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Tactical Pens: The New EDC Item With All Sorts Of Buzz

A big EDC item that's become really popular in the past few years is the tactical pen, and it seems like the blogosphere has gone nuts with them at times. They're a good item to have, since you can write with them should you need to. You can also use one to cause some serious hurt if you need to.

Is it worth picking one up?

What is a Tactical Pen?

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What is a tactical pen anyway? Generally it's a pen made of much sterner materials than the typical ballpoint. There are also a few features built into it so the item has functions beyond just signing for pizza. Which features you'll get depends on the model you purchase, as does the materials used in constructing it. That said, some of them can be quite the handy piece of EDC gear.

The reservoir and tip are often the same as would be found in any other decent ballpoint or rollerball pen, though there are tactical fountain pens for the person who wants to class up their tactical...stuff.

The housing is made of durable material. ABS plastic, hard nylon polymers, aluminum and steel are all quite common, as is a sturdy clip. Some of the features that are common on tactical pens include glass-breaker tips, the odd small LED flashlight and impact edges in case the pen has to be deployed on a person.

In fact, a common design is where the actual nib (that's the part of a pen that does the writing) to be housed inside the cap (in pens with cap; often screw-top with tactical pens) with a tapered edge on the opposite end. That's usually where the impact edge or glass-breaker is located.

Again, the features you get, construction and so on all depend on which one you get.

What Can A Tactical Pen Be Used For Besides Writing?

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There are a few uses for a tactical pen beyond the obvious. The most common purpose is as an emergency implement of self-defense.

A tactical pen is designed to dish out damage if called upon in an emergency, as a strike with one to the soft, nerve-filled parts of an attacker can give them second thoughts. In this regard, the tactical pen thus becomes a multi-use instrument that functions as a yawara, a non-lethal self-defense tool that - since it is, after all, a pen - can be carried anywhere, including where you can't carry a gun.

Glass-breaker tips are also useful for first responders as police, firemen or EMTs may have to smash glass in order to extricate a person inside a car. That said, the average citizen may find themselves called upon to break automotive glass at some point, so it's a good idea to have one in the car for such an occasion.

A glass-breaker tip will also hurt REAL bad when put upside the head of a malefactor.

Some also come equipped with a stylus, with which you can write on your tablet or smartphone device, if doing something other than browsing gun belt blogs. (Which we recommend you read.)

You also get to look really cool writing with one. If you have some of the those tactical gloves, wear them; you'll be even more tacticool. Granted, you'll also look like a major dork wearing those if you work in an office, but you'll be tacticool, darn it.

Should I Get A Tactical Pen?

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Getting a tactical pen is actually a good idea, on several fronts. First - just like carrying a gun with a holster and solid gun belt - it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. In pinch, an attacker can be dispatched or at least stunned with a few well-placed shots from one, so that's a bonus.

While learning yawara techniques is a good idea, just hitting someone with one in a vulnerable area will do the trick. The eye, the orbital socket, the philtrum (the fleshy part of the nose between the nostrils) and temples are all very vulnerable and striking these areas will cause a bad person to - at the very least - flinch hard enough to make good an escape.

The glass breaker is also a good thing to have in case you have to punch out a car window.

Something else to consider, and this is perhaps something that's been a bit lost, is that you get to keep the same pen for as long as you want, in case you find one you think is awesome. They're durable enough to last a long time. You see, after quills went out of fashion but before disposables were the standard, people refilled pens with ink in perpetuity - including ballpoint and fountain pens, so you didn't necessarily have to go for the calligraphy set. In that regard, you can also view it as a personal accessory.

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