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Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews 2024

Bigfoot Gun Belts are built tougher than any other belt you've ever come across. They're designed to hold up any pistol from subcompacts to full-size, and will do so looking as good as any fashion belt available. Don't want to take our word for it? See what our customers are saying about their Bigfoot gun belts in the following gun belt reviews!

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I wore this daily until the buckle shattered by Kendall on 05/15/2018

Slim Steel Dress Gun Belt - Brown

I love this belt. I wore it daily for months. Then the weld on the buckle failed. The quality of the belt is fabulous. I am sure the buckle was a fluke, but it was disappointing.

Best belt I have by FlaRebel on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

I have been wearing one of your belts for two years almost every day. excellent quality can not ask for better

Great belt Great service by Darkman on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

After much research I decided to purchase a Bigfoot Gun Belt. After choosing a belt. A Black14 oz.1.5 wide steel core with standard buckle. I sent my waist size in. When I received my belt I discovered I had measured wrong (My fault) and the belt was to small. I contacted the company. They advised I could send the belt back and receive the correct size without extra cost. I did have to pay return shipping which was only right as I had made the mistake. When I received the correct size belt it's fit and finish was of the highest quality. I have now been wearing it for a few weeks and find it to be a great fit that holds the Kydex holster I use comfortably and securely all day. I Highly recommend Bigfoot Holsters for your EDC Rig,

Broke right out of the box by Liam Bryan on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

After opening the belt and looking it over I unsnaped the two snaps to look at the buckle. In the process of resnaping it, one snap failed. Turns out the snap was just a cheap piece of hardware. Rather disappointing. 5 minutes out of the box and I have a broken, useless belt. Their customer service over the next seven days will determine if I ever use one of their products again.

Best belt I have owned in 54 years by R on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

I am reviewing after 6-7 years of use..... thing still looks new..... no disfigurement from holster weight..... I have bought so called "Concealed carry belts" in the past actually 3 months before I bought this one.... at first the price kept me away until I went cheap and wow how disappointing.... I bought this one 2 months after a 48.00 investment into junk.... the belt stretched amd was horrible... my wife reminded me "Buy once cry once" and I will say without reservation the best belt I have ever owned..... spend the money onetime and you will be very happy with the investment.. I recently lost almost 100 pounds, time to replace the old one (it wraps 1.5 times around me lol) soooooooooooooooooo time to purchase one that fits.... again buy once cry wont be disappointed thats for sure

Awesome by Zac on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

Can't beat it.

look no further by Bret on 05/15/2018

Slim Steel Dress Gun Belt - Black

2nd purchase. My choice for any belt needs. Quality is amazing. My first belt is over a year old and looks and holding up beyond compare.

Great belts by Daniel on 02/27/2020

Tactical Rigger's Belt

Will be buying more Very high-quality

Quality belt for life! by AJ on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

Bought this back in 2017 and I still use it. Holding up nice and worth every penny.

look no further by Bret on 05/06/2019

Basket Weave Gun Belt

What can I say? Outstanding! VERY nice leather, very well made and comfortable. I really like the leather quality. It's been a year now and the belt doesn't appear worn. I'm buying a dress belt for my son for Xmas. I will never buy a belt anywhere else even if I don't need a gun belt. So well made. Look No Further you will not be dissapointed.

Best belt I've had by Joey on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

I got this belt four years ago and I've worn it every day since. It holds my full size 1911 and my leatherman no problem. I'll buy another if this one ever wears out but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

3rd purchase by Bigjon on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

I used to go through about one gunbelt a year. They were name brand leather makers from gun or police duty gear. The leather would stretch or get out of shape. As the belt got older and softer from wear they would flip in my belt loops or develop a sag on my gun side. I got my first Bigfoot about five years ago. I put it on and thought it can't be this comfortable with a steel core. It felt good out of the box and felt good till present day. I punched some holes in it to accommodate a shrinking waistline so i thought it was time for a new one. Now i go to those other guys for holsters but for belts it's nothing but Bigfoot.

Great Value by Ken on 05/06/2019

Basket Weave Gun Belt

I've had my 1st belt about 3 yrs now and it still has the same shape when it was new. I've lost a few lbs, and now it's too big. Ordering another new one with the basket weave this time. Carries my holster just fine. Great belt.

belt hooks will not work by Pissed off on 09/25/2019

Belt Hook Suspender Attachment

they will not slip on to belt

You get/What you pay for by mbk2616 on 05/30/2014

Leather Gun Belt (14oz)

Have 2 of these belts (Brown and Black). Have had over 1 year now, worn many times,. Belt never sags,nicely made with quality behind all. Always wear a concealed weapon,and with this belt,there is no fatigue on your side,because of the steel enforced inside of the belt.....Though a little expense.......Worth every penney.

Great by Timothy on 05/30/2014

Leather Gun Belt (14oz)

I have 2 (black and brown) love them.

Best Belt I have owned by Bear on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

Having some experience with CC belts this is the best for when you are in the restroom and unbuckle the holster stays upright with out effort. Highly recommend.

Best belt I've ever used by Ozz904 on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

So I got this belt around 3 years ago wear it daily literally daily always a g20, g21, or a g22 stung on it no sag I. Ordering 2 more just because the industry im in has finally taken a toll on the finish but not the integrity and I still want to wear it when I go out. One more black and a brown

long lasting by Keith on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

I bought my belt 3 yrs ago. Before that I would have to replace one every 4-6 months. I weighed 240 lbs. The Bigfoot belt has stood the test of time. It still looks great. It hasnt crack of torn. I wear it daily. I am only ordering another one now because of bariatric surgery and massive weight loss. This belt has paid for it self several times over because it lasts!!

Should have bought this years ago... by Miranthis on 05/06/2019

Leather Celtic Belt

I waivered, but when I started wearing this it is the belt I have always wanted in a belt but thought not available. I only got the 14 ounce cored one, but it is rigid without being bulky and holds well without being too binding. I can't see myself ever being without a belt like this again. I wear it every day, with and w/o my CCW rig. its stylish enough to fit in with anything I wear - shorts, jeans, dress pants etc). I have the brown one, but need a black one and would probably buy a cordovan colored one as well. SO glad i finally bought one.

My Favorite by Moochie on 05/06/2019

Leather Celtic Belt

Have owned my Bigfoot for three years now and still looks great. Highly recommend for Quality, Appearance and Value.

great gun belt by shooter on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

the best gun belt I have ever owned, it's not the most expensive I own but diffentive the best in quality and price. My belt is 6 years old, 7 days a week service and still in use. I will be buying another for dress. you will not regret buying this belt if you need a duty gun belt.

Excellent by BuckeyeinNC on 02/27/2020

Tactical EDC Belt

I've had this tatical belt as my everyday belt and absolutely love it. Wont think twice about getting another. It's extremely comfortable. I carry with an aliengear holster and the belt does not sag, droop and helps to keep your slacks in place. I have the slim belt buckle. I tried the quick release buckle but had trouble with it going through belt loops. Highly recommend this belt wont be disappointed.

Great Quality by Mike on 05/30/2014

Leather Gun Belt (14oz)

Purchased steel core gun belt. Very high quality leather. Looks good. Holds weapon holster secure. Once you try it you will never wear another belt.

Best Gun Belt by Rick on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

GREAT BELT !!!! They are really great belts. I wear mine every day and have had not one problem with any gun I carry. No sag, no role. I don`t know what kind of belt I could use that would serve me as well or hold up as long as mine has. I will be buying another. Rick -- Rider77

Great EDC belt by TexasGlockie on 02/27/2020

Tactical EDC Belt

To be my first EDC belt I am extremely happy I went with BIGFOOT first. The steel core adds great support and prevents sagging. Holds my 19x perfectly. In my case all my belts bend on the rear belt loop but with this one its very minimal. A slightly thicker steel core would do the trick and I would definitely buy it. The velcro is still holding great and not coming undone even after several months of use.

Best Tactical/EDC belt ever! by Todd on 02/27/2020

Tactical Rigger's Belt

This belt lives up to the hype! It is stiff vertically but still able to manipulate through belt loops easily. Yes you will have to remove the buckle for most pants but anyone looking into this type of belt would know that before leaving a bad review over such. If you want more convenience then opt for the 1.5in EDC belt WITHOUT a Cobra buckle. I bought this belt to support a holstered FNX-45 Tactical which is a very heavy gun and it does so perfectly. It was well worth the wait! (mine was 6 weeks from internet order to my doorstep)

WOW by Kevin on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

Just received the 14 ounce belt today,,,,,,WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Normally I would be pulling my pants/shorts constantly, on a walk with my dogs, very little movement. Having a flat A** doesn't help but this belt by far hands down is the best. On the pricey side but as what others have said in their get what you pay for!!!!!

good tool by Leo on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

Does the job extremely well. Sturdy and supportive for concealed carry.

Wow....totally impressed by Dan on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

Just got my belt today and can't believe the difference carrying my pistol between your belt and my old belt which was not cheap.Thanks for making a great product