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The 10 Best Gun Channels On YouTube

In this era of digital media, one of the best things for gun owners and enthusiasts is finding gun channels on YouTube. You get to watch videos, hear reviews and see some interesting things.

But which gun channels are the ones you should pay attention to?

Here are the best gun channels on YouTube. These channels all have a unique brand of content that has something to offer anyone, each with a different focus and style all its own. If these 10 were all the gun-related content you watched on YouTube, you'd probably get about all you need.


hickok45 channel

Hickok45 (real name Greg Kinman, a former police officer and retired English teacher) is arguably the biggest gun personality on YouTube, and with more than 2 million subscribers it's hard to argue that his is one of the best. His videos aren't exactly short - most run about 20 minutes - but aren't overly long either. What becomes evident fairly soon is his deep knowledge of firearms and shooting skill, routinely hitting targets at great distance with handguns, even subcompacts.

If shooting 2-liters is a thing now, it's because of him.

His channel gets a good mix between new firearms - if you want to see what they can do and an informed opinion if you're doing a bit of gun shopping - and classic guns as well, if you're into that sort of thing. He knows the subject, is pretty handy with a shootin' iron and he's fairly entertaining as well.

The Yankee Marshal

the yankee marshal channel

"The Yankee Marshal" is a southern transplant to the Pacific Northwest. He doesn't seem to mention what he does now, but he was formerly a police officer prior to heading west in a Horatio Alger-like fashion. (Though probably not.) Anyway, the channel is chock-full of gun knowledge and informed opinion, though he isn't above starting a bit of controversy.

You won't see too much shooting, but as far as informed-yet-entertaining talk about guns, gun rights and related topics, his channel is a good way to spend some time.


iraqveteran8888 channel

Though the channel revolves around Eric Blandford (aka IraqVeteran8888) this channel has a few different supplemental personalities that come in and out of the videos. After finishing his time in the service, Blandford started making videos and eventually found full-time employment at Moss Pawn and Gun in Jonesboro, Ga., and some of the other folks involved with the channel are his co-workers.

This channel gets you a little more variety, with a good mix of shooting videos, gun reviews and general gun talk. Firearm reviews on this channel include everything from curio and relics to modern carry pistols, modern sporting rifles and even some serious military hardware. A bit of everything.

Colion Noir

colion noir channel

Colion Noir is an NRA TV personality and a serious gun aficionado. He's also a lawyer, but you can't tell because he's actually likeable. There are a few things you'll notice about Noir's channel, first being that since he's on NRA TV the production values are better than...well, any of the others on here.

You'll also get a solid dose of gun-related humor (his videos about the various popular calibers are a riot) and content related to gun rights, concealed carry and a whole lot more. This would be the gun channel for those wanting a bit more polish and perhaps a wee bit of smarts to go with it.


nutnfancy channel

Nutnfancy, also called The Nutnfancy Project, is a bit more diverse than the rest of these channels. While guns, gun reviews and shooting are certainly part of it, there's plenty more besides - knives, tactical gear and other reviews, tips on living in a van and more besides.

Nutnfancy (his real name is unknown) is (or was at some point; he doesn't discuss it much) a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, so he knows survival gear and also what's needed from a firearm that's going to be used to keep you or other people alive. Some of his videos can get a little long-winded (hour lengths are common) but being thorough isn't a bad thing at all.


soocth00 channel

Sootch00 creates practical gun reviews, reviews of various firearms accessories, general firearms discussions and advice, as well as some solid content for preppers and a bit extra from there. It's a good mix, as you get modern tactical pistols and rifles as well as classic guns and gear.

Military Arms Channel

military arms youtube channel

If you prefer your gun channels on YouTube to be practical and tactical, the Military Arms Channel is going to be for you. Granted, MAC has plenty of gun news and shooting reviews for plenty of firearms, but expect a good amount of AR-platform and other modern sporting rifles, suppressors and so on. They're a bit more serious about putting pistols through their paces with their torture test series of videos, so if you want to see if that new carry gun you're eyeing is going to hold up...they'll find out.

FPS Russia

fps russia channel

FPSRussia is not the typical YouTube gun channel. Typical gun reviews just aren't part of the programming. If you want to see a common Glock mod or standard type of gun probably will be disappointed. However, if you want to see a 40mm cannon, or a machine gun mounted on a quadrotor drone, or using an armored personnel carrier to demo a've come to the right place.

The channel and the character that hosts it - Dmitri Potapoff - were the brainchild of one Kyle Myers, who isn't actually from Russia. (He's from Georgia, and the one with all the peaches. As in, the USA.) The channel has gone silent in recent months, as Myers has gotten into some legal trouble for non-firearm related activities. What will happen is unknown, but you will see some of the most unique gun-related content on YouTube.

Demolition Ranch

demo ranch channel

Demolition Ranch is a bit closer to FPSRussia in scope, as they tend to exhibit a bit different guns than the typical gun review channels. (Not that they don't, and they found out Hi-Point pistols are tougher than you'd imagine.) Instead, they take ARs in .223 or .458 SOCOM, .50 BMG rifles, quad-barrel shotguns and so on and then shoot various things with it to see what happens. However, they are fastidious about safety, as the shoots all take place well away from other people and are done in a controlled fashion.

This is the YouTube gun channel you watch to see stuff blow up, and it is glorious.

Bigfoot Gun Belts

bigfoot gun belts youtube channel

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