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Slim Steel Dress Gun Belt - Black

  • Reinforced Dress Belt with steel core prevents waistline sag from a holstered firearm.
  • Slim Gun Belt - 1.25-inch width fits most slacks and dress attire.
  • Leather Dress Gun belts made from English bridle leather presents a sharp and professional appearance.

There should be no place where you compromise your security because of formal attire. The workplace is no exception for defensive carry, and it is important to always be prepared no matter if you are working or playing.

With most dress belts, as soon as you put on your holstered firearm you are instantly faced with sag and a drooping waistline. For some carriers, going to work means settling for a wobbly waistline, which makes drawing your firearm difficult and adds on precious seconds.

You should be able to depend on a consistent draw no matter where you are at, and not have to struggle with holstering and drawing on an unsecured waistline.

With Bigfoot's new Black Slim Steel Gun Belt, you can experience unwavering waistband support and a fixed draw to stay prepared at work or in a professional setting.

Sleek English bridle leather surrounds a stainless spring steel core that distributes the weight of a holstered firearm across the entire waistline. This is the key to banishing sag so you can work and rest assured carrying is both comfortable and secure.

We are proud to say each Bigfoot Dress Gun Belt is crafted with care in small-town North Idaho. We use the highest-grade materials to ensure these belts are both strong and durable, including military-grade Tex 270 thread used to sew together the layers, and corrosion resistant hardware. Triple edge finishing perfects the detailed aesthetic of each belt, meaning the leather edges are beveled, burnished and painted by hand.

Dressing up doesn't mean setting your firearm down anymore. With our Black Slim Steel Gun Belt, you will look better than ever, and will be more prepared than ever, no matter the setting. No more constantly pulling up your pants and drawing unwanted attention to your holstered firearm.

Try the Bigfoot Black Slim Steel Gun Belt now, and if you are not completely satisfied, return for a full refund within seven days of purchase. Our Legendary Warranty backs the quality of our fromal gun belts, and we will cover all damages that hinder the function of our gun belts within a year of purchase.

Add the Bigfoot Black Slim Steel Gun Belt to your cart now to experience a fully supported waistline.

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What's Your Belt Size Number?

How To Size Your Gun Belt

Before purchasing your Bigfoot Gun Belt, you’ll want to determine what belt size to order. There are several methods and factors involved in sizing your gun belt that are covered in the points below.

The number you provide to us will be the distance between the start of the Bigfoot Gun Belt leather to the middle hole provided with a standard six inch tail. If you prefer a shorter or longer tail, add or subtract from your number accordingly. Let’s get started!

gun belt sizing guide

Method 1 (the most accurate method):

Grab a belt you have now and measure it from the beginning of the leather inside the buckle to the hole you most often use. This number is what you’ll need to provide to us in your order. Here’s a graphic that’ll help you out if needed:

gun belt sizing chart

*Note: If you plan to wear an IWB holster with your Bigfoot Gun Belt, you’ll need to factor this into the number you provide to us. To accommodate your IWB holster into the belt size, wear your IWB holster with your belt. Take note of what hole you’ve used. Using the same method, measure from the end of your belt’s leather to the hole that you’ve used to fasten your belt. This is the number that you’ll want to provide to us.

Method 2:

If you don’t have a belt, you’ll need to use a cloth tape measure to get your number. If you don’t have a cloth tape measure, use a string and a regular tape measure instead. Thread the cloth tape measure (or string) through your belt loops like you would an actual belt. Note the measurement once you’ve pulled the measuring tape (or string) together. This is your number.

Don’t forget to add an inch to your number for every IWB product you plan to wear with your Bigfoot Gun Belt!

Method 3 (The rough number):

We don’t recommend this method, but it is an option if you want to get a rough number in a hurry. Our belt size is roughly four inches more than your pant size (give or take an inch). So if you’re a size 34 pants, you’ll want to add four and order a size 38 belt.

The problem with this is that many pant manufacturers measure and fit their products differently, so it all depends on the brand.

If you have any further questions on how to size yourself up, please contact our friendly Bigfoot Gun Belts customer service team at (208) 209-7321 or

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Customer Reviews

Good Belt  Review by Jeff

I love the belt. Too bad the price had to increase. I understand costs going up, but $20 per unit in just 5 months is pretty high. Still a good belt, but the price makes you look and compare other options. (Posted on 9/5/2019)

GREAT BELTS  Review by Russell

I Have Two Of Them. They Are Great Belts, Very Supportive And Very Good Quality!!!!! No Sag when Carrying my Full Size Firearm. (Posted on 8/10/2019)

need to let you know  Review by usmc

Got belt today looks good can't wait to wear. But l could have waited to get for sale paid 73.88 price now 63.88. (Posted on 6/1/2019)

High quality belt  Review by Cody

Just received my gun belt. I've worn it 3 times so far. I like it pretty well it looks stylish and supports my m&p shield 2.0 40 well. My alien gear cloak tuck is pretty rough on those painted edges though so don't expect it to be pretty forever but it seems it will last for a long time cant be worse than any department store (Posted on 3/10/2019)