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Appendix Carry Is Perfectly Safe If You Carry Safely

A good number of people swear that appendix carry isn't for everyone and really should only be done by highly competent carriers. There's a modicum of truth to it, but it's somewhat overblown. There's plenty of merit to appendix the right circumstances.

Granted, you'll need a decent holster and a quality gun belt if you're going to carry anywhere on the beltline.

Appendix Position Is Close To Some Delicates

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One of the biggest reasons why the appendix position gets such a bad rap is because carrying a gun in that position points it at some delicate parts, and especially for dudes. Appendix carry is made a bit easier if a pistol is carried with negative cant instead of positive - meaning the grip is tilted to the rear of 90 degrees, rather than forward such as with the FBI cant.

If a pistol is carried in this manner, in the appendix position with a negative cant, one ends up pointing the barrel at their gentleman's area, and especially while sitting. There are a good number of horror stories one can find out on the interwebs of injuries caused by accidental/negligent discharges while appendix carrying. Along with the damage done by the bullet, powder and gas burns can occur in this already sensitive area.

The pistol can also be pointed at the thigh opposite of where the pistol is carried - meaning not only are the genitals in the line of fire, the femoral arteries can be as well. Injury to the former is merely awful; injuries to the latter are life-threatening. A GSW to the common or superficial femoral arteries are the most dangerous injury to either, and are associated with higher rates of amputation and death than any other method of injury to the CFA and SFA.

Granted, the risks are very manageable, and in fact are practically nil...if you carry safely.

Get A Good Appendix Carry Holster And Carry Safely

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While the risks (naturally) seem higher than carrying in other positions, the truth is that appendix carry is perfectly safe...starting with an appendix carry holster. A good holster should fully cover the trigger guard, especially if one carries a pistol without a manual safety or without a manual safety engaged.

You see, a pistol with only an integrated trigger safety will discharge if the trigger is pulled. To guard against accidental discharged, nothing can contact the trigger while carrying. A snag, or piece of clothing or finger that gets into the trigger guard while drawing, can all set the gun off without the intention of shooting. Therefore, adequate trigger coverage is absolutely essential, as it is for any firearm.

A long double-action pull CAN guard against snags, but does risk that the DA pull is long enough to prevent an accidental discharge.

Granted, it's up to the individual to decide if they wish to appendix carry, just as the choice of firearm is up to the individual carrier. Some people prefer not to carry with a manual safety, some prefer to carry a pistol that has one and at that, engaged at all times. Some people prefer to carry with an empty chamber, others do not.

Safe Appendix Carry Is A Safe Carry, Period

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Appendix carry is, again, totally safe - so long as a person carries safely. However, it does require a tad more mindfulness than carrying anywhere between the 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions.

However, it's also not as easy as carrying in other positions. You can carry OWB or IWB, but choice of pistol makes a great deal of difference, as even compact pistols can be a bit too large to comfortably carry in this location.

It's also not the easiest for those who have a bit more of them to love, so to speak. One's gut can hang over the pistol, and anything with a spur hammer - such as many 1911 pistols, for instance - can dig into the flesh from an appendix carry. Sitting will make it worse. Access will also be impeded. This isn't to say it's impossible, but it's more difficult for some than it would be for, say, Brad Pitt.

Once a person can learn to carry safely in this manner, it's actually fantastic. The benefits of appendix carry are a more natural draw with less telegraphing of the elbow - since the movement of drawing can give away that you're pulling a pistol. It's also one of the easiest positions to conceal in - just put on a T-shirt and away one goes.

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