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Gun Belt Reviews | Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews

Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 502 Reviews

Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews 2023

Bigfoot Gun Belts are built tougher than any other belt you've ever come across. They're designed to hold up any pistol from subcompacts to full-size, and will do so looking as good as any fashion belt available. Don't want to take our word for it? See what our customers are saying about their Bigfoot gun belts in the following gun belt reviews!

Great Riggers belt! by Toby on 07/03/2020

Beautiful belt. Awesome construction great materials and my favorite buckle. Quickly became my everyday belt for jeans as well as my work pants. I carry a lot of misc tools every day and this thing holds them like a champ. Ill be buying all my belts from Bigfoot from here on out.

Great Belt by Uncle Dave on 06/23/2020

I have had my Gun Belt for nearly 2-years. It's in great shape. It broke in wonderfully... and the only reason I am ordering a new belt today is, I have lost weight during COVID-19 lock down. I am happy to purchase a new belt 2-sizes smaller! Also, I am happy to report that Nicky and Maxwell were a huge help with resetting my password. You have 2 great employees there. Pats on the back all around! Keep up the great work!!

Good buy by speedracer on 06/19/2020

I have a hanks leather belt, not a steel core and it's ok but it sags so I seen an add for the steel core bigfoot belt and thought i'd give them a try. I wear business attire for work so I went with the slim dress belt in black and tan. I love them, they work great and keep my pants and firearm up. I am totally happy I bought them and now I have to get 2 new ones as i've lost weight and they no longer fit me so I need a smaller one. I highly recommend them, great product..they are strong, durable and hold up well. I've had mine for about 6 months and not a mark on them. I like they so much even when I am not carrying i still only use these belts. Great buy, get one!

Great Belt by Justin on 06/14/2020

After using and replacing regular belts for years, I found Bigfoot Gun belts.I have had this belt now for 4 years. I wear my gun just about every day and use only this belt. It is still going strong. Shows sign of wear and tear but still has its integrity intact.

No other EDC belt compares! by Topher on 06/02/2020

This Bigfoot EDC belt is outstanding! By outstanding, I mean that it is incomparable due to its fit, quality, and condition after having been worn most every day for the past FIVE YEARS since I purchased it. I wish that it was possible to add or include a photo so that you could see this belt now - after all this time. Admittedly, I have tried other EDC belts at the request of other Agents, as well as EDC belt manufacturers; however, as good as a few of them were, they simply did not and do not measure up...if you have owned an worn a Bigfoot Belt. Please, do yourself a favor and INVEST in the last EDC belt you will ever buy, unless, like me, you lose a great deal of weight and have absolutely no choice in the matter. Bigfoot Belts are on the high side when it comes to cost-efficiency; however, when you average that cost/investment out over 5 years and longer, the initial cost of your Bigfoot Belt averages out to be less than the price of competitor's EDC belts that need to be replaced in two years or less! Thank You, Bigfoot Belts, you have a lifelong Client and unofficial spokesperson.

Great belt! by Grumpy on 05/29/2020

Lost weight, so have to get a smaller size. Had this one for a couple of years, worn most every day, still in great shape, just need a smaller size.

Good idea, not so good product by Jeffrey on 05/25/2020

I am completely unsatisfied with this product. Warning to others looking at this. The buckles on this belt will not string through your belt loops. After contacting customer support because I could not even string this belt through my pants' belt loops I was told I had to remove the buckle, the string it through the belt loops. Okay, that eventually worked with some struggling. But then, after you re-attach the buckle, the left over belt material has to be re-strung (doubly) through the last 2 loops. That's impossible given the thickness of the belt. That's makes this belt, not only difficult to put on, but impossible unless you have over-sized belt loops. It looks great in the photos but for me was impossible to replicate on my person. I attempted this on a few different pairs of pants with my jeans being the best candidate. With shipping, taxes and everything else this belt was over $110!!!! I find this unacceptable. After fighting with their customer service, they finally agreed to pay the shipping to send it back after first sticking me with this bill. The belt is built of good material, and the buckle is a functional, pleasing design. I would not recommend this product for anyone looking for a belt to wear with normal clothing. it would only work if you had extra large belt loops. Needless to say, I am extremely disappointed with this product.

Love this belt by Krazy_8 on 05/14/2020

I love the feel and weight of the belt. It works great with my holster. Please keep the quality.

Great product by Voltaire on 05/07/2020

Absolutely satisfied with the quality of this Tactical EDC Belt. Holds and secures my VP9 well. Highly recommended. Now buying one for wifey. Keep up the good job!

Belt by O on 05/06/2020

Solid and best wearable belt.

Hail to the King! by Review Guy. on 05/04/2020

I'm a review guy, so when I saw all theses 5 star reviews I was skeptical. Heck, you can't even buy a can opener with an all five star review. Bottom line is, they don't make stuff like they use to. Till now. Bigfoot makes them like they use to only with up grades no less and customer service that is beyond reproach. Buy these belts! You won't be sorry. Bigfoot is King of the gun belt. Hail to the King!

Fantastic quality by Landlocked pirate on 05/03/2020

I've had my belt for over 3 years and it still looks like new! It made everyday carry much more comfortable and made my draw smoother

Excellent belt by Josh on 04/30/2020

I bought my original belt May 29, 2017 from Alien gear and I am only buying a new one because I lost a bunch of weight and ran out of holes. Since it has a steel core punching a new hole isn't really possible which sucks because it still looks new even after 3 years of use. I've worn this belt every single day since I bought it and for 2 of the 3 years there was a pistol and double mag carrier hanging off of it. Doesn't matter if it's IWB or OWB the belt doesn't sag, honestly the only bad thing about it is the price, but with how long it's lasting it wouldn't be a problem if I had just stayed fatter.

Best belt by Chuck on 04/29/2020

I received this belt 4 years ago no issues.

Heavy Duty by Jon on 04/28/2020

The 18oz is very heavy duty. I feel like I could use it as a tow strap. It appears to be very well made. Works well with most of my holsters, but is a little too thick for one of my custom leather holsters. I love the lack of sag and the quality feel. I will definitely buy again, but will probably go with the 14oz.

A great belt by Nickname? I don't have no nickname, I don't need no stinking nickname! on 04/21/2020

The steel core belt is awesome! I put it on in the morning and never once had readjust my pants throughout the whole work day, that never happened before. I will be telling my father & brothers about this belt. Fantastic product Sasquatch.

Great belt by Dan on 04/19/2020

I have the brown gun belt and love it. Even with a steel gun my pants do not sag. I have had it for over a year and it still looks new.

Gun belt by Johnny on 04/18/2020

This is my second in Bigfoot gun belt and in my opinion the best on the market

Amazing by Creepypasta on 04/13/2020

Having had this gun belt for 2 weeks, I love it. I have yet to have to readjust it because of the quick release and it velcro's in place. The only thing I hate is that I have to take part of the buckle off to thread it thru my belt loops. I was wearing an issue riggers belt before, this is so much better, I thought I never noticed I was carrying until I put this belt on for the first time. Amazing

Buy once, cry once by Steve on 04/10/2020

Like Kit, I bought mine in 2017 when Alien Gear offered them under their brand and listed for $60. That $60 was more than I had ever spent (or ever expected to spend) on a belt, but it is 100% worth it and I will do it again - if it ever wears out. I live in Arizona and carry 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. After a year of carrying a 1911 compact, then 2 more carrying a CZ P-10C during sweaty AZ summers it shows *zero* sign of sagging or losing shape. This is the best belt I've ever owned!

The best! by MCEDCX9 on 04/09/2020

I have had this belt for about 3 years now. I recently tried a competitor's nylon belt that everyone was recommending. Let's just say that I came running back to this belt! Much sturdier and it's built like a tank. It will certainly last a very long time. Don't waste your time with any other belt! Easily worth the $75!

Amazing belt by TakeAimTV on 04/08/2020

Once again another great belt by bigfoot gunbelts. The buckle is sweet and belt holds very strong

Not Badd by J-Rock on 04/03/2020

I'm going to like this belt

Nice and convenient by Arthur on 03/31/2020

This belt is everything they said it would be. Strong and very well made. Highly Recommend it.

Opt for the bulkier buckle by Jonathan from TX on 03/30/2020

After paying $75 for a dress belt I could wear to work and still have the comfort of carrying with a BFGB after 15 months the buckle broke. Now granted it's the buckle and not the belt, Still in love with the belt, but will be ordering the bulkier buckle for my dress belt.

Belt mfg by Boogeyman on 03/24/2020

This belt is well made with superior material. This belt is the cats *ss!

Best edc accessory on the market by Shane on 03/21/2020

My wife got my steel core gunbelt for me Christmas 2016 and i have worn it every single day for more than 3 years now and i can with out a doubt say its the best most reliable belt i have ever own. It makes carrying my custom glock 19 a breeze. Best belt on the market, i would wear it into battle if i had to. Thanks for makeing quality items in the united states.

Third one... by Kev on 03/11/2020

This makes my third belt from Bigfoot Gun Belts. I dropped about 55 pounds; hopefully, my weight has stabilized now. Although, these belts cost a bit, but not really any more than other gun belts; I am very satisfied with the quality. Before I came across Bigfoot Gun Belts, I was going through a regular belt twice a year at about 36.00 each. Bigfoot Gun Belts, are made very well and for me, have been very durable. I carry a Kimber Tactical Ultra II .45, along with (2) extra magazines and a cell phone so, there is a bit of weight to carry and the belt does not stretch/sag/dip/slump.

Deputy by Lonewolf on 03/10/2020

Awesome belt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A very well made belt by George on 09/19/2019

I've owned and worn my 18oz steel core belt for just under two years now. It is very comfortable. It'll hold up my pants, it'll hold my pants along with a full size .45 with 11 rounds and a pouch with 2 more 10 round mags, without sagging at all and still, it is comfortable. At first glance, it is a plain belt, nothing fancy. At a closer second glance you notice the quality of materials, workmanship and finish. You can tell that it was made by a craftsman who cared. I am very happy with it. I'm pretty sure that it will outlast me. Service, my first go around, I order too large of a belt, I contacted customer service they were very helpful with the return and I had my new one in a few days. Outstanding service! Now for the bad bit. The 18oz is a thick belt and you may have problems hanging things like holsters and tape measures off it. To the Bigfoot folks: Well done, well done indeed! PS, I just ordered a 14oz version in the same size/features. Hate to say it, but, sometimes I really need to have a tape measure handy...

Oldie but goldie by Kit on 09/15/2019

I bought this gun belt back when Alien Gear still made them, in 2016 and when it was still $60. Had it shipped to Alaska and have been wearing it ever since, rain or shine. Its held up like a champ, and is incredibly sturdy, holds up my pants wonderfully, and has never even considered sagging while under the load of a full size Glock or SIG P220 and extra magazines or appendix carried subcompact pistols. I highly recommend these belts, because if Bigfoot makes them even half as good as Alien Gear did, they're still one badass belt.

New belt by David on 09/14/2019

Awesome product and quality, very happy!

Rocking gun belt by Animal on 09/11/2019

I live a short drive from alien gun gear... Have seen & touched the belts .you NEED one(or more)

Great buy by Dustin on 09/05/2019

Purchased one of these already I was slightly off with my size the first time it fit fine until i lost a few pounds and now on the last hole and i really need an extra hole. but Purchasing another one a tad smaller in size so it will fit for now and still fit if i shed a few more pounds. But overall very excited in the product.

Good Belt by Jeff on 09/05/2019

I love the belt. Too bad the price had to increase. I understand costs going up, but $20 per unit in just 5 months is pretty high. Still a good belt, but the price makes you look and compare other options.

Belt too big--MUST get another!!!! by Rocky on 09/04/2019

Have been losing weight, and I ran out of holes in my belt! I absolutely love this belt, I have had it for several years, and it holds up great. Getting a smaller size since I can't punch new holes through the steel core!!!

Great Belt! Time for new one by Ted D on 09/02/2019

It has been a great belt I've had my this last one for about two years and have worn it almost everyday. till in good shape, I'm only replacing it because I've lost some weight and need the smaller size. But i'm buying the exact same belt just in a smaller a size.

A year later by Scott on 08/27/2019

My Bigfoot gunbelt is superlative. It still has not sagged from my big belly. It is still in as new condition after heavy use. Even as a normal belt, the durability makes this an exceptional value over the long run. As a gunbelt it works perfectly with my Aliengear shapeshift kit holster. A must have item buyer will never regret purchasing.

A good quality belt by Lopo on 08/15/2019

77 dollars for a belt us pretty steep. However, i had mine for over 2 years and can verify that the quality is outstanding.

GREAT BELTS by Russell on 08/10/2019

I Have Two Of Them. They Are Great Belts, Very Supportive And Very Good Quality!!!!! No Sag when Carrying my Full Size Firearm.

Wow, simply wow! by Jeffrey on 07/31/2019

I own three gun belts and this belt is by far superior to any belt I have owned. The quality is excellent. There is no sag whatsoever. My other "gun belts" sag. The leather quality is excellent. It's very sturdy. It looks like a nice dress belt but it is a gun belt! I'll look no further for gun belts. I now own the best!

Great belts by K.Y. Two speed on 06/06/2019

Fit gust write great quality for the money thanks

need to let you know by usmc on 06/02/2019

Got belt today looks good can't wait to wear. But l could have waited to get for sale paid 73.88 price now 63.88.

I like it by DarthWolf71 on 06/01/2019

Bought the build a year ago I love it it was the dress belt need to get a different one new look actually

Best Belt Ever!!! by Joel on 05/28/2019

I purchased my belt in January of 2018 and I have worn it every day that I went to work. This is hands down the best belt I have ever had and at 55 years old I have had my share of the big store belts and several high dollar gun belts and this one beats them ALL for looks, fit and quality!

Best Gunbelt by mlddia on 05/27/2019

Love the support and quality.

Fantastic Belt by JP on 05/24/2019

This is the best belt that I have ever worn. I won't buy any other belt again. In fact I am about to order another belt only this time a dress gun belt. Customer service is awesome!

Best belt I have ever owned by None on 05/23/2019

This 14oz leather gun belt is far and above anything I have ever worn. I own a tactical training center and so my equipment gets a hard workout. I have worn this belt, with my G19 hanging on it, every day for 3 years and it still looks and feels great.

Love this belt by Jeepfun on 05/20/2019

I had gone through multiple other "gun" belts and was never completely satisfied. Then I purchased the leather gun belt from Bigfoot Gun Belts and am extremely satisfied. It holds any gun I carry IWB without sagging, from a full size Glock 22 to a Kimber Micro 9. I wear this belt every day and couldn't be happier, I highly recommend this belt to anyone looking for a sag free way to carry.

Excellent by Les on 05/08/2019

My order was overdue and before I checked into it I received an email saying it was returned with a damaged box and and you would re-ship right away. I received my belt and have been wearing it for about 2 weeks and I love it. Great product and great service, thank you!

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Bigfoot Gun Belts is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 502 user reviews.