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Gun Belt vs. Regular Belt

Although they may seem similar at first glance, the differences between a gun belt and a regular belt are quite substantial.

For many people a belt is a belt. As long as it fits, it works. However, that does not hold true when it comes to people who wear a handgun in a holster every day. For us concealed and open carriers, a gun belt needs to be much more than just a regular belt. There are a lot of differences that set gun belts apart from regular belts in both form and function. Let’s talk about some of the major differences.

Gun Belt Materials

Regular belts on the higher end of the price spectrum could be considered usable by some gun owners. They will usually be constructed better than a normal leather belt from your local department store. However, that does not mean that they are ideal for concealed carry or otherwise carrying a holstered weapon. When a gun holster belt is built and designed specifically for the task, you regular belt will twist, sag which will reveal your firearm if you are conceal carrying.

The gun belt materials is where it all starts with a good gun belt. Although some people prefer nylon belts for a gun belt, leather is a very popular choice that lasts. Having high-quality leather as the basis of a gun belt is the best way to start and a double layer of that leather is even better, especially for those carrying full size handguns.

The chosen material is only as good as the stitching that holds it together. A regular belt typically will use nylon thread. The bad thing about nylon thread is that it isn’t very durable or strong. Under the stress of holstering and drawing a weapon, nylon thread can be prone to working loose or breaking. A good gun belt should utilize military-grade polyester thread which will not stretch or be affected by UV rays or the elements.

Gun Belt Hardware

The hardware of a belt is another major difference between a gun belt and a regular belt. Skimping on the hardware greatly diminishes a belt’s strength, integrity and rigidity. All three of those things are very important features of a good gun belt and cannot be ignored or looked past. A good gun belt needs durable hardware to both secure the belt during use and maintain durability for the long haul. Standard belts generally use binding posts to secure the buckle. However, those tend to come loose over time and can even be misplaced. A good gun belt will employ belt snaps instead which can never come out and are much more user friendly.

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Another integral piece of hardware included in gun belts and not in regular belts is a piece of spring steel sandwiched between the layers of leather. This piece of hardware adds a great deal of rigidity to the belt which will not diminish over time.

steel core belt

The Gun Belt Manufacturing Process

Whereas mass-produced belts have next to zero attention to detail, a good gun belt has a high degree of workmanship and attention to quality. Paying close attention to the small details and checking every single belt for quality before shipping are the marks of a high-quality gun belt. Take for example the edges of a belt. A regular belt will not pay much attention to that area, but a good gun belt will have burnished and painted edges to even further extend the lifespan of the belt.

Although there may not seem to be a lot of difference between a regular belt and a gun belt at first glance, there are actually a lot of features that set the two types of belts apart. When you decide you want to concealed carry or otherwise wear a holster and firearm, starting with the foundation of a strong gun belts designed specifically for carrying a firearm; is the only way to go.

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