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Handgun Essentials - What Every Gun Owner Needs To Carry

Creating the perfect EDC setup suited to you own preference will make sure you are always prepared for anything your day throws at you.

We all have some fort of EDC setup. For some people that just consists of their wallet and cell phone, but those people won’t be prepared for all of the different defensive situations that could arise throughout the day. People who carry open or concealed are usually the type of people who like to be in charge of their own safety. Having the perfect EDC setup goes a long way towards building strong habits and reinforcing a daily carry routine.

The EDC Foundation - Pistol or Revolver

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Let’s start by talking about handguns. Handguns come in a huge variety of sizes and calibers. That means that just about everyone can find a weapon appropriate for their needs and abilities. Finding a handgun that is comfortable to shoot and capable of performing the possible tasks it is planned for is very important and the basis of any perfect EDC setup.

There are four basic features that should be considered:




and accuracy/recoil.

The types of those features that you need will depend on your physical size, typical wardrobe, and intended use. Really do some thinking about all of those things before beginning to do your research on actual handguns. Having a solid benchmark of what you want the gun to be able to do and what is most appropriate for your specific needs will make your research and decision process much easier.

Custom Gun Holster - Specifically Made For Your Handgun

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The next part of the perfect EDC setup is the gun holster for your chosen handgun. Not every holster is made equal and the one you choose will again depend on several factors such as how you want to carry your gun and what type of gun you have. Comfort is a huge part of choosing a holster. You obviously do not want to be uncomfortable when carrying as that will eventually lead to simply leaving your gun at home instead of carrying it religiously. If you find yourself leaving your gun at home to many times, then take a look at this post: how to make sure to carry every day.

Having the ability to adjust your holster for the perfect personal fit is also key. Ride height, retention strength, and cant should all be adjustable on the holster that you choose. We are all built differently, an adjustable holster ensures that your gun is not only held securely, but also in a position that allows for quick-draws.

Sturdy Gun Belt That Keeps The Gun And Holster In Place

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The other key piece for the weapon aspect of your perfect EDC setup is a good gun belt. Many people overlook this part of their EDC setup and that is a mistake. Similarly to holsters, not all gun belts are made the same. In fact, a belt from the department store is almost undoubtedly terrible for open or concealed carry purposes.

They are not made with quality materials or with the strength necessary to securely support the weight of a holster and handgun to prevent sagging and printing. A well-made gun belt will keep your holster and weapon exactly where you put it and last you years longer than a belt only intended to keep your pants around your waist.

The Rest Of Your EDC Setup

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Once you have your weapon, holster, and gun belt combo settled, the rest of your perfect EDC setup should reflect your own specific lifestyle and situation. A cell phone and wallet is essential, and will likely be a part of just about everyone’s perfect EDC setup, but anything else you carry will be up to you.

Some good items to consider are a sharp pocket knife, a multi-tool for those little jobs that require a tool when you are far from a toolbox, a small flashlight, and maybe even something like a wallet chain.

Mentally picture your day to day activities and past experiences when working on developing your perfect EDC setup. You’ll be glad you did the next time you are fully prepared for an unexpected situation in your day. There is nothing quite like feeling completely prepared for anything that life may throw your way.


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