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How To Care For Your Leather Gun Belt

A good piece of leather can last a lifetime with proper leather care, including leather belts like a Bigfoot gun belt. Caring for leather is relatively simple and a little bit goes a long way. Doing so ensures your belt lasts and looks good doing so.

Caring For An English Bridle Leather Belt

Ordered yourself a Bigfoot English bridle leather belt? Congratulations! You've bought one of the best gun belts known to man and other creatures. A bit of care and the belt should last a long time.

The first thing to know is that Bigfoot Gun Belts are made from English bridle leather. This type of leather is made by tanning the leather with naturally-derived tanning chemicals and waxes, which gives the leather its rich finish, texture, stiffness and a natural barrier against the elements.

In short, it's already a strong piece of leather. To keep in top shape, it only needs a bit of regular maintenance.For best results, use a leather conditioner as soon as you get it. Give it a good wipedown, but be careful not to leave any excess on the belt. Let it dry, then start wearing!

Also, never store your belt buckled, curled or otherwise. Hang vertically when not being worn.

Occasional Maintenance For Your Gun Belt

A good leather belt doesn't need much upkeep, and a Bigfoot gun belt is no exception. If it starts to feel a little drier than normal, simply give it a quick coat of leather conditioner.

You'll find it darkens the finish a bit; this is normal and usually aesthetically pleasing. Darker colors, such as the rich brown or black colors of our belts, will get a little richer with the occasional coat of oil or other conditioning product. This also keeps the belt pliable and will make it softer and more comfortable over time.

Treatment doesn't need to be often. A few times per year will do.

How To Clean A Leather Belt

Occasionally, you'll get stuff on your leather gun belt. Just give it a quick wipedown with a moistened clean cloth, then wipe dry with a dry, clean cloth.

If more extensive cleaning is needed, use a leather cleaner, such as saddle soap or other cleaning and conditioning products for leather products.

Keep Your Leather Belt Dry When Possible

A few drops of moisture every now and then certainly isn't fatal to a leather belt. Merely dry with a clean, dry cloth.

However, if liquid permeates leather, it will evaporate and take the oils from the tanning process with it, leaving the leather drier and more brittle than it had previously been. Thus, you want to keep your leather gun belt from getting wet, be it from inclement weather, perspiration or other material.

Water or other moisture can also cause dyes to leak, which will fade the rich finish.

If your belt gets soaked, remove it once you get home and let it dry at room temperature. When dry, apply a coat of leather care product. Using your hands to apply it is best; this heats the treatment and allows it to better penetrate the leather. Once the treatment is dried, resume wear.

Leather Care Products

Which leather care product to apply to your gun belt is up to you. Natural products are preferred, as that's how English bridle leather is made.

Saddle soaps are one of the oldest leather care products. Most are made with natural waxes such as beeswax or lanolin, and certainly will serve well as a cleaner/conditioner.

Mink oil, derived from that fat of minks raised in the fur industry, is also a well-known leather conditioner, and good alternatives include macadamia nut oil and sea buckthorn oil. All three of these oils have high concentrations of palmitoleic acid, a natural preservative.

Neatsfoot oil is another popular leather care product. It's been employed in this use for centuries. Some don't care for it's darkening effect on new leather, but it's still a fine conditioner, so long as you avoid neatsfoot oil compounds with high concentrations of mineral oils.

There are more of course; these are some of the more popular choices. That said, that's about all you need to keep a Bigfoot gun belt in good condition for as long as you own it. Keep it clean, dry and give it a bit of conditioner now and then, and the legend of your belt will live on for decades.