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All About Good Gun Storage

If one is going to have guns in the home, one should consider some manner of gun storage. Safe, secure gun storage is a must, since it's just good to be safe and it is especially important if one has little ones running around. Here are a few things to know about storage.

Several Levels Of Security With Gun Storage

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If one is looking to implement some sort of gun storage, there are a number of ways to safely store a gun. They can be used in lieu of each other or concurrently; it depends on what the person storing the firearm wants to do. Safe storage is a vital component of gun safety, and everybody should consider some manner of safe storage at some point.

Basically, it boils down to a locking container or a lock on the gun itself. Having one doesn't mean the other isn't needed or necessary. Again, some people like to have both at the same time.

As far as containers go, there are myriad options, ranging from simple lock boxes all the way up to and including actual safes. How safe it is depends on what one does with it.

Trigger Locks And Other Gun Locks

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A trigger lock is about as straightforward as it gets. The basic kind has two halves with a locking shaft (or "shackle") in the middle. When opened, they separate. To lock the trigger guard, you put the two halves together, thereby inserting the shackle, and lock it.

The other method is a padlock with a long, flexible shackle. Often called cable locks, pistol manufacturers have to supply them with every new pistol and case. To use, you open the action, thread the shackle through and lock it. Such a lock can also be used with long guns.

There are a few companies attempting to bring other solutions to market, such as Omega Gun Locks, who make an internal gun lock. The Omega lock uses a locking mechanism in a cartridge-sized housing; you have to order the caliber of your pistol. After inserting into the chamber, you put a key (looks a lot like an Allen wrench) down the barrel, and turn it. This engages the lock, which blocks the action.

The other neat feature of the Omega is the lock features a recoil pad, which means it can be used to dry fire.

A few firearm manufacturers, such as Smith and Wesson and Taurus make pistols and other guns with internal locks, actuated with a supplied key. The owner/operator can thus lock the pistol for safe storage.

Safe Gun Storage With An Actual Gun Safe

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Another implement of secure gun storage is by means of a locking container. This can take a number of forms. Locking mechanisms differ from a simple key lock to combination locks and up to biometric gun safe locks requiring fingerprint identification to open.

Some people use a lockbox. Cheap lockboxes abound for a relative pittance, but they aren't necessarily that secure. A robber could take the box and open it later. Thus, a lockbox should be secured to a surface of some sort, such as a desk, wall, closet shelf, etc., for optimum security.

There are also gun cases. A gun case can be anything from a simple carrying case (nylon, padded interior and a zipper) to Pelican cases and beyond; it's kind of a catch-all term. Some have dual zippers, which can have a luggage lock put on them. Some are made from harder materials (such as hard plastics, a la Pelican, or metal) with locking catches or holes for a padlock.

Then there is gun vault-type storage. This includes a lot of different products, so while "vault" conjures images of the inside of a bank, it really just means a secure storage container of some sort.

This class of products includes everything from gun cabinets (what it sounds like) to storage furniture optimized for firearm storage. The latter can be very discreet, with available containers being disguised as benches, grandfather clocks, tool chests and so on. There are even wall-mountable gun storage containers that are easily adorned with knick-knackery.

Then there are gun safes. A gun safe can range in size from a small pistol safe that goes on a nightstand, to a full meal deal gun safe that requires closet space. These are the ultimate in security and many consider them a must if children are in the home.

Naturally, a locked container that's either too heavy to steal or is secured to something larger than itself (such as a wall or dresser) is more secure than a gun that's sitting out in the open with a trigger lock. The more security you have, the more secure a firearm is.

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