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Buying A Gun Belt? Here's What You Have To Pay Attention To Before Buying...

If you're going to carry, you definitely need to get yourself a gun belt. They're absolutely necessary, as you'll need the additional strength in the belt to carry a pistol, holster and everything else.

But hold up.

You don't need just any gun belt, you need to get the right gun belt.

How do you get the right gun belt, though?

By understanding what you'll use it for. By knowing what you prefer in any practical gear. And by making the right choice accordingly.

Granted, buying a concealed carry belt isn't the kind of investment that you make when buying a car, but it's also not cheap either. If you're going to invest in quality - and you should - then you should get the best example of the best belt for you that you can find.

So what do you need to bear in mind before buying a gun belt? Here are 6 things you need to pay attention to.

What Kind Of Gun Will You Carry With Your Gun Belt?

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One thing you should consider is what sort of gun you're going to carry with your gun belt. Do you just carry a slim subcompact? A compact service pistol like a Glock 19? Or have you gone full 1911?

Or is it more all of the above?

The point here is that the bigger and heavier the gun you're going to carry - as well as the more gear besides your gun and holster that you're going to carry - the stronger the belt you'll want to get.

Does Your Gun Belt Work With Your Holster?


Another thing to bear in mind is whether or not your belt will work with your holster.

On the one hand, that's not complicated. If your holster has 1.5-inch belt clips (or a single clip) then a 1.5-inch belt is fine. Hardly rocket surgery, is it?

But the game changes a bit if you're using an OWB that uses a loop of some sort. Not all belt loops will necessarily work with all belts, depending on how thick they are. If your holster has rather thin slots for the belt, an 18oz leather belt is going to be difficult to work with.

What Other Gear Do You Carry On A Daily Basis?

A related idea to what kind of gun you're going to carry, also consider the amount of other gear that you'll carry with your gun belt.

Spare magazines, perhaps a multitool, a phone holster and so on...are these things you carry on a daily basis? If so, that's extra weight that you're adding in addition to your gun and holster.

You also need to make sure that your belt attachments are compatible with your belt. A really thick leather belt might not work with some, and neither might a 1.75-inch rigger's belt.

Your Gun Belt And How You Dress

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Another thing to consider is what kind of gun belt you're interested in and how you dress, or in other words your sense of style.

Do you prefer a classic leather belt, fitting in perfectly with most office dress codes? Or is more of a tactical belt a bit more your speed?

It might also be that you just don't care!

This much is completely down to you and your preferences; you know what you like and what you probably want. Again, it isn't like a gun belt is a huge investment, but quality examples aren't cheap. Therefore, you should make sure that you're getting something you actually like.

Bear in mind that some belts won't work with all pants.

What Are You Going To Use Your Gun Belt For?


Consider also what role you're going to use your gun belt for.

Are you going to use it just for EDC, with a different belt for range days, training or outdoor activities? Or do you want something that can do all of the above?

If you want a do-it-all belt, a very stout leather belt - such as an 18-oz reinforced belt - can do the trick.

A rigger's belt is perhaps the best all 'rounder, as it does daily carry just as well as it does training and competition...though some find the V-ring and QD buckle of many models a tad ostentatious.

That said, plenty of lower-profile EDC belts are still perfectly capable of handling concealed carry as well as range days, training and competition as well. For mixed duty, look for a reinforced EDC model for additional rigidity.

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