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What Does EDC Belt Mean?

What is an EDC belt? It means a belt used for "every day carry," or in other words the kind of belt you'd wear everyday carrying the things you have on you everyday.

What does that mean in reality? Basically anything. "EDC" is a very broad term (the ten-dollar word for that is "nebulous") that can mean...almost anything at all. The term "EDC belt" can too.

In essence, a belt you can wear everyday, and works with any and all EDC items that you might have.

What should you look for in an EDC belt? That depends partially on what you want in a belt...and what you need from one.

What You Want In An EDC Belt

Not everyone wants the same things when it comes to an EDC belt in terms of appearance, build and so on. So it's a good idea to get an understanding of what you want in a belt.

In truth, a good old leather belt works as an EDC belt. So does a more modern, high-tech web belt.

The question then becomes what you - yes, YOU! - want in an EDC belt.

Do you prefer tried, true and classic? Or are you more of a minimalist, preferring high-speed, low-drag, high-tech stuff?

A leather belt, of course, is the classic choice. A quality leather belt is always a good investment as obviously they do the job a belt has to do, but also work with any clothing ensemble.

However, the hitch is that if you're carrying a gun, you typically have to get a fairly beefy belt. Not everyone likes a heavy leather belt, so this isn't necessarily the option for everyone. Not everyone necessarily prefers leather either.

A modern high-strength web belt, like a tactical belt makes a great alternative, depending on the model and how it suits your preferences.

If you want the utmost in strength and support, a quality rigger's belt is all the belt you'll ever need and more, but there are plenty of low-profile EDC belts that are incredibly strong but minimally invasive.

Many people find the slimmer depth (front to back) of a tactical belt to be a lot less intrusive than a leather belt, with no loss of support, and a lot of people also prefer a quick-release or simple frame buckle over the prong and frame of most leather belts.

It all sort of depends on what your preferences are. Know what those are, and choose accordingly.

What You Need In An EDC Belt? Depends On What Your EDC Is

EDC is a vast topic, as "EDC" items include everything from phones to wallets to pistols to knives and all points in between. Therefore, what you need from an EDC belt depends a lot on what YOUR EDC actually is.

Technically, because you carry it every single day, belly button lint is EDC. But one digresses.

For many people, EDC just means simple things like a watch, their cellphone and their wallet. Maybe a pocket knife or a multitool to go with it. Simple, minimal, but useful.

Other people go off the deep end.

If you listen to many of today's YouTube tactical instructors, you aren't prepared to leave the house unless you're wearing at least three guns, have several spare magazines, a full IFAK kit, several knives, a flashlight, your cell phone, wallet and all sorts of other stuff.

What EDC means to you, therefore, is whatever it means to you. For some people it's the same wallet, keys, cell phone and a gun and holster, for other people it might mean a little more.

For some people, an EDC gun any larger or heavier than a S&W Shield or something along those lines is too big. Some people stick with compact double-stack "Goldilocks" pistols, and then some people just won't be caught dead carrying anything other than a Gov't 1911.

What you need in a belt, therefore, will depend on what you're carrying. More gear, bigger/heavier gun, stronger belt.

Therefore, by understanding what your EDC is, you understand what your needs are.

Reconcile the features you want with what your needs are, and you've found a good EDC belt for you.

So What Is An EDC Belt? Any Belt You Use

Really, any belt that you use on a daily basis is an EDC belt. It's just that once people start inventing names and acronyms for things, it makes them seem as if they might be something other than what they actually are.

Any belt you could wear everyday, that can hold up your pants and carry the stuff you carry on your person on a daily basis, is therefore an EDC belt.

Some people take it to mean a streamlined minimalist belt, and other people just mean the one you wear every day. Whatever that means to you, is what it means to you.

Regardless, you want to make sure you make a good choice and especially if you're going to carry a concealed weapon.

The belt is the foundation of concealed carry. It keeps the holster and pistol secured to the person wearing it, and provides the foundation for a secure, stable draw. If you're carrying a gun every day, selection of a proper concealed carry belt is vitally important.

No matter what style of belt it is that you prefer or want to use, make sure that you use a proper foundation in your daily carry.

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