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How Long Will I Wait For My Bigfoot Gun Belt?

Ordered yourself a Bigfoot Gun Belt? Congratulations! You've ordered what is quickly proving itself to be one of the strongest, and certainly best-looking, leather belts available for use as a gun belt. You won't be disappointed, but just in case you are (which isn't likely) there is a Seven Day Test Drive for you to see if it's really the belt for you (return during that time if it isn't) and a One Year Legendary Warranty.

Some people just can't wait to lay their hands on the rich, supple English bridle leather and start carrying with their Bigfoot belt. We certainly understand; these belts are AWESOME. Naturally, some might wonder about what kind of time frames are involved with making these belts, shipping times and lead time.

Build Time For Our Gun Belts

What's our lead time? Not very long, though you might not believe it due to how these belts are made. We generally don't have pre-made belts laying around; we make them as orders come in. We do pre-cut our beautiful, drum-dyed English bridle leather into strips from whole hides, but we don't start making a belt until we get an order for one.

Once we get an order, two strips of leather are hand-cut to length. If the belt is ordered with a spring steel core, the core is laid between the two layers. The belt is cemented together with leather cement. After cementation, the belt is tailed, trimmed, belt holes are punched, then beveled, burnished and painted for a uniform finish. After the belt is stitched together and hardware installed, the belt is packaged and put with other belts awaiting shipping.

The total build time for the belt? It's a lengthy process, many parts of which are done by hand by skilled craftspeople, but the whole process only takes a couple of hours from start to finish.

Bigfoot Gun Belts Lead Time

Lead time can vary due to how many orders we have in at the time, which is subject to seasonal and other activity, like when people order one of our belts as a gift for someone for the holidays (a gift that will keep on giving) and other things that cause overall orders to rise.

While some such fluctuations can occur, we're usually pretty steady with lead times. Generally, our lead time is one to three calendar days between receiving the order, building the belt and then shipping it. It's not unheard of at all for orders to be received, fulfilled and shipped out the same day as the order, though it can vary depending on business levels and events out of our control.

Shipping Time For Our Belts

Ah, but what about shipping time? In this day and age, people want what they want and they want it now. Some people not only want it now, they want it yesterday.

At this time, we only offer standard United States Postal Service ground shipping, so the flat rate boxes you've probably received before. Standard shipping time is three to five business days, though it's not unheard of for people to order and receive their belt in that timeframe. Granted, the exact time it will take for your belt to reach depends on an economy of scale - some of which is entirely up to the postal service - but generally an order has three days of lead time and three to five business days in transit.

You can track your order, if you create an account and a login. This way you can see when the belt has left the building and how far it is away from your door.

Unfortunately, expedited shipping is not available at this time. The reason is that we want to offer the lowest possible price for shipping and handling. To add the option of expedited shipping would result in us having to raise the price beyond what would keep us competitive. Shipping rates are, however, subject to change, so shipping rates and timeframes may be revised in the future.

However, if you absolutely must have expedited shipping (and we don't blame you) our belts are available through Amazon. The way Amazon works is retailers can give Amazon a certain amount of their wares, which Amazon will sell and ship on said merchant's behalf, which - as some of you may be aware - is what's called "Amazon Fulfilled." Alternately, a merchant can ship the order once someone orders it through Amazon, which is what's called "Seller Fulfilled." We use Amazon fulfillment, so you get Amazon's expedited shipping options since they ship the order. There may be a premium involved, so it's entirely your choice as to which you prefer.

Bear in mind that our lead times are subject to variation, as are shipping times and prices, so this page may be updated as needed, but those are the build, lead and shipping times for Bigfoot Gun Belts. Thank you for your business.