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What Holsters Are Good For Concealing In Business Dress

It isn't difficult to conceal with jeans and a T-shirt, but what about concealing in business dress? It would seem to be a bit more difficult, but it doesn't necessarily have to be.

With the right selection of holster and gun belt it can be very easy. Finding a gun belt is one thing, but what holster should one use with business dress? There are a few different types to look at.

The Right IWB Holster Can Make For Easy Concealment in Business Attire

business attire concealed carry holster

The IWB holster design would seem to be a natural anytime that deep concealment is needed. Business attire generally demands deeper than normal concealment, but presents certain challenges regarding IWB carry.

The first obstacle to deep concealment with an IWB holster is that not all IWB holster models are designed for a shirt tucking over the holster itself. In other words, a person whose shirt has to be tucked in (which formal/professional dress demands) has to be able to tuck their shirt over and around the holster and into the beltline. Granted, many IWB holsters are easily tucked over, but some aren't. Make sure your IWB rig is optimized for that kind of deep concealment.

Picking The Right Belt Clips


The next aspect to pay attention to is the belt clips. Part and parcel to deep concealment is keeping the belt clips or loops from being too obvious. One way around this is with color coordination.

Most belt clips or loops are black. That will stand out if one wears grey, navy or khaki trousers and a brown belt. However, black clips over a black belt and black pants can blend right in. If loops or clips can be positioned near trouser belt loops, so much the better.

There are also clip designs that are tailored for easier concealment. Most popular are what are called "J" clips, which have a lip that one's belt rests on. Instead of hooking over the belt, the belt rests on the lip, covering most of the clip and still retaining the holster. A black "J" clip with black trousers and a black belt will be nearly invisible.

OWB Holster Concealment Can Be A Cinch With A Suit Jacket

how to conceal carry in suit with owb holster

One of the most popular concealment methods for people who wear suit jackets is to wear an OWB holster under a jacket. It's certainly easier to do; all you need is a stout enough belt, since you don't need to go up a pant size. Plainclothes police, for instance, often wear their service pistols this way, as do FBI agents that elect for a suit and so on.

However, it's not as simple as throwing a jacket over the holster and figuring no one will notice. There are certain things that can impact how well a suit jacket will conceal a holstered firearm.

First, an OWB holster should ride high enough so that the muzzle doesn't peek out at the bottom of a jacket. Medium- to high-ride OWB holsters are best for this application.

Additionally, a forward cant is also beneficial. The butt of the grip of a full-size pistol can still print through a suit jacket, but a forward tilt can certainly aid in keeping a gun concealed under a jacket.

Some suits are also better for concealment than others. Slim and Italian cut suits are currently all the rage, whereas roomy three-button suits - no matter how classic - are a bit harder to come by. The fuller cut of a good blazer or sport coat will make concealment much easier.

Vent placement can also impact concealment. The bottom vent slits can show a firearm if a vent is located where you normally carry. Thus, try to find a jacket that doesn't have a vent right over the holster, or adjust your carry position so that your gun doesn't show through.

The right suit coat and holster can make suit carry a breeze, and you'll certainly look sharp doing it.

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