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A Good Gun Belt is a Necessity

So, you are new to the concealed carry world and are wondering if a gun belt is really necessary. Yes, one is. A gun and holster is going to add anywhere from three to five pounds of additional weight to your waistline. Will that department store leather or canvas belt you are wearing hold up to that kind of stress on a daily basis? Not if you plan to keep that inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB) concealed carry holster concealed.

Regular department store belts aren’t designed to carry extra weight on one specific spot around the waistline. Eventually, they are going to sag, stretch and warp. This sagging and stretching is going to pull your gun and holster away from your body, ruining any possibility maintaining concealment. You won’t be comfortable either.

A Good Gun Belt Is All About Security

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A good gun belt will hold your handgun and IWB or OWB holster securely in place, keeping them from moving vertically up or down. A strong sturdy belt also greatly reduces the possibility that your handgun comes free from the holster while you are moving about or seated. With a good gun belt, you can comfortably concealed carry all day long with the peace of mind knowing that only you know you are armed.

A Good Concealed Carry Belt Will Help You Concealed Carry IWB

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Inside the waistband holsters are an effective concealed carry method as long as they are safely secured to a good heavy-duty concealed carry belt. Just hanging the holster on the inside of your waistband isn’t going to cut it. A good IWB holster should hold your handgun without any undo slippage or loose movement. In the same way, a good gun belt will hold your IWB holstered firearm exactly positioned on your waistline (3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, etc.) with no unwarranted movement.

By keeping your IWB holster securely sandwiched between your body and the belt, you can effectively and comfortably conceal your holster. If you don’t feel comfortable, you are probably not going to concealed carry on a regular basis. Bad situations don’t have regular schedules. With a good fitting gun belt, properly worn, you will almost forget you are concealed carrying IWB at all.

The gun belt you wear to concealed carry your IWB holster needs to be longer than the regular belt you wear to keep your pants up. Just how much longer is going to depend on the size of your gun and holster, and if you carry extra magazines, etc. A good rule of thumb for sizing is to try a belt that is five inches longer than your waist size. This is just an approximation and the exact length will be a matter of personal preference.

A Gun Belt Will Help You Concealed Carry OWB

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A gun belt is a must have for outside the waistband concealed carry too. Its primary function is to hold the OWB holster securely against the body while providing maximum comfort and concealability. A regular department store belt is made strictly for decoration and to keep your pants from falling down around your ankles.

Go ahead and see for yourself. Slide or attach your OWB holster and gun to your regular belt. Does the belt adequately hold your OWB unit securely to your body on a level plane? Probably not. Even if it does right now, it probably won’t next week and it definitely won’t next month.

A good gun belt is thicker and made specifically to withstand the wear and tear of daily OWB concealed carry holster use and abuse. Even if you happen to carry a larger caliber handgun in your OWB holster, a good, strong gun belt will provide you with years of durable service. With the proper marriage of handgun to holster, and holster to gun belt, you can concealed carry OWB with confidence that only you will have knowledge of and access to your weapon.

A good, adequately concealed gun belt will hold a holster safely in place – no matter if you carry IWB or OWB. As concealed carry proponents, we all share a responsibility to keep ourselves and the public safe. Safe concealed carry happens when good training, good shooting skills, and good equipment come together. A good handgun needs a good holster and a good holster needs a good gun belt.

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