HK Suspender Snaps

Quantity: x4 Snaps

HK Suspender Snaps are fantastic for rifle slings...but are even better on Bigfoot Gun Belts Suspenders! If you want an alternative to our standard clips, these are a practical AND tactical alternative.

You install them by undoing the Chicago screws holding the standard suspender clips in place on the rear straps, and the adjusting front straps as well. Take off the standard clips, and replace them with the HK-style clips. Refasten the Chicago screws and you're set!

We make it easy to adjust your suspenders to your liking. Along with several inches of adjustment for height, you can also choose your style of suspender clips. Many of our customers have a preference for a different clip from the stock clips, as some people want to attach their suspenders to a belt loop instead of clamping onto the waistband.

These HK-style snaps are intended for use with the belt loop. You open the gate, slide the clip through the belt loop, and let the locking gate drop into place - just like a carabiner.

If you want a slightly different suspender clip option, you won't go wrong with these HK-style suspender clips. Strap on yours today!

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