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Can Pizza Delivery Drivers Conceal and Carry?

Can pizza delivery drivers concealed carry? What about other delivery drivers and couriers? After all, these professions involve a bit more risk than the typical office gig; do a quick Google search and you'll find instances of pizza delivery robbery occur all the time.

Naturally, a person doing that work would eventually think it would be a good idea to get their permit, put on a gun belt and holster and start carrying for their own protection.

Can a person thusly engaged in this type of employment do so? Bear in mind that this isn't legal advice and shouldn't be taken as such, but for the most part you far as the law is concerned. However, that isn't necessarily the end of it.

Anyone Can Concealed Carry If Legally Qualified To Do So For The Most Part

delivery service and concealed carry

A lot of people question if they can concealed carry given what their profession is. Look up some Google searches, hit up a few forums and you'll see a ton of variations on the theme. "Can I concealed carry if I work as an X?" questions are everywhere.

Generally, yes.

In the broad strokes, anyone employed in almost any job can get a concealed carry permit and carry a gun so long as they meet the legal requirements in their state and don't work in an area designated a gun-free zone by state or federal law. That applies to most people who drive for their job such as pizza delivery drivers, Uber and Lyft drives, couriers and so on.

Depending on the job, however, you may have to get a different license. Most states have a specific armed security guard license since the person in question will be armed in a professional capacity, rather than for their mere personal protection. It's a lot like a police academy; you have to get a certain amount of training, pass aqualification test with the gun and so on.

However, what people mean more specifically is whether concealed carry is legal in the car - again, generally yes if you have a permit but check your state law as to HOW you have to carry in the car - but also what sort of say their employer has about concealed carry.

Pizza Delivery And Concealed Carry

pizza delivery concealed carry

The first thing to know about pizza delivery and concealed carry is that - again - so long as you're legally qualified to get the permit, you can conceal and carry on the job IF your employer allows it.

However, this is where things take a bit of a turn.

Employers can forbid guns on premises, which most of the large nationwide chains (Domino's, Pizza Hut, etc.) do. In the building, guns are usually prohibited. However, they cannot forbid you from carrying in your car (if you use your personal vehicle for work, it's your private property) though some state laws allow employers to forbid weapons in employee vehicles on company property.

Taxi services are a little different, as these are corporate vehicles rather than a person's own vehicle. Some cities (such as New surprise there) forbid taxi drivers from carrying guns and others don't prohibit taxi drivers from carrying if they have a permit.

Uber and Lyft are a bit different. To take part in the service, you have to agree to abide by their rules. One of those rules is not carrying firearms while working as an Uber or Lyft driver. Granted, Uber and Lyft can't legally compel anyone to not carry a firearm while driving for them, but don't have to keep you as a driver if they find out you do.

It's sort of like "no guns" signs. In many states, such signage has no force of law. However, if you are found to be carrying and are asked to leave, you could be liable for trespassing charges if you don't comply. Similarly, Uber and Lyft can't necessarily order you not to carry - it is your car - but can decide to fire you if they find out you do.

So, for the most part, you probably won't be allowed to carry on company premises, but in your car you're generally good to go.

Concealed Carry And Employment

concealed carry with a delivery job

Like any other instance of concealed carrying running afoul of employer policy, many people find themselves forced to make a choice: the job or the gun.

Read a few tidbits out there, and you'll hear this one a lot: "I carry anyway; this minimum wage job is not worth my life." More than one pizza delivery person carries despite corporate policy; ditto cab drivers, couriers, cabbies and Uber and Lyft drivers.

The same goes for a lot of people in other professions, but people in the pizza delivery trade have a bit more to worry about than, say, a clerk in an insurance office. Dozens of robberies of delivery people occur nationwide every month; shootings, stabbings, assaults and murders of delivery drivers are included.

Whether you take that position or not is up to you, and everyone has to work those things out for themselves.

If you're found to be carrying, you may be fired. There are a number of people who drew a firearm in defense of themselves (and co-workers) whilst working as pizza delivery drivers and saved their own lives, only to be fired later.

Again, whether you want to take that gamble is up to you. Some people feel it's worth risking a job. Then again, pizza delivery doesn't exactly pay well. In a sense, it isn't risking that much.

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