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Gun Belt Reviews | Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 423 Reviews

Bigfoot Gun Belt Reviews 2020

Bigfoot Gun Belts are built tougher than any other belt you've ever come across. They're designed to hold up any pistol from subcompacts to full-size, and will do so looking as good as any fashion belt available. Don't want to take our word for it? See what our customers are saying about their Bigfoot gun belts in the following gun belt reviews!

A very well made belt by George on 09/19/2019

I've owned and worn my 18oz steel core belt for just under two years now. It is very comfortable. It'll hold up my pants, it'll hold my pants along with a full size .45 with 11 rounds and a pouch with 2 more 10 round mags, without sagging at all and still, it is comfortable. At first glance, it is a plain belt, nothing fancy. At a closer second glance you notice the quality of materials, workmanship and finish. You can tell that it was made by a craftsman who cared. I am very happy with it. I'm pretty sure that it will outlast me. Service, my first go around, I order too large of a belt, I contacted customer service they were very helpful with the return and I had my new one in a few days. Outstanding service! Now for the bad bit. The 18oz is a thick belt and you may have problems hanging things like holsters and tape measures off it. To the Bigfoot folks: Well done, well done indeed! PS, I just ordered a 14oz version in the same size/features. Hate to say it, but, sometimes I really need to have a tape measure handy...

Oldie but goldie by Kit on 09/15/2019

I bought this gun belt back when Alien Gear still made them, in 2016 and when it was still $60. Had it shipped to Alaska and have been wearing it ever since, rain or shine. Its held up like a champ, and is incredibly sturdy, holds up my pants wonderfully, and has never even considered sagging while under the load of a full size Glock or SIG P220 and extra magazines or appendix carried subcompact pistols. I highly recommend these belts, because if Bigfoot makes them even half as good as Alien Gear did, they're still one badass belt.

New belt by David on 09/14/2019

Awesome product and quality, very happy!

Rocking gun belt by Animal on 09/11/2019

I live a short drive from alien gun gear... Have seen & touched the belts .you NEED one(or more)

Great buy by Dustin on 09/05/2019

Purchased one of these already I was slightly off with my size the first time it fit fine until i lost a few pounds and now on the last hole and i really need an extra hole. but Purchasing another one a tad smaller in size so it will fit for now and still fit if i shed a few more pounds. But overall very excited in the product.

Good Belt by Jeff on 09/05/2019

I love the belt. Too bad the price had to increase. I understand costs going up, but $20 per unit in just 5 months is pretty high. Still a good belt, but the price makes you look and compare other options.

Belt too big--MUST get another!!!! by Rocky on 09/04/2019

Have been losing weight, and I ran out of holes in my belt! I absolutely love this belt, I have had it for several years, and it holds up great. Getting a smaller size since I can't punch new holes through the steel core!!!

Great Belt! Time for new one by Ted D on 09/02/2019

It has been a great belt I've had my this last one for about two years and have worn it almost everyday. till in good shape, I'm only replacing it because I've lost some weight and need the smaller size. But i'm buying the exact same belt just in a smaller a size.

A year later by Scott on 08/27/2019

My Bigfoot gunbelt is superlative. It still has not sagged from my big belly. It is still in as new condition after heavy use. Even as a normal belt, the durability makes this an exceptional value over the long run. As a gunbelt it works perfectly with my Aliengear shapeshift kit holster. A must have item buyer will never regret purchasing.

A good quality belt by Lopo on 08/15/2019

77 dollars for a belt us pretty steep. However, i had mine for over 2 years and can verify that the quality is outstanding.

GREAT BELTS by Russell on 08/10/2019

I Have Two Of Them. They Are Great Belts, Very Supportive And Very Good Quality!!!!! No Sag when Carrying my Full Size Firearm.

Wow, simply wow! by Jeffrey on 07/31/2019

I own three gun belts and this belt is by far superior to any belt I have owned. The quality is excellent. There is no sag whatsoever. My other "gun belts" sag. The leather quality is excellent. It's very sturdy. It looks like a nice dress belt but it is a gun belt! I'll look no further for gun belts. I now own the best!

Great belts by K.Y. Two speed on 06/06/2019

Fit gust write great quality for the money thanks

need to let you know by usmc on 06/02/2019

Got belt today looks good can't wait to wear. But l could have waited to get for sale paid 73.88 price now 63.88.

I like it by DarthWolf71 on 06/01/2019

Bought the build a year ago I love it it was the dress belt need to get a different one new look actually

Best Belt Ever!!! by Joel on 05/28/2019

I purchased my belt in January of 2018 and I have worn it every day that I went to work. This is hands down the best belt I have ever had and at 55 years old I have had my share of the big store belts and several high dollar gun belts and this one beats them ALL for looks, fit and quality!

Best Gunbelt by mlddia on 05/27/2019

Love the support and quality.

Fantastic Belt by JP on 05/24/2019

This is the best belt that I have ever worn. I won't buy any other belt again. In fact I am about to order another belt only this time a dress gun belt. Customer service is awesome!

Best belt I have ever owned by None on 05/23/2019

This 14oz leather gun belt is far and above anything I have ever worn. I own a tactical training center and so my equipment gets a hard workout. I have worn this belt, with my G19 hanging on it, every day for 3 years and it still looks and feels great.

Love this belt by Jeepfun on 05/20/2019

I had gone through multiple other "gun" belts and was never completely satisfied. Then I purchased the leather gun belt from Bigfoot Gun Belts and am extremely satisfied. It holds any gun I carry IWB without sagging, from a full size Glock 22 to a Kimber Micro 9. I wear this belt every day and couldn't be happier, I highly recommend this belt to anyone looking for a sag free way to carry.

Excellent by Les on 05/08/2019

My order was overdue and before I checked into it I received an email saying it was returned with a damaged box and and you would re-ship right away. I received my belt and have been wearing it for about 2 weeks and I love it. Great product and great service, thank you!

BUY THIS BELT by Kyrten on 04/29/2019

I have owned many belts over the years but this is by far the best quality belt I have ever seen. I have worn it daily for 2 and a half years and it looks like a just took it out of the box. Can't believe how little wear this has compared to other belts I have owned and would have thrown away after a year of daily wear.

Quality & Value by Ski on 04/28/2019

I have 2 Big Foot gun belts> I have had them for several yrs. I lost weight and reduced my waist line. Time to buy smaller belts. The quality and looks are great. I really like the fact that the belt keeps its shape and does not sag under the weight of the gun. Thank You

Amazing product by John on 04/25/2019

OK - so I thought I would give this belt some time to break in before I submitted a review. All I can say is -WOW! I purchased this in February of 2018. Here we are, over a year later, and this still looks brand new. I carry every day, IWB and OWB, so the buckle uses 2 different holes. The holes are not elongated at all! Very impressed!

WOW just WOW by Aaron on 04/24/2019

What a huge difference this belt has made in just one day of use. I carry IWB and OWB. It was an immediate difference. I got the one with the steel core there is not sagging at all. I recommend everyone get one of these belts. I will be getting another and since they have the dress belts that will be the one I get for when I have to dress up. Thank you Bigfoot

the best belt in the market and very good customer service   by Andy on 04/18/2019

I am very impressed with the quality of the (14oz) black Buckle and Snaps belt the best that there is in the market my friends were impressed with the quality I use a size of 40 pants but instead of a 44 I ordered a size 46 since I use IWB all the time and I'm perfect and I shared the bigfoot link to my friends who want to buy THANKS a lot I think to order more colors and some dress

One year, still like new. by Brian on 04/17/2019

Have worn this 18 oz. Bigfoot gun belt every day with a firearm for a year now, and it still looks brand new. You could pull a truck with this belt, but it will also hold up your pants just fine, and looks good doing it. No worries about sagging. I originally ordered the dress belt, but it didn't work very well for a 1911 Commander. Bigfoot had no problem letting me exchange it within the 7 day test period. This 18oz belt is the tops, and the company is A-1.

Best belt I've ever owned by Dan on 04/16/2019

Just purchased the 14oz gunbelt with steel core and I couldn't be happier withe the purchase I made. I did several hours of research on gun belts and I'm glad I chose Bigfoot Belts. I carry a full size SIG P226 Legion and the support of this belt with a full size metal frame firearm in an owb holster is amazing. I highly recommend this excellent quality belt. Great job y'all!

Great Product by Donald on 04/14/2019

Not only a great product but the customer knowledge and service is first class.

Excellent gun belt by Joe on 03/23/2019

I was really impressed how this belt really performed and how durable it is. Buy American Made to support our Country. Thank you.

USA made, quality craftsmanship by Brandon on 03/22/2019

I've had my gun belt for almost 2 years now. I wear it every single day, and I love it! Holds my pants in place. What more can you ask for? Well since you asked, the sturdy construction of it, the buckle is not digging into my stomach and it is made right here in the greatest country in the world. I will be buying a brown one here shortly. Thanks to all the guys and gals at Bigfoot Gun Belts!!

Buy This Belt by Confederate Cowboy on 03/20/2019

I have been wearing the 18 oz. belt almost everyday since 2015. The belt is still holding up as good as it did when new. Back to purchase another in brown. Bigfoot Gun Belts produce a quality product at a fair price.

Just a magnificent gun belt. by Warren on 03/18/2019

There are a lot of companies that make gun belts. Most have a very tactical and very conspicuously tactical look to them. For me this defeats the purpose of conceal carry. This 18oz steel core belt looks like a very well made 'regular' belt. It is anything but regular. The quality of the belts construction becomes evident the moment you pick it up. It's extremely thick and robust. Super stiff, yet flexible. The belt is so strong that there is NO sag, I mean ZERO sag and the weapon does not budge. It's just an unbelievably strong platform to carry from and in addition to that, the price is a STEAL. You get all that quality for a price that is much lower than other comparable gun belts. So, I got another in brown. Lol!!! I HIGHLY recommend this belt.

Gotta get a 2nd for my sub compact by Cajun on 03/12/2019

Have had this one for over a year. Was not sure at first because of the thickness. Does as advertised. Great with my 1911and full size M&P. Gotta get another one in the 14 oz. For my sub compact.

Finally got it right. by Ike on 03/11/2019

This is my 3rd bel. The first one was way to big, the 2nd one was way to small. Needless to say the 3rd one is a charm.

High quality belt by Cody on 03/11/2019

Just received my gun belt. I've worn it 3 times so far. I like it pretty well it looks stylish and supports my m&p shield 2.0 40 well. My alien gear cloak tuck is pretty rough on those painted edges though so don't expect it to be pretty forever but it seems it will last for a long time cant be worse than any department store

money well spent by tim on 03/09/2019

ive been carrying with a cheap dept store belt for about a year,and decided its time to get e real gun belt for daily carry. i looked around and did some research on line and decided to give Big Foot gun belts a try. the price was affordable compared to some others. sounded like a good quality belt. ive been wearing this belt for a week now,and i LOVE it. its very comfortable and supports my Sig Sauer C3 1911 perfectly. The color of the belt matches my IWB and OWB holsters almost perfectly. The finish of the belt is beautiful. with the exception of the keeper loop.The edge of the keeper is unfinished(not that big of a deal),i just wish the edge of the keeper was finished as nicely as the rest of the belt is. other than that minor issue,i think this belt is perfect. i will see how it holds up in the long run.

Great Features by Eric on 03/07/2019

Just received the belt today. Quality packing. Belt seems to be of excellent quality. Can tell this is crafted well compared to store bought belts. No sag with Colt ,45 IWB. Would like to see them ship straight USPS. UPS INNOVATIONS Made sure it took forever to get to me.

Best belt i've ever had!! by The MadHatter on 03/06/2019

Okay so I have been wearing the steel-core belt everyday to work with and without a sidearm. I would have to say that this is by far the best quality belt I have ever had hands down. When they say it doesn't sag, they were not joking. It is a very comfortable, well made, great quality belt. I don't think I will ever waste my money buying a belt in clothing stores or elsewhere as long as Bigfoot Gunbelts are in business. Very accurate sizing chart and the belt is quite thick but still feeds through holsters as it should.

Wish I would have bought sooner by Jim on 03/05/2019

So I finally found my LAST belt ! All the belts I've tried and hands down THE BEST ONE ! no sag and I'm pretty sure my back hurts less.Only been wearing it a week but holding up very well. I carry a glock 45 (compact ) and also a 40 shield. I switch off depending on clothing etc IWB so if your in need or on the fence about this belt say no more ,order it and you will not be disappointed.

If you carry a gun, get this belt. by Aaron the Cowboy on 03/05/2019

I had a fairly good belt that would hold my 1911 holster in a ok fashion, but I have recently purchased a Beretta M-9 as my daily carry. The M9 is a big gun and didn't work at all with my existing belt. I ordered this Bigfoot, which came in today. It's just amazing the difference it makes. Even the big Beretta stays tucked right up to my side, instead of leaning out. Plus, this belt distributes the weight of the gun in such a way that I really don't even feel its weight. This belt is WELL worth the money. If you carry a gun daily, you owe it to yourself to get a good gunbelt. This is the one.

Wonderful Belt by Tom on 03/02/2019

Initially I ordered the extra heavy belt, the wider/thicker one, but ordered in the wrong size. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the belt through the particular holster I use. The staff was incredibly helpful with the return and re-order process. So I ordered this belt, in the correct size. I absolutely love the belt. I've had the belt now for over 6 months. I carry a full steel compact 9mm. I don't even know it's on my hip! I ordered it in brown and use it with my blue jeans and my nice slacks. Everybody should have a belt like this! It feels like a real belt, not one of those flimsy department store wanna-be belts. Order one of these belts, you won't regret it.

Best belt I've ever owned by Mike on 02/28/2019

I bought this belt a year ago and it still looks and performs like new. This is an every day belt for me and works equally well at work with a radio and flashlight hanging off it, at a USPSA match with my full size pistol and four magazines, or just wearing it casually with jeans or khakis. I bought the 18 oz steel core which is a bit thick for some belt clips so I am now buying a second in 14 oz steel core. When factoring in the price, durability, and functionality of this belt versus other belts the BigFoot belt comes in at the best value for me. I highly recommend this brand to my friends and coworkers.

Best you can get by Manny on 02/27/2019

I have been shopping for a gunbelt for approximately 1 month and have found close to a hundred different companies that make quality gunbelts. The problem with some of these others is not the quality but the price, some of these belts are upward of $100 or more dollars. I was always told that if you want quality you have to pay for it. In the case of Bigfoot gunbelts you have top quality just like the other $100+ gunbelts but you do not have the price. The fit of these belts is excellent and is great whether you carry IWB or OWB the belt does the job it was intended to do very well. Overall I have a feeling that this is a start of a beautiful relationship.

should bought years ago by gator on 02/27/2019

is a beautiful belt old world craftsman ship holds up my colt delta elite up flawless great price bad shipping ups bad fed ex good should bought one years ago

The Best by Magnum12 on 02/24/2019

The best looking and performing belt I've ever worn. The support of the gun gives you that I'm not wearing a gun at all feeling. The belt gives the look of Quality recognizable by anyone who see's it. The only complaint I have is the fact that on arrival the buckle was installed upside down. Once I realized what was wrong, took only a minute to fix it......LOL

Gunbelt by Chuck on 02/21/2019

Bought this belt at least a year old. The first time I threaded it through the belt loops and attached the gun and holster I knew I was a winner big time. I recommend them to everyone. Sizing was somewhat confusing and The next one will be one size smaller but that's my fault. Apparently I can't follow instructions. LOL

Good belt gun by DarkWolf71 on 02/11/2019

I ordered a belt 8mts ago an I like it works good. I would buy one more for a full size Weapon. The price is right for the belt

Awesome Gun Belt by James S on 02/05/2019

I have worn a Bigfoot Gun Belt daily for a few years now and it is an awesome belt. My current belt is still in great condition but I am loosing weight and need a smaller size so I am getting another one. I highly recommend these belts.

Fantastic Belt by Mark M on 01/29/2019

I could not be more impressed with my new belt. Bigfoot delivers a top quality product for a very reasonable price. One of the most comfortable belts I have ever purchased. You know you want one, what are you waiting for???

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Bigfoot Gun Belts is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 423 user reviews.