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A Legendary Leather Gun Belt Starts With Legendary Craftspeople

To make a leather gun belt like those made by Bigfoot, it starts with great materials. We source the best available materials to make these belts, and you will notice the difference. It also takes legendary workers taking pains to make the best leather gun belt that money can buy. By investing in both, we can deliver the best belt for carrying - and arguably the sturdiest leather belt available, period.

Great Leather Gun Belts Start With Great Belt Leather

To make the best leather gun belts possible, Bigfoot sources the best belt leather. We obtain only the highest-quality 14- and 18-ounce English bridle leather, drum-dyed to either a rich brown or deep black. The belt leather arrives at our factory in whole hides; every scrap of leather used by Bigfoot starts as a single piece.

We use English bridle leather to make our leather belts. Leather, by definition, is a preserved piece of skin, which is given a chemical treatment called "tanning," which cures a piece of hide in an acidic solution to preserve it. Bridle leathers are tanned with vegetable-derived tanning chemicals (our leather is tanned with tree bark) in order to tan and cure the hide. Bridle leathers are strong but supple, so they wear comfortably but work hard.

English bridle leather differs from regular bridle leather as it has a subtly textured surface, which gives it a pleasant feel against the wearer.

Just like our belts, our leather is sourced right here in the United States, from one of the few vegetable tanneries left in North America. We aren't interested in anything less than the best, and neither should you be.

Normally, a belt made in America by Americans like ours is, made with fine leathers such as the leather we source for our gun belts, commands a much higher price. However, we decided not to pad our bottom line with an absurd markup. Why? Because we care. Bigfoot Gun Belts wants to give you the best belt you can buy and doesn't want to price people away with pretensions of exclusivity.

Great Leather Craft Starts With Great Workers

Our belts are made by the best leather craft personnel in the region. Bigfoot brings talented craftspeople together to make the best quality product we can, and the proof shows with our belts.

After whole hides arrive dyed and tanned from the tannery, we cut it into 10-inch wide strips, and then hand-fed through a strap cutter. They exit as 1-⅝" strips.

After this step, each strip is hand-cut to the length specified by each order - one strip for the front and one for the back, as our belts are dual-layered. The interior layer is stamped with the Bigfoot logo, American flag emblem and the size of the belt.

For those that select the steel core, a strip of spring steel is cut from the spool and prepared for assembly.

The belt is put together beginning with a layer of leather cement, with the spring steel core inserted in the middle for those who order our 14-oz gun belt or 18-oz gun belt models with spring steel cores. Then, the finishing process begins.

After the belt strips have been cut, core inserted and leather cement is applied and takes hold, the leather finishing begins. First, every belt is beveled along the entire edge, followed by mechanical tipping, tailing and hole punching. You should notice over the belt's lifetime that the tail and belt holes are straight, regular and don't fray or split, which is why we use a mechanical process to ensure uniformity and quality.

After the tailing, the edges are polished over a diamond wheel, to give it the smoothest possible edge.

To create a uniform finish on the edge, every belt is given six trips through an edge varnisher, including four applications of Italian edge paint for both a seal and uniformity of color. After that, every belt's edge is touched up by hand for a perfect painted finish.

Belt Hardware and Final Assembly

After finishing, the belt is given both the belt hardware and final assembly. The first step, after beveling, burnishing and paint, is the stitching. Many belt makers skimp on this step, which you may have noticed when stitching frays and comes apart. We use Tex 270, a military grade thread that's normally only used in applications such as boat and pool covers, tents and other outdoor fabric structures. The ends of the belt are double-stitched, for maximum durability, since these are the areas that tend to unravel first.

Our belt hardware starts with one-direction, post snap buttons. Post-snap buttons, unlike other snap buttons, are designed to not come apart once assembled. To install hardware, we put the belt buckle of your choice (either nickel-plated Standard Steel or powder-coated Flat Black for a $2 upgrade) along with snaps of the same color. The snaps are assembled via a press, so once they are assembled - they stay that way. After the snaps and roller buckle are installed, the belt keeper loop is put on by hand.

After the belt hardware and keeper are installed, the belt is packaged and shipped to the owner, who can then commence wearing the strongest, most rugged leather gun belt known to man. With a bit of care, each Bigfoot Gun Belt should provide years, if not decades, of reliable service and will look good doing it.