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Picking Between A Black Belt and a Brown Belt

Black belt or brown belt - it is an eternal debate. If you're buying a leather gun belt, it may be the only two color choices available to you, depending on whom you're looking at buying one from. There are more choices out there, to be sure, but typically black or brown - and possibly multiple permutations of brown - may be what you have to choose from.

This is something that's less pertinent to carrying, per se, as it is to personal aesthetic preference. That said, if one is going to be choosing a leather gun belt, it's something worth thinking about.

A Black Leather Belt Never Goes Out Of Style

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If one is shopping for a gun belt, one may come up against choosing between a black leather belt or a brown leather belt. Granted, it might seem silly that one has to even think about it, since a gun belt is normally an item where form is less important than function.

To be sure, function is more important than form in a gun belt, be it leather or otherwise. However, the entire point of buying a leather gun belt is that you're getting something that works but also looks good. This is something that you may be wearing every day; you should be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be okay with your appearance.

Granted, some people are into the "tacticool" thing and there's nothing wrong with that.

However, why pick a black leather belt over one in brown? Simple - if there is one nearly universal constant when it comes to fashion it's that black goes with basically everything, which is why so many accessories such as hats, shoes, belts, what-have-you come in black. Johnny Cash was on to something.

Thus, a black leather gun belt will work with any outfit and will always look good. It's the Toyota Camry of colors - no matter what, it's always a good choice and you know that it will almost always work.

A Brown Leather Belt Doesn't Just Belong To The 70s

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Some cantankerous folks believe that brown leather should go back to the 1970s where it belongs, but in reality there is nothing wrong with a good brown leather belt, be it a leather gun belt or otherwise. Black goes with everything, but brown goes with plenty enough to be a viable choice of belt color as well.

A lot of people will actually buy both belts, so they have choices.

Granted, there are many shades of brown out there, ranging from light brown shades similar in color to sun-baked dirt to deep, rich, chocolate-esque leathers. It's entirely up to the person choosing the belt to find the color they prefer.

However, what most people will tell you is that if you're going to get a brown leather belt, you need to get shoes to match. Another near-constant rule of even casual dress is that the belt should match the shoes. Thus, if one's footwear is brown, one should have a brown belt available.

Why Does Brown Belt vs. Black Belt Matter?

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In truth, it doesn't matter if one gets a black belt or a brown belt. Functionally there's no difference and every person has their own personal preference. Besides, rules of style hardly carry the force of law; while most people agree on some tenets, like belts matching shoes, not everyone agrees and it's not like these are Newton's Laws of Motion or anything.

Concealed carrier who don't want to be identified as someone who carries? The concealed carrier who has to dress in business or professional attire? Such a person needs a gun belt that looks just like a normal leather belt. Avoid gun belts that draw attention with company logo's or fancy patterns and opt for a gun belt that is sturdy but can't be identified easy as a ccw belt.

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