Benefits of A Two Layer Leather Gun Belt

To make the best leather gun belt we could make, we make our belts with two layers of thick English bridle leather. This ensures a longer life and a better, more secure carry with a Bigfoot belt.

Even if you don't wear a gun, it's still going to be one of the strongest belts you've ever put on, which is why we make them this way.

One Strip of Belt Leather is Not Enough

It's easy to tell if a belt is made from one piece of belt leather. You look at both sides and notice that one side looks lighter in color than the other. That isn't because of any defect or slack in the manufacturing process - it's due to the leather itself.

Leather dye can only do so much, you see. Leather, as we all know, is made from skin. If you were to take a sample of skin from a living creature, you would notice that the top layer - the part that's exposed to the sun - is darker. Thus, a dark leather dye, such as brown or black, will make an already darker piece of skin darker, but the deeper layers of tissue won't get as dark.

If you pick up a belt and the inside is the same color as the outside, that's a double layer of belt leather.

Dual layers give a belt a more uniform appearance, to be sure, but a two-ply belt is going to naturally be stronger than a single layer. Since a Bigfoot belt is a gun belt, it has to hold up more weight than a normal fashion belt. One layer is just not going to get the job done.

A Merely Thick Leather Belt Is Not Sufficient

One might think that a thick leather belt is enough to be a gun belt. However, thickness alone is not going to guarantee that a belt will hold up a pistol well enough over the long term.

Likewise, a lot of wide belts are marketed as gun belts for this same reason. Granted, greater width does put tension over a larger surface area, which does help with the vertical hold. However, merely wide belts, width a width of 1.5" to 1.75" are not sufficient.

Any material has a limit on the strain it can endure. If a material is subjected to close to its natural limit for a long time, it will eventually fail. A single layer employs less material and can start to sag more quickly than two layers. Dual layers also allows for a reinforcing material, like our spring steel core.

Our Leather Gun Belts Are Designed To Last

Thus, by using two layers of leather, and certainly by adding a steel core, Bigfoot leather gun belts have a higher carrying capacity than many other belts. Adding a pistol, holster, magazine carrier and other every day carry gear doesn't faze it. The two layers of leather and steel core can take the weight and keep it where it's fastened.

This ensures a secure carry. Whether you're using your belt as an open carry or concealed carry belt, one's firearm needs to stay where it's put. Anything else is unsafe.

Building our belts this way ensures that your gun belt will last. Some personal accessories need replacing every so often; that's just a fact of life. A good piece of leather is not supposed to be one, and since a gun belt is an item that has a task to perform, you should get one that's built for the long haul.

You're not just making an investment in a leather belt that looks good; you're investing in a leather gun belt that will look good, keep your pants up and hold up a gun, holster and any other EDC gear that you carry on a daily basis. You need a belt that can do so every day, for years to come. The dual layers of full grain English bridle leather, steel core, military stitching and heavy-duty hardware ensure a Bigfoot belt will do just that.