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about bigfoot gun belts

About Bigfoot Gun Belts

The legendary Bigfoot lurks within the Inland Northwest, cunningly creeping through the forest with a swiftness unmatched by any man. His large, hairy body gives off a pungent musk that trails behind him like an invisible wake. Deer and elk smell his stench from miles away. As the beast stealthily moves through the bushes of the dense temperate forest, something dawns on him and he abruptly stops in his tracks. His eyes widen as his hominoid mind stumbles upon an epiphany.

‘I am the reigning world champion of hide and seek,’ Bigfoot realizes, a smile curling on his apelike face.

Bigfoot may be difficult to find, but tracking down a quality gun belt has never been easier. Our heavy-duty gun belts are built to last longer than the standard belt, while providing more strength and support to your gun and holster than anything on the market.

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Our belt company, however, shares several similarities with this mythical creature.
Here are just a few:

We’re both born and raised in the Inland Northwest.

Every Bigfoot Gun Belts employee working at our Post Falls facility believes in our mission to provide the highest quality product to our customers. Nothing leaves our doors without a thorough quality check by the industries finest belt makers.

We are both Unbelievably Strong. Bigfoot has thick, durable skin that ages well over time - we have English Bridle leather. Bigfoot sports a furry coat filled with strong, coarse hair - we have Tex 270 military-grade thread.

We both smell. He smells like tree sap and sweat. We smell like genuine cowhide and rich dyes.

A good portion of the population doesn’t believe Bigfoot exists, but then again, many people don’t realize a belt this good exists either.

Quality is everything – this is what separates us from the rest. We use only the highest quality materials, including our English Bridle leather that has been cut, beveled and burnished in-house to meet the standards from which our customers can expect from Bigfoot Gun Belts.

Every Bigfoot Gun Belt comes with our Legendary Guarantee and 7-Day Test Drive. Find out more information about our gun belt warranty.