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5 Inexpensive Single Stack 9mm Handguns

The king of the modern concealed carry guns is the compact single stack 9mm auto. A smallish 9mm puts an effective caliber in a package small enough for virtually anyone to carry all day without issue.

Just make sure you have a good gun belt.

However, not everyone's budget allows for spending large amounts of money on a carry pistol. That said, it isn't hard to find a gun that's accurate, reliable and concealable enough for a decent price. Here are 5 single stack 9mm pistols you can get for $600 or less.

Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm

smith and wesson 9mm shield

The Shield 9mm was created to serve as a backup pistol for law enforcement or for use in deep concealment, and it excels at that role. It's lightweight. It has dimensions that make it small enough to easily conceal but not so small that it's unshootable. It's just a bit too big for pocket carry, but could be given the right pocket. It's also accurate, reliable and easy-shooting enough to make it a good choice for virtually anyone as a concealed carry gun.

These attributes have made it basically the Honda Civic of concealed carry pistols.

The point of entry isn't too bad, either. Smith and Wesson give an MSRP of $449, but given that this pistol is in nearly every gun store nationwide, you can expect to part with $400 or less in most instances. Sometimes you'll find them for closer to $300.

Sig Sauer P290RS

sig p290rs

While Sig Sauer's double/single action guns made their reputation, their poly striker guns are wildly popular and one of the best for concealed carry is the P290RS. Unlike the P320 (recently announced as the new sidearm of the US armed forces) the P290 uses a single-stack magazine, which - along with the subcompact dimensions - make it an ideal CCW pistol.

Features are rather spartan, as it's subcompact poly striker pistol, but you get Sig's engineering, shootability and reliability in a compact package. These guns are a little harder to find; the subcompact P320 and P250 (which was recently discontinued) are far more common. That said, if you do find one (or order one) the MSRP is $492, which means you can expect to pay less...which is a good deal for any decent handgun, let alone for a Sig.

Springfield XD(S) 3.3

springfield xds pistol

Unlike the rest of the XD line, the Springfield XD(S) isn't offered in compact and full-size configurations, though extended magazines are available. You choose a 3.3-inch of 4-inch barrel, black or stainless slide and caliber of your choice. (They offer 9mm, .40 S&W or .45.) Unlike the rest of the XD line, the XD(S) series is single-stack only.

Since their introduction, they have been wildly popular concealed carry pistols as the compact grip, slim width and short barrel length makes for very easy concealment. Since it is Springfield Armory, they're also very good shooters and offered at competitive prices. Springfield doesn't advertise prices, but expecting to pay $500 or less in stores is very reasonable.

Glock 43

glock 43 single stack 9mm

If you ever want to stir the pot with some Glock people, get them to debate the merits of the Glock 26 versus the Glock 43. The former is a subcompact double-stack, the latter is the single-stack, carrying 6 rounds of 9mm compared to 10 in the wider one. The 26 does have a longer barrel, 0.03 inches...though the 43 is slightly taller at 4.25 inches, compared to the 4.17-inch tall Baby Glock.If that's a bit too short, that's okay. Glock accessories, including extended magazines and magazine grips, are available in abundance.

Just like a muscle car, the base model is alright...but you can always improve the breed.

The small dimensions make it practically disappear in a belt holster. You can find them in stores for about $500, possibly a bit more or less depending. With that said, you get the Glock safety system, along with the reliability and accuracy that Glock is known for.

Despite some preferring the 26, the 43 is also a wildly popular Glock for concealed carry. If you absolutely have to have one (and some people refuse to carry anything other than Glock) this would be their single-stack 9mm.

Walther PPS

walther pps single stack 9mm

There are two flavors of Walther PPS - original or the M2. Either is a great choice of concealed carry pistol. Both are slim, compact, poly-striker single-stack 9mm pistols, both come with flush and extended magazines so they can fit a wide variety of hands and both can be found easily for $400 or less in many stores.

In both cases, you get Walther's superb ergonomics and also their trigger, which many believe is one of the best made by any manufacturer. The original version has a different shape and also features an accessory rail, though not everyone feels they need one. The PPS M2 is a bit more streamlined, though enough people still like the original for Walther to keep it in production. The grip texture and slide are different, but the dimensions are basically unchanged. The original can also be had in .40 S&W, which some people prefer over 9mm.

Either, however, would be a great choice for concealed carry pistol. It isn't even Walther's only option of single-stack 9mm for less than $600; there's also the CCP. However, the PPS is simpler to takedown and care for (the CCP is notorious for this) and is slightly cheaper. Granted, the CCP isn't impossible, just slightly more complex, but the average person may find that off-putting. The PPS and PPS M2, though, are a bit easier to navigate.

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