Essential Handgun Tips For Gun Owners

handgun tips for gun owners

These handgun tips are some of the knowledge that every gun owner has the responsibility to have.

Owning a firearm of any kind comes with the responsibility of being a knowledgeable and safe gun owner. Mistakes are made when there are unknowns involved and every gun owner should strive to be as knowledgeable and responsible as possible. The following handgun tips are information that every gun owner needs to know and be familiar with. A good website to start with is called

Know Your Local and State Carry Laws

This one pretty much goes without saying. If you are planning to carry a handgun on your person, then knowing your local and state laws and regulations for doing so is of vital importance. The “I didn’t know that was against the law” excuse never holds up and that holds especially true for laws concerning weapons. Educate yourself on the laws of your state and local area and do whatever it takes to abide by them. Another great website that details concealed carry and open carry laws for each state is

Know Restricted Premises for Concealed and Open Carry

restricted premises for guns

Some establishments prohibit weapons on their premises which could lead to problems for the gun owner. There is a lot of debate about whether or not a business can prohibit a legally licensed person carrying concealed (or openly where legal) or not. However, it still makes sense to be aware of establishments that do have those little signs on their windows or doors that say guns are not allowed. If you have the proper concealed carry gear, then it is unlikely anyone inside the establishment would even know you are armed, but that little sign on the door tells you that the proprietors may be anti-gun. That leaves you with the choice of either ignoring the signs (and dealing with possible, although unlikely, consequences) or simply taking your business elsewhere. Here is a good list of restricted premises for concealed and open carry.

Situational Awareness

Carrying a handgun does not make you invincible or immune to a possible attack or assault. That is why situational awareness is very important. Always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Avoiding a situation in which you become the target or victim of a crime is vastly superior to being forced to use your handgun or, even worse, not having the time to do so if absolutely necessary. It should be the goal of everyone carrying a personal defense weapon to avoid any situation where its use is necessary and situational awareness is one of the best ways to do so.

Custom Fitted Holster That Covers the Trigger

As I mentioned above, having the proper equipment for concealed carry is important, not only for the additional concealment, but also for the security of your weapon. A holster that is custom-fitted for your specific handgun will make sure that your weapon is never at risk of coming loose or working its way into an unsafe position. A holster that covers the trigger is also a great idea to prevent any situation where the trigger is touched without that being intended.

Always Follow the Four Rules of Gun Safety

Safety is a big deal when you are talking about guns of any kind and following the four rules of gun safety is a great way to make sure you avoid even the possibility of a gun accident. They are very self-explanatory and are listed below.

1) Always Assume the Gun is Always Loaded

2) Never Point the Gun at Anything You Aren’t Willing to Destroy

3) Always be Sure of Your Target and What is Behind It

4) Keep Your Finger off the Trigger Until the Sights are on the Target

Get a Good and Reliable Handgun

This is another one of those handgun tips that should go without saying. A well-built handgun from a respected and trusted manufacturer is always the way you should go when purchasing a handgun for self-defense purposes. They offer reliability which is one of the most important features of a self-defense weapon. If you were ever in a situation where you had to use your handgun, a jam is the very last thing you want to be dealing with.

Support Your Holster with a Quality Gun Belt

holster and gun belt

Your department store belt is not built to support the weight of a holster and handgun. It might hold up okay at first, but after a couple days it will be sagging, twisting, and struggling to keep your holster where you want it. Do yourself a favor and purchase a quality gun belt for your holster and weapon. They are built to last, very strong, and will keep your holster rock solid at your preferred draw location.

Train with Your Handgun and the Specific Ammo You Use

Training and practice are what set great shooters apart from mediocre shooters. Every shooter should strive to be a great shooter and that comes with practice. Practice and training also create the muscle memory and technique that comes in handy during stressful situations. Always train and practice with the exact set-up you use to carry so that if the time ever comes, drawing, aiming, and firing, are like second nature.

Cleaning and Storage

If your gun isn’t on your person, then it should be in storage. Never leave your handgun unattended under any circumstances. You might not think there is any risk, but you should always assume that there is. A locked safe or your waist are the two places a gun should always be. Cleaning your weapon is also very important to maintaining its ability to be accurate and reliable when firing. Yes, cleaning a gun isn’t the most enjoyable task in the world, but that small amount of time and effort should always be exercised.

If you aren’t already familiar with these handgun tips, do your best to do so. They can make all the difference in the world and will set you well on your way to being a responsible and safe gun owner.

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