made. It's so good that I returned a new single clip kydex holster that couldn't fit around this thick belt. I'd much rather keep the belt!

TacBelt by Breakleather on 04/15/2017

Great product. Love it.....

14 oz No core by Timberjack on 04/14/2017

I recently ordered an all black 14 oz belt and I must say that the fit & finish is second to none. This belt is a work of art, no blemishes of any kind & the fit is perfect. Everything from the stitching to the finish is premium quality and workmanship.

Belt is great!! by Dep on 04/12/2017

The quality of this belt is amazing!! The leather and stitching is very durable and the steel core adds extra strength. Like suggested make sure you follow the sizing guide as I'm a 32 and needed the 36. The customer service was great when I had to originally exchange my belt as well. The only reason why I give it 4 stars is because the belt is THICK and takes a little work to put a holster clip over it, this also makes the buckle stick out. My belt is still new so I will have to see if it breaks in at all.

Bombproof belt! by bikeman on 04/08/2017

Ordered my 14oz. brown Bigfoot gunbelt on April 5th and it got to me on April 8th ( before the the tracking number could validate !)...amazing belt -amazing service and craftmanship folks really know how to produce excellent heavy duty gunbelts. I can carry my gun,EDC knife ,my phone and my multiple keys (I own a business) and this belt doesn't sag or make my pants feel like they are going to fall off...impressive bit of kit!

Awesome by Hicountry on 04/07/2017

Its not just the best leather gunbelt I've owned, its the best belt I've owned. Dressy enough for a night out. Stiff enough for my 5" railed steel 1911. Inexpensive yet amazing quality! I'm buying a second one soon because I love them soooooo much. After almost 30yrs carrying a handgun..(sometimes in combat) this is the best set up yet with my galco holster it looks great and my gun is always where I want it! Thank you......oh and I'm moving to Idaho! Soon!

Sasquatch should be proud! by Mike on 04/03/2017

This is one of the best belts I have ever owned. You can feel the strength of the steel core and the burnished edges are of the up-most quality! Fits perfectly with room to spare. It compliments my Galco IWB Summer Comfort Holster nicely. The price for such a quality USA made belt is a great deal! The pride and care put into these belts is evident. If you're going to carry, carry with Bigfoot!

great purchase by Buck on 04/03/2017

It is so hard to find a good belt at a reasonable price that effectively holds the weight of a full size 1911 with a rail. I have tried several belts over the years, and when it comes to leather, this is by far the best belt I have purchased. I highly recommend this belt to any gun carrier. I purchased the black belt, but I will soon be purchasing the brown. Thanks for making a great product.

Excellant Value by jharleyd on 04/03/2017

As a retiree who conceal carries, this belt is a great aid. I carry a compact .45 auto which is heavier than the 9 mm , etc and it supports it with ease. My first purchase was a black belt and I feel the need for a brown belt to sub sometimes. By the way, I did a considerable amount of leather crafting in my youth and I recognize quality leather craft and the 'Bigfoot' is that. Quality!!

Awesome Gun Belt by Brent on 04/02/2017

This is one awesome belt. I have another gun belt that I purchased from a close friend of mine, but it's a little too thick (can't carry my cell phone on it) Bigfoot gun belts are very well built, it won't sag when your firearm is on your side. I'd highly recommend this belt. Oh... And the price is very affordable. Don't hesitate to purchase yourself one, you won't be disappointed!

Amazing by Charles on 03/31/2017

First off I couldn't believe it when the mailman knocked on my door two days after ordering..Anyways, curiosity got the best of me and I ended up drilling another hole in my belt in order to see just what type of "steel" was in the belt. Well, it's tough $&@#. It took about 5 minutes with a metal bit before I got all the way through. It's no wonder there's zero sag on these belts, and the comfort they bring, even with the heaviest of loads-has me puzzled. As we all know, walking up hill with a full sized pistol leads to your pants pulling down, and or shifting, but this belt even eliminates that. I feel like an idiot for not ordering one sooner.

WOW FACTOR GUN BELT by Bob on 03/30/2017

Was really amazed at the quality of this belt. Was my first but won't be my last. My only regret is that the belt sizing guide suggested a size 38 for a 33 waist. But it also says "feel free to tweak this". I should have ordered a 36 which I will next time I order. I have to wear the belt with my Sneaky Pete holster for my Ruger SR 40c in the last hole. but it works as advertised an doesn't sag.

18 oz Bigfoot Belt by on 03/29/2017

The 18 oz is a heavy belt and a bit thicker than I was expecting. I've only worn it a couple of times, will take awhile to break in.But,I can carry my Walther PPX or FNH all day with hardly a hitch.This should be the last gun belt I'll need to buy.It is built to last.Thank you for American quality!!

thanks to my son by papa on 03/25/2017

my son gave me the 14 oz. belt for Christmas .great belt he ordered it from my belt size it fit perfect I just ordered one for my oldest son for his birthday

Top Quality by Michael on 03/23/2017

Just got my belt, put it on, slipped on my Springfield, love it, feels great. The look and quality are outstanding. So glad I got a Bigfoot. It feels great and keeps my gun close and comfortable. Highly recommend it!

Great gun belt by Ed on 03/22/2017

This belt met all claims by Bigfoot; this is a great gun belt. I purchased the 14oz. belt with steel core. I have a big mid section and my gun would all but pull my pants down over time. This is not a problem with this belt. I use this belt with a Clinger no print IWB holster and the results are great. The gun is well concealed, comfortable, and stays in place. I am ordering another belt today and was glad to see they are on sale. I highly recommend this belt!

Quility by BRB on 03/21/2017

I don't believe you can buy a better belt at any price or deal with a better company! THANK YOU

Superb Belt by Ray on 03/21/2017

Don't normally write reviews. This belt is a no brainer! Got it when it went on sale. Should've ordered one a long time ago. It's what I've been looking for for comfortable carry and didn't even realize it. No more belt sag!

14 oz steelcore--Perfect--NO SAG! by Krp2nite on 03/20/2017

I love that this belt is sturdy enough to hold a level belt line even with gear attached but somehow has the flexibility to still be comfortable for all day wear. I have a black and brown in 14 oz with steelcore and have put a solid 6 months of everyday wear on the black one and it still looks great and is still straight--no sag! Shipping was pretty fast too! Thanks..Won't use a different brand belt ever again. Sizing was spot on. 36 pants got a 40 belt lands dead middle of adjustment holes.

Amazing value by RTD on 03/19/2017

This belt surpasses ANY gunbelt I have ever owned. I can't believe just how sturdy this thing is. I carry a full steel 1911 (IWB) and this belt holds it firmly in place. It should come with a lifetime warranty because I can't imagine this belt ever failing to do what it's made to do. 5 Stars!!

Excellent Gun Belt by Bigfoot Gun Belts by David on 03/18/2017

Bigfoot Gun Belts are excellent gun belts. Not only is it the best gun belt I have ever owned, it is also the best belt in general. I am a bigger guy and the Bigfoot Gun Belt is great even when not carrying. Bigfoot Gun Belts beat any gun belts or standard belts and is a great value. The Bigfoot Gun Belt is not much more than the belts I was buying that only lasted a few months. Those other belts would stretch out and their holes would start to deform within a few months. The Bigfoot Gun Belt is of much higher quality and looks as if it will last a very long time. If you are a bigger guy, this is the gun belt and belt in general for you.

Great gun belt! by Jim on 03/17/2017

I carry a full size 1911 pistol as my EDC. This is the best gun belt for a heavy pistol. It supports the weight so well you will forget that you are carrying it! Buy it !!! You won't be disappointed!

2nd belt by Mr on 03/16/2017

This is a beautifully crafted belt. My belt is still in great condition. If I hadn't gained weight I wouldn't need an additional belt. Now I'll have two. A thinner once me and a bit not so thin.

Glad I found this company by Terry on 03/16/2017

These are some of the best quality leather belts out there in this price range or any at twice this price. You won't be disappointed.

Great belt; buying another tonight by Tod on 03/16/2017

I bought the 18oz. belt and really liked it, but it was too thick for the clips on all of my IWB holsters. Works great for my OWB holsters that have loops for the belt. I'm ordering a 14oz. belt tonight to use with the IWB holsters.

Best Belt Ever!! by AutoMag on 03/15/2017

I have tried many gun belts but this one by Bigfoot is by far THE BEST hands down. I have had it for quite a few months now and it is holding up great, no signs of wear at all. I carry either a full size 1911 or a Compact size 1911 and the belt does what it is designed to do and that is support the weight of the gun and not sag like others I have tried. I hear people complain of price but think about what you spend on a 1911 and holster and you will see that the price is worth ever penny. I will definitely purchase another one when needed!!

14 oz. steel core gun belt by Joe on 03/15/2017

Ordered on 3/13/17 talked to Cory in cs explained my questions an concerns an assured me if any problems they would take care of them received belt 3/15/17 fits as Cory said great service

14oz Belt by Cateye on 03/14/2017

My 2nd one this mo, Nice with the 10 bucks off sale. Great belt for my Glocks,S&W,Walthers,Colts,Kimbers 1911,s Works Great with them all. Did many tests on drawls holds the hoslters very well.My older belts like to move to much. Now showing it to my 4h class.

Awesome by Kelly on 03/11/2017

I was a little skeptical because I am a bigger guy and a thick belt is typically uncomfortable. I got this belt and thought it was huge compared to my old one but tried it on anyway. Surprisingly comfortable. I carry OWB and this belt holds the holster rock solid. I can see wearing this all the time. Great product, fast shipping, highly recommended!

Holy Cow by Double-G on 03/10/2017

I received this AWESOME gun belt today. Being in law enforcement now for 30 years I've carried a wide variety of hand guns off duty. I have gone through numerous belts over the years. Today, today all that ended. This is by far the highest quality gun belt or any belt for that matter I've ever owned. Just to test it out I holstered a full size 8 shot 357 Magnum revolver and wore it all day just to put this belt to the test with a heavy weapon that has beaten all my other belts down. I am very pleased to say I will tell & I show all my fellow officers as well as friends that they, like me need to go no where else but BigFoot Gun Belts.

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Bigfoot Gun Belts is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 423 user reviews.