Military Grade Leather Stitching Holds Our Belts Together

The Achilles' Heel of many belts is the leather stitching, as how you put a thing together is as important as the materials used to make it. Inferior thread is not acceptable for Bigfoot Gun Belts, which is why we use heavier-duty thread than many other belt makers.

We designed our gun belts to be the toughest, best-holding and some of the best-looking gun belts on the market. The stitching is a vital component of how we make just such a belt.

Inferior Leather Stitching Ruins Lesser Belts

There's nothing worse than finding a decent belt, developing a relationship with it and then seeing it fray and go to pieces because of bad leather stitching. It's a common occurrence with belts of lesser quality.

It is unacceptable with a gun belt. Gun belts have to hold up a firearm. You cannot have a gun belt fraying to pieces because of what can happen if the belt fails. It's just not a chance a person should have to take.

The phenomenon occurs more often with two-ply belts. Since there are two layers of leather that are stitched together, inferior leather stitching will fray and begin to come apart. Over time, the belt will start to come apart. If this is a gun belt, this will eventually result in gun sag, which is precisely what you're looking to avoid in a gun belt.

Bigfoot Gun Belts is not satisfied with subpar stitching. That's why we sourced the best possible thread - Tex 270 - to make our belts.

Nylon Thread That's Made Tough

Bigfoot Gun Belts were designed to be tougher than the average belt by far, which is why we selected Tex 270 nylon thread for the stitching. It's a military-grade bonded nylon, and belts are not the normal application for Tex 270.

What causes thread to fray and frail is being subjected to strains close to or beyond what the thread is rated for. Repeated tension at or near a thread's capacity will eventually cause it to weaken and come apart. Likewise, some threads do not hold up well when subjected to moisture, heat and sunlight.

Our thread is rated to take the strain. Typically, Tex 270 is reserved for heavy-duty applications, usually working fabrics that have to endure some sort of strain on a regular basis. Usual uses are upholstery, horse tack, tarps, pool and boat covers, banners and so on. This is a tough thread that holds together, and can withstand heat, water and sunlight better than lower quality threads.

Your gun belt is put together with a leather stitching thread that can easily hold up against whatever you can throw at it and more.

Hand Stitching By American Workers

Bigfoot is an American legend, and Bigfoot Gun Belts are made by American workers, hand stitching and assembling these belts from the ground up. Protecting yourself is why you carry; protecting your carrying is why we make these belts the way we do. We also make these belts the way we do to protect American jobs.

Our belts start in our factor as sheets of leather, which are cut to length to fit your order. The layers and the spring steel core are hand stitched together in the factory. The edges are triple-finished by beveling, burnishing and hand painting to give them a uniform and attractive appearance. The hardware is hand-installed. Our belts are then shipped after a rigorous inspection for quality.

Our hand-built gun belts are engineered from the ground-up to be the strongest, most durable, and one of the best-looking gun belts - or just plain leather belts for that matter - that you're likely to find. We take pride in our work, and we think it shows. We think you will notice the difference from the first moment that you fasten one around your waist.