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What’s the Best Width for a Gun Belt?

Gun belt width is an important factor to consider, but what is the ideal gun belt width to secure your weapon?

For the most part, the best width for a gun belt is a highly subjective area of discussion. Some people are going to personally prefer varying gun belt widths for a wide range of reasons. Being comfortable and having a properly secured and holstered firearm are what matter the most. However, both of those things are affected by gun belt width so it is an important subject to discuss.

Ideally, a gun belt should be just wide enough to completely fill the belt loops on the pants that will be worn with the belt and holster. However, that isn’t a hard and fast rule and pants are by no means completely uniform in belt loop size across brands and manufacturers. A tight fit between the gun belt and belt loops leads to more stability and a lower chance of any sort of drooping, twisting, or loosening during the course of a day and the lifespan of the gun belt.

1.5 inch Gun Belt Width is a Universal Choice

best gun belt width

The type of pants that you will be wearing while carrying your weapon will be a big factor in your decision on what gun belt width is best for you. Does your job require you to wear dress pants? If so, a thinner gun belt is probably a better bet for you. Do you most often wear jeans while carrying? Then you will probably be able to get a belt in a larger width.

For the sake of overall versatility and performance, a 1.5 inch wide gun belts are a great universal choice in gun belt width. It will fit a huge variety of different pant styles and holsters and look good while doing it. Personally, I prefer my gear and equipment to be versatile and work for a variety of different applications. That is exactly what a 1.5 inch wide gun belt is and is the main reason why I consider it to be the best width for a gun belt.

Stay Away From Exotic Leather

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While researching gun belts of varying widths, you are also likely to come across belts that are made from exotic materials such as stingray, crocodile, or ostrich leather. Those exotic gun belts will likely tout themselves as being superior to a standard cowhide belt. However, don’t be fooled, not all gun belts are created equal. In other words exotic leather doesn't wear well and those claims are accompanied with an increase in price that results.

Not only do exotic belts really not offer much of a performance boost (despite what may be said about them) compared to the much more affordable cowhide, but they are also more expensive and tend to be custom made. That means that if your waist size ever changes for any reason, then your expensive belt will be spending more time in the closet than anywhere else.

The bottom line when it comes to the best width for a gun belt is that you should get the type of gun belt that fits your needs the most. However, you can never really go wrong with a 1.5 inch wide, cowhide leather gun belt. It will fit well, look good doing it, match most holsters, perform to high standards and won’t break the bank.

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