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Slim Steel Dress Gun Belt - Brown

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  • Slim Dress Gun Belt - 1.25-inch width fits most slacks and formal belt loops.
  • Reinforced Dress Belt with Steel core provides relentless support when carrying.
  • Choose from three corrosive resistant belt buckle finishes to complete your look.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, it is always your top priority to practice your right to bear arms and be prepared to protect yourself. Unfortunately for many carriers, the security that comes with carrying a firearm is left at home during work and during events that require dressed up attire.

Some will carry a firearm at work, using only the support of a thin, flimsy belt not designed to hold up a firearm. A lack of proper support for a holstered handguns causes numerous problems that a carrier should never be faced with. A loose or wobbly waistline leaves you fumbling to draw your firearm, adding precious seconds to what could be a dire situation.

Drawing from an unsecured waistline will also cause inconsistencies over time, and your draw should be dependable and consistent no matter where or when the situation requires.

At Bigfoot Gun Belts, we want to support carriers around the world with legendary, sag-obliterating gun belts.

Our Brown Slim Steel Gun Belt is designed with two layers of beautiful English bridle leather surrounding a stainless spring-steel core. The steel core takes the brunt of the weight from a holstered firearm and redistributes it across the entire waistline, stopping sag in its tracks and ensuring a quick and consistent draw.

Our handsome brown color of leather can be paired with your choice of a corrosion-resistant black, standard steel, or antique brass buckle, with either black or steel snaps.

Each Bigfoot Gun Belt is handcrafted with care in a warehouse in small-town North Idaho. The layers of the belt are sewn together with Tex 270, a high-grade thread designed to stand the test of time.

To perfect the sleek look of the leather, each belt has triple edge finishing, which means the leather edges are burnished, beveled and painted by hand.

You can carry with the Brown Slim Steel Gun Belt to work or anywhere with its sharp and professional look, and have the ultimate confidence that your firearm will stay secured and supported on your belt. Your draw is now ensured and will be the same no matter what each day has in store.

Our 7-Day Test Drive and Legendary Warranty are there to reassure you are buying a high-quality gun belt designed to last. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your belt, feel free to send it back within our test drive for a full refund. We will cover all damages that affect the function of your belt within the first year with our Legendary Warranty.

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What's Your Belt Size Number?

How To Size Your Gun Belt

Before purchasing your Bigfoot Gun Belt, you’ll want to determine what belt size to order. There are several methods and factors involved in sizing your gun belt that are covered in the points below.

The number you provide to us will be the distance between the start of the Bigfoot Gun Belt leather to the middle hole provided with a standard six inch tail. If you prefer a shorter or longer tail, add or subtract from your number accordingly. Let’s get started!

gun belt sizing guide

Method 1 (the most accurate method):

Grab a belt you have now and measure it from the beginning of the leather inside the buckle to the hole you most often use. This number is what you’ll need to provide to us in your order. Here’s a graphic that’ll help you out if needed:

gun belt sizing chart

*Note: If you plan to wear an IWB holster with your Bigfoot Gun Belt, you’ll need to factor this into the number you provide to us. To accommodate your IWB holster into the belt size, wear your IWB holster with your belt. Take note of what hole you’ve used. Using the same method, measure from the end of your belt’s leather to the hole that you’ve used to fasten your belt. This is the number that you’ll want to provide to us.

Method 2:

If you don’t have a belt, you’ll need to use a cloth tape measure to get your number. If you don’t have a cloth tape measure, use a string and a regular tape measure instead. Thread the cloth tape measure (or string) through your belt loops like you would an actual belt. Note the measurement once you’ve pulled the measuring tape (or string) together. This is your number.

Don’t forget to add an inch to your number for every IWB product you plan to wear with your Bigfoot Gun Belt!

Method 3 (The rough number):

We don’t recommend this method, but it is an option if you want to get a rough number in a hurry. Our belt size is roughly four inches more than your pant size (give or take an inch). So if you’re a size 34 pants, you’ll want to add four and order a size 38 belt.

The problem with this is that many pant manufacturers measure and fit their products differently, so it all depends on the brand.

If you have any further questions on how to size yourself up, please contact our friendly Bigfoot Gun Belts customer service team at (208) 209-7321 or

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