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Best Concealed Carry Practices For The Citizen Carrier

Effective concealed carry isn't exactly rocket surgery but you do need to get a few things right, and there are definitely some best concealed carry practices that will get you there. These are things that anyone who conceals and carries should be doing in order to conceal effectively and carry safely.

The best way to conceal carry, after all, is with competence.

There may be few concealed carry tips that you might think of on your own, and don't be shy about sharing them. However, if you can follow these 5 best concealed carry tips, you should be just fine.

Carry With A Quality Holster

quality holster carry

One of the first things of the best concealed carry practices is to carry with a quality holster. It should be molded for the pistol you're going to carry, and it should be comfortable to wear. This is important for several reasons.

First, a holster that doesn't fit the pistol well is not going to retain it very well and retention is one of the most vital aspects of holster function. It should hold the gun well enough to keep it stationary, and preferably without an active retention device unless you desire to carry with one.

A holster that isn't one that you're going to find an excuse not to use. You'll find reasons why you aren't going to carry and you'll keep leaving your gun at home. This defeats the purpose of concealed carry. If you're going to carry, you need a holster that works and that you have no problems carrying with.

Dress For Concealed Carry Success

dress for concealed carry success

Another best concealed carry practice is to dress appropriately, as there are certain clothing choices that are going to help you effectively conceal a firearm.

For starters, slim-fit clothing will be a hindrance. There's no question that an Italian cut suit looks good on some people. However, you want have a bit of breathing room. The tighter the fit, the more likely it is that you'll wind up printing.

Common consensus is to get the next size up in pants for IWB carry. That isn't strictly necessary, but may be for some people. (It depends on how you normally fit; if your pants are a little loose, okay, if a little tight, try the next size.) Select a loose or relaxed cut for pants you'll wear while carrying; this helps quite a bit.

As to shirts, try to find some with a bit longer hem. More drapery, more concealment. You don't need to necessarily wear a shirt a size larger than it obviously should; but perhaps trying a "tall" size can do the trick. This works if wearing a shirt untucked or tucked over the holster and pistol.

Unless carrying OWB, you shouldn't need a cover garment of any sort if you pick the right clothes. And yes, that vest is a dead giveaway.

Choose A Suitable Concealed Carry Pistol For You

suitable concealed carry pistol

The general truth about concealed carry pistols is that almost any gun can be concealed. The more specific truth is that almost any gun can be a concealed carry gun for someone. This is a part you're going to have to figure out for yourself, because this depends on you.

Some people can conceal a Sig P226 without issue. Some people can't get away with much more than a Glock 26, M&P Shield or Taurus PT111 G2. Some people can conceal a Glock 19 pretty well, but anything much bigger than that doesn't work too well.

Again, you're going to have to figure that out for yourself, but the best gun is one that you're able to conceal very well.

However, you also need to be able to shoot it well. Picking a carry gun is a balancing act, between what suits you to carry and what suits you to shoot. Some people get it right the first time, some people have to go through a few guns before they find it...but you're going to have to find what that is.

Have Your Concealed Carry License On You And Know The Laws Of Your State

concealed carry permit

Another absolute best concealed carry practice is to have your concealed carry license on you at all times while carrying, unless you happen to live in a constitutional carry state. Not only is this just a good practice, it's actually a legal requirement.

You may have to offer your license upon contact with law enforcement if you live in a duty to inform state. If not, you may be legally required to produce it if asked.

Furthermore, you should be familiar with the concealed carry laws of your state. You should know where it's generally legal to carry and where it's not, and certainly the self-defense laws.

An informed citizen is a responsible citizen. If you're carrying a firearm, then the onus is on you to be responsible for that firearm as well as your conduct. Like the line from the "Spiderman" comics goes, great power comes with great responsibility.

You Also Need A Good Gun Belt

good gun belt

Another vital piece of equipment is a quality gun belt. While a holster holds a gun, the gun belt holds the holster. It's one of the most vital pieces of concealed carry equipment for precisely this reason.

You can find a holster that will work without having to look too hard or spend too much. It's not necessarily as easy to find a good gun belt. Department store belts will not work. Fashion belts will not work. You need the tool that's designed for the task.

If you're carrying a gun and a holster, you're going to need a gun belt. This keeps the holster and pistol anchored to you. A good gun belt, plus a quality holster, allow you to carry securely. If you can also conceal effectively and responsibly, then you're doing concealed carry right.

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