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Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews 2024

Bigfoot Gun Belts are built tougher than any other belt you've ever come across. They're designed to hold up any pistol from subcompacts to full-size, and will do so looking as good as any fashion belt available. Don't want to take our word for it? See what our customers are saying about their Bigfoot gun belts in the following gun belt reviews!

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Best Gun Belt I have found by Lil,Joe on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

I am like most concealed carry instructors, I have a large box full of holsters and a closet full of gun belts hanging along the north wall. To me finding a gun belt for concealed carry was more difficult than finding a holster. I did not want a duty belt, kind of difficult to conceal and most all of my other belts sagged and they all hurt my hip and lower back. One if the hidden secrets about concealed carry is that the wrong gear is uncomfortable and will hurt your hips and lower back. Not the "Big Foot", I put it on and immediately felt the difference. I now have a belt that supports even my heaviest pistol, does not sag, and even supports my double stack all steel 1911 without hurting my back. Great gun belt worth twice the price!

Heavy duty by Les on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

i bought the 18 oz steel core and it is an Excellent product that appears to be very well made, have had it for about 2 weeks now and the only thing that i would do different is probably order the 14 oz steel core as it is probably plenty heavy duty for what i use it for. Will probably just order a black on in 14 oz to go with the 18 oz brown one i have already

Quality Discovered in Big Foot Country by Arthur on 06/24/2016

Standard Steel Roller Buckle

Price, quality and fast shipping. Only thing that tops that are the nice people you get to talk to. Seriously, this is a functional thing of beauty. In addition, its made by Americans. It's good to make things here. Right?

3 Times Your Out by MISTER on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

I am currently returning my 2nd Belt do to Size issues. I am Also typing this review a 2nd time do to I seem to Need a Nickname??? So on this 2nd typing attempt I Capitalized MISTER in the Nickname Box. ( No Humor meaning Frustration) My 1st Belt order was 39 in Pants 44 in GB. Too big I had to move down to the last hole. Customer Srv and I tried 38in Pants 42 in GB. Even though the 42 was center Again I had to drop down to the Last hole!. So I'm returning the 2nd Belt in Hopes that 34in Pants = 38 - 40 GB will measure correctly. (34in Pants??? Me!!!) If not then 3 times their out. Bigfoot has Quality Belts but their Sizing rates a one.

It Works by Guns on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

Awesome products. Be sure to follow sizing guide.

Great Gun Belt by CARL FROM MERIDIAN on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

I wear it everyday I can. Supports my 1911 without sag or shifting. My only complaint is that on several of my slide holsters, they have belt slots too small for the width (not thickness) of the belt. On those days, I have to switch holsters or belt. I hope that you can design a belt that is less tall and still maintain the stability.


Flat Black Roller Buckle


Wicked by BigBoneMalone on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

Awesome belt highly recommend!

DAYUM!! by Fran on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

Received my belt today! Went with the steel core. Its nice to see a company offering QUALITY once again!! This belt is the belt of ALL belts. It would be a feat to find a better belt! Just need to see how it holds up now but I really don't think that will be an issue! This belt can be a weapon in and of itself! WELL DONE BIGFOOT GUNBELTS!!

WOW WOW WOW by COBRA on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

I have carried over fifty years, primarily undercover ...through the years, I have spent a lot of money and trying a lot of LE equipment but NEVER found the right gun belt! When I put on the Bigfoot... I was shocked, surprised, amazed, found unbelievable WOW, WOW , WOW, WOW !!!!!!!! In ALL these years, I FINALLY, found the belt that works! You do not have to look any further, it is right here at Bigfoot. God bless your Company & employees! WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW

Fancy enough for suit and tie--built for work by Zoomer on 05/30/2014

Leather Gun Belt (14oz)

BIGFOOT gun belts are the best I’ve seen. The quality of fine English Bridle leather allows me to use this belt in full suit and tie—as an executive manager—while maintaining a very low profile and armed kit configuration. I’ve gone through dozens of dress belts, western belts, and lower end “gun belts”. Do yourself a favor and spend the same dollars on a proper gun belt—regardless if you intend to carry kit, firearms, mobile-device, or not. The best rigger’s or instructor’s belts pale in comparison to BIGFOOT gun belts and one can avoid the overly “tacti-cool” appearance—especially for those of us who have departed the field for corporate or executive careers. If you still follow the “Two is one, one is none” for EDC—these belts will help. BLUF? Sierra Hotel!

Great service and belt! by Dave on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

Just got the exchanged belt today, and it's a perfect fit. Thanks for a really good product and customer service. I will spread the word.

First by Scarecrow on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

Found this add in Survivor's Edge Magazine Ad.

Think Twice Before Buying - Customer Service Failure by Was Hopeful on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

I ordered the 14oz Leather + Steel CoreBelt, and carefully following the sizing directions on the website, I ordered it in Size 38. When I received the belt, I could barely catch the first (largest) belt hole. I called the company, they apologized, said that they had had problems with the online sizing tool, and based on my current fit, told me I needed a size 42. They told me to return the belt at my expense, which I did ($15.00), after which they sent me the replacement belt. When I received it, I tried the belt on with my Concealment Express holster. The holster clip marred the leather, and the belt WAS AGAIN THE WRONG SIZE, even on the last/shortest hole, the belt was too loose!! Clearly Customer Service failed me, what I needed was a size 40. Thinking the marring would not allow me to return the belt a 2nd time, I did not call customer service (my fault). After about 6 weeks of pure frustration I decided to call anyway... of course I was told they could not offer me any resolution to the problem. I know I should have called immediately, but frankly I suspect if I had done so, I would again have been denied help. I'm dismayed that Bigfoot offered me no resolution - why not offer a correctly sized belt at half price for goodness sake?? Thanks Bigfoot for not providing any meaningful customer service help on this... a waste of $75.00 with the return shipping.

Fabulous Belt by Jamestown on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

I'm new to concealed carry so I felt I needed to have great equipment support. The idea of having a steel spring in the belt made good sense to me. So I ordered the 14oz steel core as I thought the 18oz would be too stiff and difficult to use. The 14oz is a great belt - comfortable, no sag, and the leather is top quality. I wear it whether carrying or not! Loved it so much I immediately ordered the 18oz and was pleasantly surprised to find it was thicker, but has the same comfort, quality, and almost the same flexibility as the 14oz. Completely satisfied with these belts!

Great Belt by Dave on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

I ordered on 6/2 and got it on 6/4. Very good quality belt, fits great, and very good support for my EDC. I'll have to get a brown one next! Thanks Bigfoot!

Best belt by william on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

WOW,,, finally a belt that holds up correctly, feels fantastic. agree with other reviews ---- follow instructions on size ordering, had I not read the reviews I would have ordered too small a belt. I highly suggest this belt, gonna order another colour next! thanks for this product. 5 STAR rating well deserved, after 'waisting' money on regular belts that dont last or sag really bad with my holster on.

2nd Gun Belt by RS on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

I purchased a second gun belt from Bigfoot because I loved the first one so much, but lost so much weight that the belt no longer fit. The fit and finish is great as always and the shipping is fast. My only problem is that they went from a five hole belt to a seven hole belt. I absolutely hate the way it looks! Plus I'm wondering how it's going to affect the strength down the road. From my experience, more holes in the same space usually compromises strength.

It will outlast your waistline by Ande on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

I was sceptical about this belt being comfortable because of the steel insert. After having one for the past month or so I would say it is actually more comfortable than a traditional leather belt. Having this steel insert gives great support and would appear to be really built to last. On any traditional leather belt I've owned the holes would have stretched by now, however this insert has made it impossible to do so. At this point I'm sure this belt will outlast my waistline and won't hesitate to purchase another one when that happens. P.S. It's made in America, need I say anymore.

Best All Around Belt by Timbo on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

I can never find a good belt that wears out at buckle hole. They wear out and then you add your gun and it's even worse. However, I will give credit where it's due. I bought the 180z with the steel core. This will be the best belt you ever own. They are well worth the money. You will spend more money on other belts buy replacing them fairly often. You will not be disappointed.

OUTSTANDING VALUE!!!! by Guns&Coffee on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

I am overjoyed with these belts. Bought two. One brown and one black. True craftsmanship by folks who clearly take pride in their work. Have put them to the test for 8 months now. I can assure you, these belts perform as advertised. I carry 7 days a week, even in my home. Durable, flexible and comfortable yet the steel core supports both my P226 & P938 Sigs with confidence!

Great belt by joesrich on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

This is without a doubt the best belt I have found to hold my pants up and to carry my full size pistols. I have an oversize belly. The belt actually holds the thing in. Great belt. Plan on getting one more. I found these belts in the American Rifleman.

Stop looking and buy this already! by Bokininy on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

I recently acquired the 18oz reinforced gun belt for carrying my service size pistol. I am a small frame guy with a 29 inch waist. This belt makes my holster and gun's weight spread evenly around my waist and the weight seems to just go away. It is very well assembled with burnished edges and a buckle you can remove for you to put on your favorite. It looks traditional and classy and makes for better overall confidence when wearing and carrying. Great job Bigfoot!

Best belt I ever owned by carl on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

I got my belt and I just can't believe how good it is. I have never paid that much for a belt but I'M glad I did. I have had police belts that were not a good as this belt. The only problem I have is it don't fit some of my dress pants belt loops. I can live with that. Great Belt Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Belt. No more sag! by Carry Daily on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

I Got my Bigfoot gun belt a little over a week ago and love it. I carry daily I used to have to lift my gun and belt up all the time. Since I got my Bigfoot belt I don't have a sag or have to lift my gun in place. It's as if I'm not carrying. Don't hesitate get one I used the belt calculator on this sight my belt is a perfect fit.

Love it by Jace on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

I found Bigfoot belts on Facebook. I have been looking for a heavy duty belt for my concealed carry weapon(s). The 18oz belt is a awesome belt. I have tried my Sig XO 1911 full size, 2 extra 8 round mags, hunting knife, and everything else I carry on a regular basis and there is no movement. The belt holds it where I want it. I no longer have to adjust my pants after driving, sitting, or any kind of movement. I showed my father the link and he had me order him one as well. We love it!!! I just ordered the 14oz belt as well.

Finally by Tommy on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

This is a must wearing a glock 17, wearing a flimsy belt causes problems with the weight of the gun letting your pants slide down...

Great Carry Belt by Harbor Guns on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

The quality of this belt. It is unbelievable. I could not believe the difference between it and the other 'gun belts' including my last one, "5.11 Tactical", this one puts it to shame. Concealed carry of a firearm is now comfortable, without having the belt to tight to support you firearm, even a full size 1911. Get this belt if you carry a firearm, and I think you will be happy with your purchase too.

WOW! by FRISteve on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (14oz) with Steel Core

I'm a firearms instructor and I've carried a gun daily since 1987 and I've gone through a LOT of belts and holsters. Once you find something that works well, you stick with it. I was fortunate to meet these guys at SHOT this year and see their products. I ordered the 14oz steel when I got home and it is perfect in every way - the craftsmanship is great and the belt holds the gun well; no sagging and no shifting. I'm ordering more and can't see a need to have any other belts.

What a excellent Belt by Ed on 04/24/2015

Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

I just received my 18oz. gun belt. All I can say is WOW, this belt us everything it is advertised to be and more. Follow the sizing guidelines and you will get the correct size. Shipping was fast and on time like promised. Do not be afraid to order one of these. Thank You Big Foot gun belts for a quality product.